WoW Dragonflight: How To Prepare For Patch 10.2

The next major patch, Guardians of the Dream, is approaching, meaning now is a great time to get ready for new content. So, what should you do before the update goes live, and what you can ignore? Our guide is here to answer these questions and help you prepare for what’s coming. So, shall we begin?


Complete the First Chapter of the New Campaign


First things first, you want to finish the initial quest line of the Guardians of the Dream story that’s available now in Patch 10.1.7. By opening your map at the top of the quest log, you can see the Emerald Dream story progress, and that’s you have access to the first chapter called The Coalition of Flames. It starts with Shandris Feathermoon in Valdrakken and leads you to the new zone that you can explore.

The reason why you should complete this series of quests now is because it serves as a required prelude to the campaign, without which you cannot continue the story that will unfold in Patch 10.2. Yes, you can wait and finish it once the update rolls out, but in that case, you might get stuck with it while others will be way ahead of you, exploring new quests and features. If you don’t want that, finish these initial quests before the Guardians of the Dream kicks off.

Luckily for us, you only need to complete them once on one character. After you do that, your alts can just skip this step and dive into the campaign without the need to play prelude again.

Obtain Season 2 Raid Achievements


The next thing you should consider doing is to get the achievements that will become unobtainable once the new patch and season are released. Among the rewards that won’t be up for grabs in the new season are Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge. These ones you can get for defeating Scalecommander Sarkareth in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid on Heroic and Mythic difficulties, respectively. 

Of course, there are also rewards tied to the raid, like the full transformation Dragonriding customization option and Evoker Legendary that you can get. But unlike the achievements above, they won’t likely go away in the new season, so you can obtain them in the next patch as well. The only problem you might face is that it’ll be harder to gather a group to head to the raid; that’s why it’s better to acquire all the rewards now. But still, it’s better to focus on the achievements first.

Get Season 2 Dungeon Achievements

wow dawn of infinite


Besides raid achievements, there are also the ones that are tied to dungeons and the current season. Here are the requirements with achievements and rewards you can get if you meet them:

Moreover, for those avid Mythic Plus enthusiasts, there’s an additional reward awaiting. Successfully finishing a Keystone at level 20 or higher grants you the Keystone Hero achievement for that specific dungeon, bestowing upon you a direct Teleport spell to that dungeon. However, with the upcoming shuffle in dungeon rotation for season 3, the Teleport spells and the achievements from season 2 dungeons will be inaccessible in 10.2. So, if these are on your wishlist, ensure you secure them before this season concludes.

Another achievement that won’t be available next season is Defender of the Timeways, which is rewarded for completing the Dawn of the Infinite Mega dungeon on Mythic difficulty. Additionally, you can also receive the “Of the Infinite” title, which many players are after. So, if you want to secure these, make sure to do so before Patch 10.2 goes live.

Prepare for New Mythic+ Dungeon Rotation


Preparations are important, and if you’re interested in doing some extra, you can take a look at the Dungeon rotation for season 3 and refresh your memory with how they work, their layout, bosses, and more. For instance, there’ll be several older dungeons that you can run before the next season begins to be fully prepared for challenges and increase your chances of succeeding early in Patch 10.2.

Acquire Season 2 PvP Rewards

Various PvP rewards will become unavailable once the next season hits the servers, including the quite popular Gladiator title and mount. Moreover, there’s Vicious War Snail you can get for winning rated PvP matches and elite transmog sets that are rewarded for reaching up to 1,800 in rated PvP. All of these are seasonal rewards that you can still get before the update arrives, so you use your chance and earn them if you want them in your collection. 

Is it Worth Gearing Up?


The answer depends on what you want to do. Equipping yourself with some gear will certainly aid in navigating the upcoming 10.2 Outdoor World content. Newcomers at level 70 might find the terrain challenging, so a decent gear set can provide a helpful boost. However, we advise against over-investing, particularly for your alts. The gear from the Dream Surge event, boasting an item level of 402, should suffice for traversing the new zone. Moreover, patch 10.2 promises even superior gear rewards.

For those already equipped with high-level items, further grinding at this juncture might not be the best use of your time. With the onset of season 3, rewards will see a significant increase in item levels, more so than previous transitions. To illustrate, the item level of season 2’s Mythic raid gear matches that of season 3’s Looking for Raid gear. Additionally, the Mythic plus Keystone dungeons and open-world events in season 3 will offer even more enticing loot.

Don't Save Flightstones and Crests

Flightstones will probably reset soon, like other seasonal items. So, don’t save too many. If you’re worried about using them to upgrade gear, don’t be. They’ll likely go back to zero, and you’ll have to collect them again in 10.2. 

The same goes for Crests. Your current ones will become basic vendor items. The upcoming season promises a fresh collection of Crests, conveniently located in your currency tab – a welcomed modification.

Considering these changes, don’t hoard Crests or Flightstones or farm too much for the new patch. It might not be worth it. Use your crests and materials to improve your gear a bit, but don’t go all out. Everything will reset soon, and better gear will be available.

Level Up Your Alts


Now is an ideal moment to level up the characters you want to play for the upcoming season. Dragonflight has generally made leveling straightforward, but the ongoing Turbulent Timeways event has accelerated the process. This event grants uninterrupted access to Timewalking dungeons, renowned for their swift leveling and experience gains. 

Moreover, each completed Timewalking dungeon during the event bestows a cumulative 5% experience boost, maxing out at 30%. This makes leveling exceptionally quick and efficient. So, if you’re keen on exploring the revamped classes like Rogues, Demon Hunters, or Priests or just eager to dive into patch 10.2’s novelties, it’s prudent to level up now and immerse in the fresh content without delay.

Additionally, the event presents ample opportunities for effortless loot acquisition. If you’re on the hunt for some upgrades before diving into the new patch, the Timewalking event is your golden ticket. The weekly quest offers a shot at a random piece of Heroic raid gear, potentially reaching an item level of 444 if you’re lucky. Furthermore, Timewalking raids drop gear of item level 415, a fantastic deal given their relative ease. With the Timewalking event set to conclude around the new patch’s release, it’s wise to capitalize on its benefits, be it for breezy leveling or snagging that coveted Heroic raid loot.

What Professions to Focus On?


Before diving into season 3, it’s crucial to evaluate your professions. While Patch 10.2 doesn’t introduce significant overhauls to professions, their relevance remains undiminished. In the upcoming season, crafted gear will experience a downgrade. Its item levels are notably reduced compared to corresponding gear tiers. Additionally, the upgrade tracks for both Hero and Myth have expanded, allowing endgame rewards to surpass the quality of crafted gear. Moreover, Embellishments have been substantially nerfed, diminishing their power contribution to crafted items.

While these modifications don’t render crafted gear obsolete, it’s unlikely they’ll dominate the “best in slot” categories as before. Crafted gear will likely remain beneficial for initial gearing in a new season, particularly for alts. However, if you haven’t yet delved deep into a crafting profession, investing significant time and effort now might not yield substantial returns.

On the other hand, Enchanting retains its significance in season 3. With the introduction of new Enchanted Crest recipes, the demand for enchanters will surge. Compared to many crafting professions, Enchanting demands a lesser investment of time and resources to be effective in the upcoming season. Assess the forthcoming profession changes and determine which aligns with your goals for season 3. If you’re yet to explore professions, Enchanting emerges as a promising choice for the future.

Collect Dragon Glyphs


Before the new patch arrives, ensure you’ve gathered all the existing Dragon glyphs. With Patch 10.2, not only will there be more glyphs to collect but also three new talents to unlock. Typically, a new glyph is required to access these talents. However, given the flexibility to rearrange our Dragonriding preferences, you can reallocate points from lesser-used talents, like Aerial Halt, to the new ones.

For instance, in the upcoming patch, you can switch to talents like Second Wind, which offers instant Vigor regeneration, and Swift Skimming. You can then assign the remaining talent points using a new glyph in 10.2. But, without all the Dragon glyphs from Dragon Isles and Zaralek Cavern, you’ll be limited in your point adjustments when 10.2 launches.

So, make it a priority to obtain all Dragon glyphs before 10.2. To simplify this, consider using an addon that pinpoints each glyph’s location on your map. This tool can greatly ease the collection process.

Prepare for New Achievement


In the upcoming patch 10.2, there’s an intriguing achievement called Dragon Isles Pathfinder. This allows you to use your previous flying mounts in the Dragon Isles. While it’s an unusual achievement, it’s perfect for those who wish to utilize their older mounts or desire enhanced flying control.

We highlight this because you can fulfill a significant portion of the achievement’s criteria before the patch’s release. This involves completing story quests for each Dragon Isle zone and the Zaralek Cavern in Patch 10.1. Additionally, you’ll need to explore the Dragon Isles, Zaralek Cavern, and the Emerald Dream and achieve Renown 15 with all current factions, plus the new one introduced in 10.2.

The only tasks left would be achieving Renown 15 with the new faction and exploring the new area. For many, the Renown 15 across all factions might be the most challenging part. However, if you’re looking for objectives to tackle before 10.2, working towards this can ensure you secure the Pathfinder achievement promptly once the patch is live.

Speed Up Your Preparation with LFCarry


Now you know what you should focus on before the next patch goes live and what you don’t have to worry about. However, despite the things you can ignore, it seems there’s still plenty for you to do. And it means that you still need to spend a considerable amount of time on this, which you might not have for various reasons. But there’s no need to be upset that you might not be able to do everything necessary before the update arrives because you have LFCarry.

We’re here to offer you help with these preparations by handling all the hard work for you. Whether you need to obtain specific achievements and items, reach the desired rating in PvP, or complete dungeons and raids fast, we’ve got you covered. All you need is to go to, pick the offer that suits your needs the best, and let us take care of everything. Let’s get you ready for the upcoming Patch 10.2 together!


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