One of the spotlights of the 9th expansion is, without a doubt, a new playable race and their exclusive class, Evoker. In the endless attempt to make the game more welcoming to the newer audience while not making it “too casual” for the veteran players, the developers at Blizzard have put all of their creative powers into designing a class that is good at every role. Join me today in this Evoker guide as we explore what makes this new class so special. We’ll go over all of the specializations, their unique skills, leveling tips, and everything in between!



Where do these dragon-like creatures come from? Well, the Dracthyr were designed by Neltharion, the Earth-Warden, to be the best soldiers possible through an experiment that brought together human intelligence and dragon might. Together with the Dragon Isles, they revive after being locked away by Malygos for over 20,000 years in a state of magical hibernation. The Obsidian Warders, a tenacious weyrn that previously protected the Black Dragonflight, includes the Alliance Dracthyr. Even in the face of overwhelming opposition, these abilities are now deployed to protect the weaker.

Their homeland has a capital city that Raszageth and his Primalists actually take over, so now they are left with a mere district, Weyrnrest, located in Valdrakken – another major settlement that players will explore in Dragonflight.

Dracthyr can only be Evokers – a class with two specializations that wear mail armor. This class is regarded as a caster due to the sheer amount of projectile spells and abilities.

Top 5 Facts about Evokers

Fact #1
Dracthyr Evokers begin at level 58 in their own starter zone, the Forbidden Reach.
Fact #2
Dracthyr can be either Alliance or Horde.
Fact #3
Players must have at least one character who is level 50 on their account to roll up a Dracthyr Evoker.
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Fact #4
You are limited to one (1) Evoker character per realm. If you want both an Alliance and Horde Evoker, you will need to roll them up on separate servers.
Fact #5
The Dracthyr Evoker will be available to play on November 15 (US) / November 16 (EU), along with Phase 2 of the Dragonflight prepatch. To play Evoker, you must purchase Dragonflight.
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Spell Empowerment


There’s a special gameplay mechanic that only Evokers will have access to. It’s a mechanic that lets you “charge” the abilities you cast by holding the button, which is similar to how dragons inhale and then let out the fire. The deeper the inhale, the stronger the result. That’s how it works in the game as well.

There will be a special setting in the Control options of the game where you’ll be able to change the control style for this mechanic. You’ll be able to choose between

  • Hold and release – which is the default option
  • Press and Tap – when you press the button to charge and then tap to release.

Naturally, the abilities that can be empowered in such a way will have special interface elements that will help you charge and use them. One such ability is the Fire Breath. What’s more, you must be careful when empowering, as the process can be easily interrupted not only by the enemies (when you take damage) but also by moving forward or backward. You can, however, press left or right directional buttons to change the direction of your ability.

Class Specializations

Despite being one of few classes with such a limited number of specializations, Evoker’s specs are quite diverse and distinct. The two specs are:

  • Devastation Evoker – long-range DPS spec with an arsenal of explosive spells and skills.
  • Preservation Evoker – a support-type spec that’s good for healing and buffing allies while debuffing enemies.

What’s important to note here is that both specs have the DPS and healing abilities in some capacity. As such, the Devastation spec-users might not be a great choice for the main raid healer, but they’ll still have good self-healing and saving abilities and vice versa.

Another interesting fact is that all abilities that your class cast has their own dedicated color for a reason. Some of the talents that you will be able to unlock will affect not one but all of the abilities of the same color.



If you’ve ever wanted to fly above your foes, hurling fire down on their heads, this spec will offer you the closest thing to that iconic feeling.

As mentioned before, this spec is a lot like a mage – you cast high-DMG abilities from afar and watch your enemies disappear in the flashy effects. Lore-wise, you’ll be utilizing the powers of two Dragonflights – Red(Fire) and Blue(Frost and Arcane magic). At the same time, you’ll have access to the powers of the other three Dragonflights. They also have access to two abilities that can be charged using the empowerment mechanic:

  • Fire Breath – a classic breath of fire that you come to expect from dragons in every fantasy setting.
  • Eternity Surge – launches a magic projectile that is able to damage nearby enemies with an AoE effect.

Besides that, this spec has a number of signature abilities:

This spec is very strong in terms of AoE potential.  Deep Breath coupled with Fire Breath is the bread and butter for disposing of groups of enemies. And when you unlock such talents as Pyre and Eternity Surge and use the Mastery: Giantkiller, which scales with the number of enemies you can hit, your spec becomes a force of nature!

Now let’s define the PROS and CONS of the Devastation spec:

NO LINK =( Maximum range for abilities is too small for a long-range caster
Useful and unique utility spells The cleave isn’t very big, which means you won’t heat targets that are too far away
Incredible mobility inherited from class’ race Good cleave against two targets Doesn’t have any kind of immunity
Outstanding survivability Mastery: Giantkiller deals lesser damager the less HP the target has
Can help healers by healing while dealing damage to enemies

But for now, this is all there’s to it; we’ll make sure to release a more detailed Devastation Evoker guide soon to cover every aspect of this spec. Running mythic+ dungeons is a very challenging activity in the game. It is not available and definitely not recommended for new players. At the same time, its rewards are really hard to say no to. That’s why if you need assistance in clearing keys and obtaining the ability to open the weekly chests, LFCarry.com has a perfect service for you!



The healing spec is very unique compared to the healing specs of other classes. It uses two main resources (one being mana and the other resource called essence). In raids, this spec assumes the role of a short-cooldown healer. In other words, it’s the type of healer that has reliable healing abilities that are used while heals with massive cooldowns are not available. Your strategy will revolve around using spell combos to output a lot of healing for about 15 seconds. Once you do that, you’ll then be able to take a breather and wait for your second resource for spells to recharge. You’ll mostly need it for talents like
Dream Breath and others.

As for your attacking spells, you’ll make good use of the Living Flame, which should be used in combination with this talent – Essence Burst for a chance to use your next healing ability for free. This is going to be especially important in difficult fights where you’ll use Rewind to save your allies from dying.

Finally, you’re going to want to be thinking about your positioning a lot when playing as this spec. That’s why you’ll need to bind mobility skills like Hover to a button you can easily reach. If you do that, you’ll be able to use things like Dream Breath with greater effectiveness.

Now let’s define the PROS and CONS of the Preservation spec:

Has useful long-cooldown abilities, such as Rewind The effective range is too short for a healer
Charging abilities provides a massive advantage in healing, and DD Heals are most effective on grouped-up alias. They are weaker if allies are spread out
Good survivability Casting and charging abilities take too long
Is able to help to deal DMG
Has a good range of mobility options
Great visual design of spells

Evoker’s Leveling


First of all, your race gets their own starting zone. You’ll embark on a journey and learn about the origin of your race and what is going on with the Dragon Isles as a whole.

Even though you’ll start as a lvl-58 character, you won’t have access to the entire arsenal of the class’ abilities. Instead, as you go through the main quest line, these abilities will be unlocked for you one by one. By the end of the starting zone, you will have learned your racial flight abilities and will have a decent set of blue gear, which will be a good starting point for your adventures in the main expansion zones.

As for Dragonflight leveling, we will release a separate guide where we’ll go into greater detail describing the leveling process for this class in the 9th expansion.

Awaken the Inner Dragon

Evokers are an excellent addition to the classic roster of classes and have the potential to become one of the best classes in Dragonflight. They’ll be great for new and veteran players as they bring new gameplay mechanics and fresh experiences to the game.

If at any point you find yourself struggling when playing this class, remember that our amazing community of veteran WoW players offers a huge amount of services that will help you out at any stage of your journey. Just visit LFCarry.com for more information on that. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see each other at the next one!


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