Farming Leather Materials in WoW WOTLK Classic: A Guide to Increased Profits

Northrend is a fantastic place for those looking to acquire furs and skins. With bountiful creatures in most zones waiting to be skinned, the only places you’ll have trouble finding skins are in Zul’Drak and (sadly) the majority of Icecrown. But hey, don’t let that bring you down!

This guide serves as your treasure map to all the rare and sought-after skins like Arctic Fur, Icy Dragonscale, Jormungar Scale, and Nerubian Chitin. We’ll show you where to find these juicy skins and which dungeons are the best for skinning. And don’t worry about missing out on recipes – we’ve got you covered with links to lists of recipes that use these amazing skins. Get ready for an adventure, skinners!


Unleashing the Secret to Farming Rare Skins in WoW Classic's Wrath of the Lich King



Ah, the hunt for rare skins – it’s a journey filled with equal parts frustration and excitement. Whether you’re after Arctic Fur, Icy Dragonscale, Jormungar Scale, or Nerubian Chitin, you’ll want to know the best spots to scour for these precious goods. But, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s all about the WOTLK gold farming, right? That’s why we’ve scoured the land of Northrend to bring you the guide to skinning for gold.

Say goodbye to aimless wandering and say hello to large groups of skinnable creatures just waiting for you to turn their hides into gold. And, in some lucky cases, you might even score some valuable byproducts while you’re at it, like Worm Meat, a Cooking ingredient in high demand that can create some of the best Critical Strike food in the game.  

So, buckle up, sharpen your knives, and get ready to skin your way to riches! With our guide, you’ll avoid frustrating areas with sparse pickings and go straight to the zones filled to the brim with skinnable creatures. Happy hunting and WoW WOTLK gold farming!

Arctic Fur


Looking for that rare and elusive Arctic Fur? Well, you’re in for a bit of a hunt! This frosty fur is a rare drop from any skinnable creature in the game, with the highest percentage dropping (2-3%) from Azure Manabeast (/way 23.6 57.8) and Azure Spellweaver (/way 21.2 55.0) in Crystalsong Forest, near the Violet Stand.

But before you set off on a wild goose chase, here’s a tip: the best way to farm Arctic Fur isn’t by specifically targeting it. Instead, just keep skinning creatures as you normally would, and the Arctic Fur will come eventually. Most skinnable creatures have a chance of dropping it, so why not maximize your profits by skinning creatures with good cooking drops or other rare items too?

Hunting for Icy Dragonscales

Sholazar Basin
Crystalsong Forest
Crystalsong Forest
Howling Fjord


If you’re on a quest for some Icy Dragonscales, there’s no need to roam aimlessly anymore. The dungeons of The Oculus and The Violet Hold are your go-to spots for this sought-after item. But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to brave the wild, you can try your luck with some open-world mobs in these locations:

  • Sholazar Basin: The Primordial Drake has a 25% chance of dropping an Icy Dragonscale. /way 48.8 27.4
  • Crystalsong Forest: Head to the forest for some Azure Spellweavers (23% chance) or Azure Scalebanes (20% chance). /way 23.6 57.8
  • Howling Fjord: The Proto-Drake awaits you with a 16% chance of giving up an Icy Dragonscale. /way 39.8 48.4
  • Dragonblight: The Dragonblight Mage Hunter holds a 15% chance of awarding you with an Icy Dragonscale. /way 32.8 72.6

So, gear up and get ready to scale some dragons for efficient skinning and gold farming WOTLK!

Farming Jormungar for Profit

Ravenous Jormungar
Infesting Jormungar


What makes Jormungar especially precious is that they may provide not only their scale but also a bonus drop of Worm Meat. This ingredient is widely used in food with Crit Strike and Haste stats. Thus, you can sell even more items to make your gold farm WOTLK results more lucrative.

If you’re looking to maximize your Jormungar scale farming efforts, head to the Storm Peaks. This area boasts several different types of Jormungar, each with their own pros and cons.

For example, there’s the Ravenous Jormungar (/way 55.2 60.4) found inside Hibernal Cavern. This circular cave is convenient and is home to more Jormungar than Icemaw Bears, which are also skinnable and drop Chilled Meat. However, be prepared for competition as this spot is popular among farmers.

On the other hand, you have the Infesting Jormungar (/way 48.6 53.6) found inside Gimorak’s Den in The Foot Steppes. The advantage of this location is the fast repop rate, but the cavern is long and one-way, and the Cavedweller Worg outnumber the Jormungar. Additionally, there are no Jormungar present in the large cavern at the end. But, if you’re feeling up for it, you can always kill the wolves for some extra loot.



Earning gold in World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but with the right strategies and techniques, it’s definitely achievable. By farming leather materials, you can generate a good profit and help fund your in-game adventures.

We hope that this skinning and WOTLK gold farming guide has been helpful and informative, and we encourage you to be creative and explore different methods of earning gold. However, if you’re feeling stuck or want to take your gold-earning efforts to the next level, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our LFCarry booster service. With our team of experienced and skilled players, we can help you achieve your gold-earning goals in no time.

So don’t wait, start earning gold today and watch your in-game wealth grow!


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