Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023: Maximizing Your Rewards

Your ultimate guide to Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023 is here, covering everything from Haunted Sectors and obtaining Spectral and Manifested Pages to optimizing rewards through the Hocus Focusing system.



Welcome to the Haunt: An Overview of Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost 2023

The air is thick with mystery and the scent of distant fires as Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023 unfolds its spectral wings. Already in full swing since October 17th, this haunting celebration will cast its spell until November 7th. Step into the Tower and you’ll find it transformed into an otherworldly realm, where darkened skies loom overhead and eerie purple candles flicker in shadowy corners. But don’t be fooled by the ambiance; there’s more than just chills awaiting you.

The loot game is strong this year, featuring a brand-new Void Grenade Launcher and a revamped lineup of Festival-exclusive weapons. These coveted items are your rewards for braving the Haunted Lost Sectors, a challenge not for the faint of heart.

Your guiding light through this labyrinth of spooks? None other than Eva Levante, the Tower’s resident holiday sage. She’s your one-stop-shop for Festival bounties, exclusive weapons, and the innovative Hocus Focusing system—a feature that promises to make your loot hunt more rewarding than ever.

And if you’re keen to don the mantle of the season, the Eververse store has you covered with bug-themed Universe Ornament sets. Available for a limited time, these sets are your ticket to becoming the most stylish Guardian at the Festival.

So, with the clock ticking and the Tower more haunting than ever, let’s unravel the secrets of this year’s Festival of the Lost.

Getting Started with Festival of the Lost 2023

Ready to immerse yourself in Destiny 2’s haunting Festival of the Lost? The first thing you’ll want to do is head straight to Eva Levante in the Tower after logging in. She’ll hand you the Classic Carving quest, your roadmap to all the Festival’s activities. But that’s not all—Eva will also gift you the Masquerader’s Hood, a special Mask that’s your ticket to earning Candy and Spectral Pages. Make sure to wear it during all Festival events, as it’s your key to unlocking rewards. This quest will also be your introduction to the eerie Haunted Sectors, including the more challenging Legendary Haunted Sectors. These will be your main haunts for the next three weeks, whether you’re after God Rolls or just looking to stockpile Candy.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Haunted Sectors

Acosmic Event Grenade Launcher

Haunted Sectors are the heart and soul of Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost. These are not your run-of-the-mill Lost Sectors; they’re a Halloween-themed twist on the familiar, available in four distinct locations: EDZ, Europa, the Moon, and Nessus. If you’ve battled the Headless Ones in previous Festivals, you’ll find the experience eerily similar yet refreshingly different.

Your Ghostly Guide: Immaru

As you navigate these Haunted Sectors, you’ll be accompanied by Immaru, Savathun’s Ghost, who will regale you with Ghost stories. The initial encounters are straightforward: eliminate groups of enemies as you would in standard Lost Sectors.

The Summoning Circles: Where the Real Challenge Begins

Upon reaching the chest at the end, the gameplay takes a twist. Summoning Circles appear, and it’s your job to capture them and defeat the emerging Headless Ones—Hive Knights with pumpkin heads. You have a tight 3-minute window to cleanse these circles and defeat as many Headless Ones as possible. They are your prime source of Candy, so efficiency is key.

The Final Showdown: Boss Mechanics and Loot

A final boss appears after the timer runs out or you’ve defeated 10 Headless Ones. To take down its shield, locate a Summoning Circle and defeat the Headless One within. This spawns Pumpkin Bombs, which you’ll use to shred the boss’s shield. Rinse and repeat until victory is yours.

The Loot: What’s in the Chest?

The final chest is a Candy jackpot, but that’s not all. It also offers a chance to drop one of the Festival of the Lost exclusive weapons, including revamped versions of past favorites like The Horror Story Stasis Auto Rifle and Jurassic Green Solar Pulse Rifle. This year’s crown jewel is the Acosmic Void Grenade Launcher, featuring unique traits like Clown Cartridge, Field Prep, and Explosive Light.

Elevate Your Game with Legendary Haunted Sectors

Legendary Haunted Sectors

Festival of the Lost 2023 introduces Legendary Haunted Sectors for Guardians seeking a more formidable challenge. These aren’t your standard Haunted Sectors; they’re a high-stakes gamble with greater rewards.

Legendary Haunted Sectors up the ante, with Light levels soaring from 1600 to 1830, on par with standard Legendary Lost Sectors. Some, like the Nessus sector, even throw Champions into the mix, making the challenge considerably tougher.

What’s the payoff for braving these treacherous sectors? A significantly higher chance of scoring premium loot from the end chest, including coveted Festival of the Lost weapons and the elusive Eerie Engrams, which we’ll delve into later.

Unlike standard Haunted Sectors, where you could land in any of the four available sectors, Legendary Haunted Sectors operate on a unique rotation. Only one sector is available at a time, rotating every few hours. This is crucial if you aim to complete the Sophisticated Sculpting quest, which requires you to conquer all four Legendary Haunted Sectors. Patience and timing are your allies here.

Candy, Spectral, and Manifested Pages Explained

Halloween Masks

Navigating the Festival’s currency can be like trick-or-treating: you never quite know what you’ll get. Let’s demystify the three key currencies: Candy, Spectral Pages, and Manifested Pages.

Candy: The Sweet Staple of the Festival

While its role has diminished, Candy remains a crucial resource. Earned primarily through slaying enemies and completing activities while donning the Masquerader’s Hood, Candy is especially abundant in Haunted Sectors. Stockpile it; you’ll need it.

Spectral Pages: Your Pre-Haunted Sector Homework

Spectral Pages

Before diving into Haunted Sectors, you’ll want to amass Spectral Pages. These are earned in activities outside of Haunted Sectors, such as Crucible and Vanguard Ops, but only while wearing a Festival Mask. Think of them as your entry ticket to the Haunted Sectors.

Manifested Pages: The Transformation and the Reward

Once inside a Haunted Sector, your Spectral Pages morph into Manifested Pages as you defeat Headless Ones. Each Headless One defeated equals one Manifested Page, potentially earning up to 10 per run. These pages can be exchanged at the Book of the Forgotten, located next to Eva in the Tower, for pieces of the Halloween-themed lore book Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3.

The Ultimate Goal: Completing the Lore Book

Beyond the pursuit of Festival-exclusive weapons, the primary objective is to collect Spectral Pages, transform them into Manifested Pages, and ultimately complete the Tales of the Forgotten lore book.

Hocus Focusing: Maximize Your Candy Loot

Hocus Focusing

In Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2023, Eerie Engrams are your ticket to exclusive rewards. These special Engrams are primarily found in Haunted Sectors, with a higher drop rate in Legendary Haunted Sectors. Once you’ve collected these, head over to Eva Levante in the Tower for decoding, where you can exchange them for various items based on your Candy stash.

What You Can Get for Your Candy:

  • 500 Candy: A random Festival of the Lost weapon. Ideal for players who enjoy the element of surprise and are open to acquiring any event-specific weapons.
  • 1000 Candy: Choose a specific Festival of the Lost weapon. This option is perfect for those missing a particular weapon from their collection or looking to acquire a weapon with specific perks.
  • 2500 Candy: Secure a guaranteed Exotic Armor piece. You can select from a pool that includes Exotic Armor from The Witch Queen expansion and earlier. Note: You must own the respective expansion to unlock these Exotic options.

During the Festival, Eva outshines even Rahool as an Exotic farming hub. While the Candy cost may seem steep, the event offers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire elusive Exotics or perfect your God Roll.

Ghost's Field Guide to Mastering Festival of the Lost 2023

Eva in the Tower

Guardian, before we embark on this haunting adventure, let’s sync our protocols. The Festival is more than just a celebration; it’s a battlefield of opportunities. Here’s how we can optimize our loot and experience gains.

  1. Equip Your Mask: Think of it as your combat visor. It’s essential for generating Candy and Spectral Pages.

  2. Select Your Haunted Sector: We’ve got Normal and Legendary options. Choose wisely based on your combat proficiency and desired loot.

  3. Target the Headless Ones: These eerie foes are our ticket to more Candy and converting Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. The more we eliminate, the better.

  4. Claim Your Rewards: Each Haunted Sector completion will net us exclusive Festival gear and weapons. Let’s stock up.

  5. Visit the Book of the Forgotten: Those Manifested Pages aren’t just for show. We can exchange them for Halloween lore books. A good read for downtime in the Tower.

  6. Decode Eerie Engrams: Got extra Candy? Let’s take it to Eva and decode some Eerie Engrams for a chance at more Festival weapons or even Exotics.

If you’re all about the firepower, focus on the Haunted Sectors. Wearing a Mask isn’t mandatory for this, but it’ll help us decode Eerie Engrams into potential God Rolls.

Boost Your Festival Game with

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So, what do you say? Shall we call in some reinforcements and make this Festival one for the records? With, we can maximize our gains and minimize the grind. It’s a strategic advantage I’d highly recommend.


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