WoW Dragonflight 10.1.5: Dawn Of The Infinite Encounter Journal. Part 2

We’re continuing our epic adventure through the new mega-dungeon encounters, and this time, we’ll take a look at Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, Morchie, Time-Lost Battlefield, Chrono-Lord Deios, and the Infinite Dragonflight and what abilities they have. Let’s go!


In Part 1, we’ve covered the first four encounters of the upcoming Mythic-only Dawn of Infinite dungeon, including the one with Iridikron. So, make sure to check it if you want to know what to expect. With that out of the way, let’s proceed to bosses.

Dawn of the Infinite Bosses

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper


Murozond’s rise affected many things in the altered timeline. One of such thing is Tyr, the Titan-Keeper, switching sides and joining Infinite Dragonflight. Now, no matter how odd it is, you must face and defeat him. And here are the abilities he will use against you.

Ability Description
After expending his titan essence, Tyr uses his mice, The Infinite Hand, to release
a series of assaults
The boss summons his strength and slams his target with The Infinite Hand,
dealing 459,641 Physical damage in a frontal cone
Facing the player, Tyr slams the ground, inflicting Arcane damage in a frontal cone,
and leaves
Consecrated Ground
With the power of the infinite, the boss deals 656,630 Arcane damage within
10 yards by smashing the ground. The damage is evenly divided among players
struck, and if less than 2 players hit, Tyr gains a stack of
Infinite Empowerment
Up to two players are inculcated with memories that haven’t been written yet,
dealing 45,964 Arcane damage every 2 seconds within 4 yards
Drawing essence from the Infinite Oathston, Tyr acquires Radiant Barrier and causes
Hastening Eruption




After dealing with Tyr, you will face another surprisingly different yet familiar character – Chromie’s evil alter ego called Morchie. She’s also a part of an altered timeline where Infinites took over and will stop at nothing to stay in the true timeline.

Ability Description
Morchie releases a sand projectile, dealing Physical damage to everyone in
front of her

The boss summons altered versions of herself from different timelines

Transforming into a bronze dragon, Morchie uses a breath attack, inflicting
295,484 Arcane damage to those who stand in front of her

The boss leaves traps that place creatures and players in Time Stasis

Morchie summons minions from her timeline and, on subsequent casts,
restores their health


Fixates their current timeline self

Time-Lost Battlefield


The next encounter is set to challenge the heroes of Azeroth in an interesting way. One of the battles between Alliance and Horde made its way to the Timeways, and now only you can put an end to it. However, both factions must deal with their own enemies first. For Horde, it’s Anduin Lothar, and for Alliance, it’s Grommash Hellscream. Thus, depending on your race, the encounter will vary.

Here are enemies and abilities featured in this encounter that are known at the moment of writing.

Ability Description
Over the course of 2 seconds, the siege vehicle releases a squadron of Goblin
Sappers that chase players with a

Goblin Sapper is focused on one player, ignoring all threats

An artillery shell explodes over several players, dealing 131,326 Fire damage
within 5 yards and applying
Shrapnel while Embers are created on these
locations. After that, the vehicle releases
Shrapnel Shell
Leaps at a player and swings at foes for 6 seconds, doing Physical damage
every 0.5 seconds to anybody within 0 yards
Swing twice, each time dealing 196,989 Physical damage and applying
Mortal Wounds

Defeating enemy restarts Decapitate cooldown

Grommash repeatedly crashes Gorehowl into the ground, dealing Physical
damage in a frontal cone

Scream deals 65,663 Nature damage to all foes

Building it increases damage done by 5%. For every missing 10% of health,
this effect stacks

Chrono-Lord Deios and the Infinite Dragonflight

Finally, the final battle will be waiting at the end of this mega-dungeon. The heroes of Azeroth need to stop Infinite Dragonflight and Chrono-Lord Deios, who traveled in the past to ensure the rise of Murozond. To not let the new transformative era of the world begin, you need to do your best to defeat these enemies. But be careful, as their abilities are powerful and devastating. Here is what Chrono-Lord Deios is capable of:

Ability Description
Creates orbs of compressed time over targeted locations that explode in an Infinity
when falling
Delios attack enemies in front, dealing 196,989 Arcane damage, slowing haste and
movement speed by 20%. The effect stacks and Infinite Portal Guardians struck are
affected by
Chronal Decay
Deios covers himself in dark magic, taking power from infinite timelines. It deals
Arcane damage to all players every 6 seconds, increasing for each stack

The boss flaps wings dealing 98,495 Physical damage to all players

Deios emits time magic in a frontal direction, dealing 0 Arcane damage and
slowing the flow of time by 0%, decreasing movement, casting, attack speed,
cooldown recharge rate, and periodic tick rates for 30 seconds


Besides Chrono-Lord Deios, there’ll be other enemies, each with their own set of abilities:

Infinite Portal Guardian

  • Timeline Link: Remains connected to their timeline, which restores their health every 3 seconds to the value it was 3 seconds ago. The frequency is decreased by Deios’ Chronal Breath
  • Chronal Burn: Corrupts foe’s timeline dealing 52,530 Arcane damage every second for 15 seconds. 
  • Infinite Bolt: Throws time magic toward an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage.

Time-Displaced Trooper

Proto-Aspect Allies

Infinite Ritualist

And these are all bosses and their powers that are currently known. We still need to wait for the activity to be available in the game to learn other details, but we’ll update this article once we have more info regarding these encounters.

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