WoW Dragonflight: Best Classes to Farm Gold

Looking to level up your character with a powerful weapon or mount? Then our comprehensive guide to farming gold in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion is exactly what you need. In this guide, we’ll provide you with expert tips and strategies to help you efficiently earn gold in WoW, no matter your experience level.

We’ll cover essential gold farming concepts, including the most profitable professions, auction house strategies, and more. Whether you’re looking to fund your raiding endeavors or save up for that coveted mount, our guide has got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to optimize your WoW gold farming and achieve your in-game goals, let’s dive into our guide and start earning that gold!


General Tips for Effective Gold Farming for Each Class

There are various ways on how to make gold in WoW, but many players only rely on traditional methods such as completing quests and killing mobs while exploring the game. However, to increase your gold earnings and make it sustainable in the long term, it’s important to venture outside the conventional path and explore new methods of gold farming in WoW Dragonflight. This may include mastering the trade in the auction house or becoming a master of raids.

It’s important to note that many players make the mistake of sticking to tried and true methods, afraid to try something new. What are the best ways to optimize WoW farm gold? It’s essential not to rely solely on usual methods such as quests and mob farming, as these may not always be sufficient for purchasing items or saving for the future. To achieve success, trying alternative approaches and experimenting with new methods may be necessary.

Looking for the best classes for Dragonflight in WoW? While some classes may have an easier time farming gold than others, the truth is that any class can be effective if you know how to use their strengths. Don’t get caught up in searching for the easiest class to play in Dragonflight – instead, focus on learning the best gold farming strategies and choosing the class that you enjoy playing the most. With the right approach, you can earn plenty of gold regardless of your class choice. Here are a few basic ways to earn gold; if you want to get rich, look into them:

  • Raids can be a great way to earn gold in the game, such as the Vault of the Incarnates. It is important to note, however, that success in these endeavors is not guaranteed to bring you profits, as failure to complete a raid will not result in a reward. Additionally, raids can be time-consuming, so it’s important to consider whether you have the time and dedication to consistently complete them before relying on this method of gold farming. Nevertheless, for players who can consistently complete raids, this can be a lucrative way to earn gold in the game.
  • Optimizing your gold farming in Dragonflight can involve playing the Auction House market, but it’s not without risks. To succeed, you must buy low and sell high by finding undervalued items and reselling them when demand increases, such as pre-raid gear and related items. Commonly in-demand items for buying and selling include enchanting materials, potions and flasks, food and other consumables, ore, leatherworking and blacksmithing enchants, and crafted gear. To maximize profits, level up gathering professions like Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining and use the resources to produce goods for sale. But before making any purchases or sales, research and understand the market to make informed decisions.

In conclusion, there are several ways for Dragonflight money making, including raiding and participating in the Auction House market. However, these methods come with their risks and challenges. Raiding can be time-consuming and may not always result in a reward, while the Auction House market requires a good understanding of the market and the ability to buy low and sell high. If you prefer a more stable and steady income, it may be a good idea to consider earning gold through professions such as Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining, which can also provide the opportunity to produce and sell goods at the Auction House. Ultimately, the best method for earning gold in Dragonflight will depend on your personal preferences, skills, and resources.

The Best Goldmaking Professions in Dragonflight

All professions in Dragonflight have the potential to generate a significant amount of gold. The amount of gold that can be made is often directly tied to how skilled a player is at a particular profession. While some professions may be traditionally seen as more lucrative, it is ultimately up to the individual player to decide which profession is the best fit for them. Even if a profession is considered more challenging to generate gold with, it can still be a great option for players who are passionate about it. 

Gathering professions, such as Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning, can be a good choice for players looking to generate income in World of Warcraft without investing a lot of gold up front. These professions involve collecting resources from nodes found throughout the Dragon Isles, which can then be used in crafting or sold to other players.

Here is some additional information about each gathering profession:





 This profession allows players to gather ore from mineral nodes found throughout the game world, which can be used in Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting or sold to other players. Additionally, Dragonflight mining provides the prospecting ability, which allows players to search for rare gems to use in jewelcrafting or sell for a high price.

As a miner in DF, it’s essential to visit trainers to improve skills and learn new recipes. The expansion offers three specializations for miners: Mining Process, Metallurgy, and Mastering the Elements. Each has its unique abilities and focuses on different aspects of mining.

  • The Mining Process, for instance, is geared towards maximizing ore yield and finding rare items. It has three talent trees: Sorting, which increases overall profession skill and finesse; Surveying, which increases perception and allows extraction of Illimited Diamond from Rich nodes; and Industrialization, which increases deftness and allows discovery of Gems from any node.
  • Metallurgy focuses on ore refinement and has two talent trees: Serevite, which refines Serevite Ore and finds Gems; and Draconium, which refines Draconium Ore and finds Rousing Essences.
  • Mastering the Elements is geared towards Rousing Essences and their use in combat. It allows players to use the Overload Elemental Deposit ability, which has different effects depending on the type of elemental node overloaded. Each elemental node has its talent tree that can be mastered to improve profession stats and reduce negative effects from overloading.

While it’s theoretically possible to master all three specializations, it may be more practical to focus on one or two and create a personalized build based on preferences and current market conditions.



Herbalism is a gathering profession that allows players to collect various herbs from nodes found throughout the game world in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. These herbs are used in alchemy, inscription, and some cooking recipes and can be sold to other players for a profit. Herbalism also grants players the Lifeblood ability, which increases healing and grants a temporary boost to movement speed.

To improve your herbalism skills, you’ll need to seek out trainers scattered throughout the game world. Here are the locations of a few Dragonflight Herbalism trainers:

  • Namuuntsetseg in Teerakain, Ohn’ahran Plains
  • Feilin Kuan in Wingrest Embassy, Waking Shores
  • Szarostrasza in The Waking Shores

Agrikus in the market of Valdrakken, Thaldraszus.

Herbalism specialization Dragonflight offers a few different paths to choose from:

  • Bountiful Harvests: This specialization allows players to transform certain herbs into others and increases the yield of resources gathered from each herb. It also increases the chance of receiving rare resources from gathering. This specialization is useful if you want to focus on a particular herb or believe there is a high demand for it on the market.
  • Botany: This specialization allows players to skin plant life and plant seeds to grow herbs. Currently, there isn’t enough information available to determine the effectiveness of this specialization.
  • Mastering the Elements: This specialization grants players a general skill bonus and the ability to specialize in certain elemental materials based on their needs or market demand.

All of these specializations have the potential to be profitable, so the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and market conditions.




Dragonflight Skinning is a profession that involves gathering leather and other materials from animal corpses. These materials can be used in leatherworking or sold to other players. Skinning is a popular choice for players who enjoy hunting and want to make use of the resources they gather.

In the Dragonflight expansion, the Skinning Trainer can usually be found in the city of Hilton. This trainer can help you learn the basics of skinning for crafting purposes. Additionally, they offer services such as creating addons, acquiring beautiful sets, and providing coaching for skinning.

In WoW Dragonflight, there are three specializations for skinning: Tanning, Harvesting, and Bait Crafter. Each specialization offers unique abilities and focuses on different aspects of skinning.

  • Tanning: This specialization allows you to gather more resources from skinning and improve the quality of hide or scales. This can be useful for leatherworking or selling high-quality materials on the market.
  • Harvesting: This specialization provides a buff that increases your damage against beasts and dragonkin in the Dragon Isles (outdoors only) and increases the amount of meat, morsels, or special materials you loot from beast-like enemies. This can be a great choice for players who enjoy combat and want to maximize their loot.
  • Bait Crafter: This specialization allows you to craft special baits to lure rare beasts that drop more valuable resources from skinning. These baits have a shared cooldown, but the rare resources they allow you to farm may be worth the wait. This can be a great choice for players who want to farm rare materials or complete achievements.

Keep in mind that the profitability of these professions can vary depending on the demand for the resources they gather and the competition for nodes. Researching and considering the current market conditions may be helpful before choosing a gathering profession. With the right WoW skinning knowledge and strategy, can be a lucrative profession in DF expansion.

Crafting Professions

bestfarmCrafting Professions


Crafting is an essential part of World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion, allowing players to create gear, enchantments, gems, glyphs, and more. The quality of these items is determined by your skill rating and crafting stats, which can be improved through the use of professions’ gear and specializations. With four crafting stats – Inspiration, Resourcefulness, Crafting Speed, and Multicraft – players can tailor their crafting to their specific goals.

Improving your Inspiration stat increases your chance of crafting an item with a bonus skill, similar to a critical strike. Resourcefulness, on the other hand, increases your chance of using fewer resources while crafting, saving you gold on ingredients and potentially increasing your income. Crafting Speed allows you to craft items faster, which is useful when you need to craft a large quantity of items quickly. Multicraft increases your chance of crafting an additional item when using recipes that create more than one item, making it especially useful for alchemy recipes.

Each crafting stat has its own importance depending on the profession and specialization you choose. It’s crucial to carefully consider your options to maximize your gold farming efficiency in Dragonflight. While some professions are easier to learn and more lucrative than others, keep in mind that profitability can vary depending on factors such as demand, competition, and personal skill level.

For more detailed information on each profession, visit our website. While we have published guides for some professions, we are continually updating and adding new guides. Check back for updates on the availability of these guides. In the meantime, this article’s overview should provide a general idea of which professions are most profitable and easiest to learn.

Earning Gold With Recrafting

farmEarningGoldWith Recrafting


Recrafting is a new crafting system introduced in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. It allows players to attempt to craft an item again without having to supply all of the original materials. Instead, they only need to provide the item they want recrafted, a small portion of materials, and a new material called Artisan’s Mettle.

This crafting system can be useful for players who want to improve the quality, stats, item level, or optional reagents applied to their crafted items. It is a cheaper alternative to creating a new item, as it does not require all the original materials. It also allows players to modify their crafted gear without wasting bound-on-pickup materials.

Recrafting is important because it allows players to make their crafted gear relevant throughout the expansion, saving them time and gold. It also allows them to change their gear without spending more Spark of Ingenuity, a time-gated material required to craft epic quality items. Overall, recrafting is a valuable tool for players looking to optimize their crafted gear and earn gold in Dragonflight.

Maximize Your Gold Farming Efforts With the help of LFCarry


Farming gold in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion can be a challenging but rewarding task. While there is no “best” or “worst” class for gold farming, players can increase their efficiency and success by choosing a class they enjoy playing. This will not only make gold farming more enjoyable but also keep players motivated to continue the process.

However, if farming gold becomes too tedious, players can consider using services such as These services can help players farm gold quickly and without hassle, making the process easier and more efficient. No matter which class a player chooses, success in gold farming is possible in Dragonflight.

Thank you for reading our guide. We will continue to provide more helpful tips and strategies in the future, so stay tuned for updates!


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