WoW Dragonflight Blacksmithing Guide

Welcome to our brand-new WoW Blacksmithing guide. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this wonderful production profession as well as go over some of the recent changes that Blacksmithing underwent in the recent updates. So, grab a snack, and let’s get going.


Blacksmithing Dragonflight: Updates and Changes in Recent Patches

Patch 10.1 has been out for a couple of weeks now, and players are about to venture into the mysterious depths of the Zaralek Cavern. All professions, including Blacksmithing, have received some exciting new recipes.

Fresh Discoveries, New Recipes

As you explore the subterranean reaches of Loamm in the Zaralek Cavern, you’ll meet Kilnmaster Crubus, who has an array of intriguing recipes for Blacksmithing. There’s more in store too! By interacting with a new Niffen character, Ponzo, you can earn Ponzo’s Cream and a Glimmerogg Timeshare Voucher. You can exchange these for some unique Dragonflight blacksmithing recipes, such as the Plans: Shadowed Belt Clasp.

No Rush on Specializations

If you’re still working on your chosen Specialization, don’t fret. The arrival of Patch 10.1 won’t affect your progress. The Specialization trees remain the same, so if you’ve fallen behind on your Knowledge Point generation, rest assured, there’s no cause for worry. Besides, you can always use LFCarry services to catch up on your progression.

Introducing the Shadowflame Forge and Shadowflame Anvil

In the tradition of The Altar of Decay, The Earth-Warder’s Forge, and the Temporal and Azure Looms, Dragon Isles is introducing a new Special Crafting Bench with Patch 10.1 called The Shadowflame Forge!

To create the new Shadowed Alloy, you’ll need to locate this Forge. It’s tucked away in the Fyrakk assault on the Ohn’ahran Plains. If you’re planning on using these new 

alloys to craft items like the Shadowed Belt Clasp, Shadowed Impact Buckler, or Shadowed Razing Annihilator, you’ll need to find the nearby Anvil, strategically placed in the midst of the assault.

Dragonflight Blacksmiths: Hammering Gold Out of Iron


If you’re reading this
blacksmithing Dragonflight guide, then you already know how useful this profession is in the game. Still, I’d like to list some factors that make this profession such a good choice for those who want to earn gold with it:

  • The Power of Specializations! With Dragonflight giving you the freedom to pick your own Specialization path, there’s a wealth of opportunities to strike it rich. Particularly during the early days of Dragonflight, when crafters are yet to fully max out their tree. Blacksmiths can carve out their niche in Armor, Weapons, or Specialty goods – there’s a market for everyone!
  • Whetstones and Weightstones have always flown off the shelves, and this trend is expected to continue. Plus, there’s a new kid on the block – Primal Razorstone, a consumable stone that boosts Gathering Tools!
  • Work Orders are a key highlight of the Dragonflight Profession changes, presenting unique ways for the cunning Blacksmith to make a profit. As all high item-level gear crafted by Blacksmiths is Bind on Pickup, Work Orders become the only route for those lacking the Profession skill to acquire this gear.
  • Profession Tools and Accessories will likely be high-demand items in Dragonflight. The better your Accessories and Tools, the better your crafts. Blacksmithing can create items for Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing. Given that the majority of Plans involve Tools, Blacksmithing is incredibly relevant.

Mastering Blacksmithing in Dragonflight: Your Next Steps

Trying to master
Dragon Isles Blacksmithing in Dragonflight even further? You’ll need to talk to the trainers. Here’s where you can get your hands dirty:

Blacksmithing here in the Dragon Isles takes a bit of a new twist. You can still level your Blacksmithing skill from 1 – 100, but all the blacksmithing recipes Dragonflight can be yours by skill 50. What’s after that? For the truly committed Blacksmiths, you can rack up bonuses to your crafting Skill level, which lets you forge top-tier Armor and Weapons. Good luck, and happy crafting!

Where Do You Find a Blacksmith Crafting Table Dragonflight?

Looking for a Blacksmithing crafting table? Head to The Obsidian Enclave, where you’ll find it nestled among the Forges and Anvils amidst airborne embers. Locate
Sekita the Burrower, the Mining Trainer, and you’ll find these Crafting Benches right behind her.

Map coordinates: /way 39.0 51.2

Explore Blacksmithing Specializations in Dragonflight

The unearthing of the Dragon Isles have opened up new frontiers for Professions, with Specializations being a game-changer. In a throwback to the days when you could opt for paths like Goblin Engineering or Gnomish Engineering, Dragonflight’s Specializations put the power back in your hands. Remember when crafting one potion could result in an additional 14? Or the option for Leatherworkers to master Tribal Leatherworking, Elemental Leatherworking, or Dragonscale Leatherworking? Dragonflight Specializations bring back that magic. Plus, you can now master all Specializations with a single character!

Each Profession comes with its own set of Specializations, custom-built to fit and boost crafting and gathering abilities. Blacksmithing, for instance, boasts four Specializations: Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Specialty Smithing, and Hammer Control. To max out all these Specializations, Blacksmiths will have to fork out 800 Knowledge points: 390 for Armorsmithing, 210 for Weaponsmithing, 110 for Specialty Smithing, and 90 for Hammer Control. Which is the best blacksmithing specialization Dragonflight for you? Let’s help you decide:


Focus here is on upgrading Plate Armor crafting and getting new Plans for crafting – which translates into some top-notch armor crafts.

  • Hone your craft for each individual armor slot as well as shields, enabling Finishing Reagents during crafting
  • Boost your Blacksmithing skills, scoring significant increases to your Armor Crafting skill, Inspiration, and Resourcefulness
  • Discover new plans for each armor slot, like the Primal Molten Defender


Much like Armorsmithing, this Specialization comes with its own perks and improvements, plus fresh Plans for crafted weapons.

  • Delve deeper into each type of weapon, again enabling Finishing Reagents during crafting
  • Unearth new plans like Primal Molten Longsword and Primal Molten Greataxe
  • Beef up your Blacksmithing skills, scoring big increases to your Weapon Crafting skill, Inspiration, and Resourcefulness

Specialty Smithing

This is your go-to for everything else a Blacksmith can forge, including Profession Tools and Consumables.

  • Discover plans like the Khaz’gorite Blacksmith’s Toolbox
  • Boost your Blacksmithing skills, scoring massive increases to your Smelting, Profession Tools and Enhancements Crafting skill, Inspiration, Multicraft, and Resourcefulness

Hammer Control

This Specialization is all about honing your Blacksmithing Secondary Skills.

  • Elevate your overall Blacksmithing skills, along with scoring significant boosts to your Crafting skill, Inspiration, Multicraft, and Resourcefulness

Getting Your Hands on Blacksmithing Materials in Dragonflight

Blacksmithing Dragonflight
and ores have a long history, and Dragonflight continues that tradition. With your Mining skill, you’ll find that the earth has plenty to offer for your Blacksmithing needs! Good thing that we’ve already written a couple of mining guides, here’s the latest –

But, here’s a fun twist – Jewelcrafting is now the supplier for the Glossy Stone which you’ll need for certain Blacksmithing recipes too. So, you’ll want to get on the good side of your friendly neighborhood Jewelcrafter to keep that Glossy Stone coming!


  • Serevite Ore: This is your bread-and-butter Dragonflight ore, miners will stumble upon this all over the Dragon Isles.
  • Draconium Ore: Another common find in the Dragon Isles, miners will soon become best pals with this ore.
  • Khaz’gorite Ore: This one’s a bit of a rare gem discovered while mining other Dragon Isles ore.

Crafted Reagents

Dragon Riding

Prototype Explorer’s Barding Framework: With this reagent, Leatherworkers can whip up bardings for even more Dragonriding customization options!

Accessories For Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths get a couple of cool accessories that make you feel like a true master craftsman. Your inner blacksmith will be all fired up with this profession-themed swag that Dragonflight has rolled out.

You can make your own Draconium Blacksmith’s Hammer, Khaz’gorite Blacksmith’s Hammer, or a Black Dragon Touched Hammer. All of these hammers have this wicked super-heated metal vibe going on. Plus, you can even put together your own Draconium and Khaz’gorite Blacksmith’s Toolboxes. Sadly, they’re more for use than show, but hey, maybe they’ll add the models later!

And when it comes to decking out the rest of your Dragonflight blacksmithing gear, you’ll need a buddy who’s handy with leather. A Leatherworker friend can stitch you up a Smithing Apron or a Flameproof Apron so you can hammer out your work while looking as cool as your creations!

Master Blacksmithing with!


And there you have it, folks! This is your ultimate rundown for everything related to Blacksmithing in the world of Dragonflight. From crafting magnificent weapons and armor to creating profession equipment and consumables, Blacksmithing has truly evolved to offer an incredibly immersive and rewarding experience. I can’t end this
WoW Dragonflight blacksmithing guide without giving you one last piece of advice.

The path to becoming a master blacksmith can be tough and time-consuming. It involves obtaining rare ores, which is its own profession, learning new recipes, perfecting specializations, and a whole lot more. This is where comes in. Why grind when you can glide?

Head over to and explore a range of services tailored to boost your Blacksmithing profession. With the help of experienced players, you’ll be able to upgrade your skills quickly, obtain hard-to-find recipes, and craft those epic items that everyone’s after, all without breaking a sweat!

So don’t wait for greatness, forge it! Take the leap and boost your Blacksmithing journey with Because you’re not just playing the game, you’re crafting your legacy. Happy smithing, and see you in Dragonflight!


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