Diablo 4 Barbarian: Unveiling the Arsenal System

The Barbarian, the avatar of strength and combat in Diablo 4, undergoes an innovative transformation. Blizzard Entertainment has introduced a new facet, the Arsenal System, providing a unique gameplay experience. Let’s delve into this redefined universe of the Barbarian in Diablo 4.


Unveiling the Arsenal System: A Revolutionary Mechanism in Diablo 4

The Arsenal System allows the Barbarians to juggle between four weapons, diversifying their strategic potential. Each weapon class has unique passive bonuses, letting you tailor your Barbarian’s traits.

Core Features of the Arsenal System

  • Equipping four weapons concurrently
  • One-handed weapons for dual-wield skill enhancement
  • Two-handed weapons such as mace, sword, axe, or polearm for bludgeoning and slashing skills
  • Arsenal system activation at level 5

As you progress on the Barbarian’s journey, reaching level 5 marks a strategic milestone. This is when the Arsenal System becomes available, and the critical task of setting your main damaging ability’s weapon comes to the forefront. To accomplish this effectively, you can:

  • Activate the skills menu with the shortcut key “S.”
  • Position your pointer over the skill you’ve chosen as your primary weapon
  • Press down on the middle mouse button to finalize the assignment

While making this selection, remember to prioritize the weapon’s overall DPS, Attack Speed, and Lucky Hit Chance over the passive benefits of the Arsenal System. Viewing the Arsenal System as a good supplement rather than a key determinant of your strategy is beneficial. After a successful weapon assignment, you’ll unlock the corresponding Weapon Bonus. Intriguingly, if your strategy primarily relies on a single skill for DPS, all your additional weapons essentially enhance your main weapon’s power.

Enhancing Your Arsenal: Level Up Your Arsenal System

The process of leveling up the Arsenal System unfolds organically. As you gather new weapons and engage in combat with creatures, the weapons you utilize gain experience. It is quite feasible for casual players to reach Level 10 with all weapons without extensive effort. Here are some critical factors to consider:

  • Weapons accumulate XP on hit, not on kill.
  • Weapons do not gain XP in Player versus Player (PvP) combat.

By considering these strategies, players can effectively optimize their use of the Arsenal System.

Unraveling the Technique Slot in Diablo 4

The Technique slot is a bonus feature earned by completing the Barbarian Priority Quest at level 15. This feature provides a persistent passive enhancement from any of the weapon buffs of your choice. This bonus remains intact as you upgrade your weapons.

Gaining the Technique Slot

  • Accomplishing the Barbarian Priority Quest at level 15
  • Travel to Dry Steppes, complete the quest chain
  • Claim your slot in Dry Steppes town

Understanding Weapon Expertise Stats in Diablo 4 Barbarian

The Arsenal system allows players to level up individual weapons. Seven different weapon types can be equipped across the four slots, each offering unique passive bonuses activated upon reaching level 1 with a weapon and fully augmented at level 10.

Weapon Rank 10 Power Rank 10 Additional Bonus
1H Axe • +5.0% increased Critical Strike Chance against injured enemies.
• Double this amount when using two Axes.
• Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 55%
chance to grant +0.6% increased Attack Speed
for 2 seconds.
• Double the Attack Speed bonus when using
two Axes.
1H Mace • x10% increased damage to Stunned enemies.
• Double this amount when using two Maces.
• Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain
Berserking for 1.50 seconds when you hit a
Stunned enemy.
• Double this chance when using two Maces.
1H Sword • Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain 5 Fury
when hitting a Crowd Controlled enemy.
• Double this chance when using two Swords.
• Killing a Crowd Controlled enemy grants +15% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds.
• Double this amount for kills with two Swords.
2H Axe • x15.0% increased damage to Vulnerable
• +10% increased Critical Strike Chance against Vulnerable enemies.
Polearm • x10% increased Lucky Hit Chance. • You deal +10% increased damage while
2H Sword • +20% of direct damage you deal is inflicted as Bleeding damage over 5 seconds. • You deal x30% increased Bleeding damage for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.
2H Mace • Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain 2 Fury
when hitting an enemy.
• Double the mount of Fury gained while
• You deal x15% increased Critical Strike
Damage to Stunned and Vulnerable enemies
while Berserking.


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