How To Make A Fortune With Herbalism In WoW Dragonflight

Gathering herbs, which are always in high demand, is one of the most popular and lucrative ways to farm gold in the game. With a few adjustments brought about by the most recent expansion, we now have a profession that is even more diverse and appealing to players. So, what’s the big deal about Herbalism, and how can you benefit from it? Learn more by reading our guide here. 


Herbalism in Dragonflight: A Quick Overview


The profession is all about gathering herbs and trading them with players, especially those who engage in Alchemy and Inscription and craft consumables with glyphs. You can acquire this skill by finding the following trainers:

Additionally, you may pair Herbalism WoW Dragonflight with Mining to earn more gold and level up more efficiently in the open world. So, it won’t hurt to consider that idea.

Now, let’s talk about what changes were made. Besides new profession gear, a quality item, and the ability to ride a dragon, there are now three specs to choose from. 

  • Bountiful Harvests. With this, you can improve the quality of your herbs and gain access to more materials, including uncommon ones.
  • Botany. This one enhances your resource collection skills, meaning you can gather better materials in greater quantities. Moreover, you can use magical seeds to cultivate your own supply of herbs and plants.
  • Mastering the Elements. It grants +1 Skill per point and enhances your skill when you collect Elemental herbs as well as affects a cooldown on your Overload Elemental Herb.

Speaking of Elemental herbs, here they are:



Now back to the specs. To access any Herbalism specialization Dragonflight, you must reach skill lvl 25. There’s no specific order in which you can open them, but the other two can be unlocked at skill lvl 50 and 75 respectively. 

For leveling any specialization, you need Herbalism Knowledge Dragonflight Points, which you may acquire by collecting herbs, finishing quests, and just searching Dragon Isles

On top of that, there were three gathering stats that improve your talent.

  • Deftness – increases the speed
  • Finesse – helps you extract more resources from nodes
  • Perception – grants a chance to discover rare materials

Now that we’ve covered the profession’s main aspects and, hopefully, convinced you to choose it, let’s talk about how it can help you earn money.

To level up any spec, you will need Knowledge Points, which you can get by gathering herbs, completing daily and weekly quests, and exploring Dragon Isles

On top of that, there were three gathering stats added that increase your effectiveness in Herbalism

  • Deftness – increases your gathering herbs speed
  • Finesse – helps you extract more herbs from nodes 
  • Perception – gives you a chance to find rare materials when collecting herbs

Now that we’ve covered the main aspects of this profession and convinced you to choose it, let’s talk about how it can help you make money in the game.

How Can You Farm Gold using Herbalism?



Well, first of all, let’s see what herbs you’ll be able to gather. There are four plants you can find growing in a new area. 

  • Hochenblume. Found in all terrain types
  • Bubble Poppy. Located along rivers, lakes, coasts, and other damp places
  • Saxifrage. Grow on mountains and cliffs and sometimes in volcanic regions or open plains 
  • Writhebark. Can be discovered near trees and other foliage 

You can collect those and use it for both your own purposes and trading through the Auction House, which is your way of earning gold. Here’s an average price for each of these herbs:

Just imagine how much you can earn selling these precious herbs! Since you’re the only one who can gather them, you won’t be out of customers. However, there are a couple of tricks we’ve prepared for you in our Dragonflight Herbalism guide that you can use to make even more profit.

When you see that the demand for a specific herb is high, focus on gathering that exact herb. Once you have plenty of it, don’t hesitate to set a higher price for it while trading. You’re certainly gonna have many buyers who will give you a great deal of gold. 

Also, it’s best to know what resources will be most needed at what time. For instance, potions, for which herbs are essential, can be sold overpriced before the weekly raid cooldown is refreshed. Naturally, it means that to craft those potions, people will need these resources, which you can sell for a good price. 

Apart from that, it also won’t hurt if you just monitor deals at the Auction House and buy some items at their lower price to later sell them for more. That way, you will make more money for yourself and also save some of your resources for better times. 

Furthermore, it’s important to note that when you choose what spec to unlock first, check what herbs are having the highest demand at the Auction House at that moment. It might give you an idea on what resources to gather first, and which spec will make this process more efficient.

Since you now know what you can do with all the herbs you’ll be gathering with Dragonflight Herbalism, let’s move on to the gathering routes, which should help you to collect resources more efficiently.

The Best Herbalism Farming Routes

There are three zones that offer you a good amount of resources. We’ll take a look at them and what course you should take. 

Waking Shores


Herbalists will find the area’s path fairly natural, and dragonriders will enjoy it even more. It is recommended that you make laps around the river system in order to harvest nodes as efficiently as possible. You can begin your laps in the east, near a river delta on the map’s edge. There, you can sprint along the water’s winding channels to the southern delta and on to the Ohn’ahran Plains. When you reach the delta, you can finish the circle by turning around and heading northeast back to the first delta.

Ohn’ahran Plains


The route, like the one in Waking Shores, is based on waterway systems. In Ohn’ahran Plains, it branches in two, with one branch going east and the other dropping southwest. These two loops can be easily joined together to increase your farming’s coverage, but running them separately will also work fine. This is also where the random nature with which Dragonflight’s Herbalism nodes appear might work to your benefit. Nodes for a gathering now appear randomly around the world rather than in a small number of predetermined zones. Focusing on certain parts of the zone rather than trying to cover the entire map increases your loot significantly.

The Azure Span



This is the smallest zone of all three, meaning that there you may find a lesser amount of resources. Still, it’s a good area for farming herbs too. Here, you can choose between two primary avenues. If you want, these two separate paths can be combined into a single one, just like in Ohn’ahran Plains. The catch is that you get to pick the colors you want your surroundings to be. A more temperate climate for farming awaits you to the west. But in the middle of a zone, it’s perpetually freezing and snowy. 

Follow these Dragonflight Herbalism routes, and rest assured that your farming will be successful and productive. 

Bring your Herbalism Skill to the Next Level



Now you know how you can make money with Herbalism. Finding the best routes and trading tactics is important but what else you should pay attention to is reaching the highest skill level. That way, you can make gathering herbs and, therefore, Dragonflight gold farm more successful and productive. 

The trick is that leveling requires a lot of time, which you might not have. Also, repeating tedious tasks might eventually bore you, worsening your gaming experience. But you don’t have to go through it. At, you can find a variety of services with which you can level up your character and Herbalism skill fast without putting that much effort. The team of professional players will do all the hard work for you.

That will be all for today; thank you for reading. Make sure to come back later for more posts like this. Good luck! 


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