WoW Dragonflight: How To Complete Fyrakk Assaults And Earn Rewards?

Among many things, Embers of Neltharion introduced a new World Event – Fyrakk Assault. If you want to know how to access this activity, what objectives it offers, and what rewards you can obtain, our comprehensive guide is here to tell you everything.


How to Unlock Fyrakk Assaults?


The new event featured in Patch 10.1 is a great opportunity to test your skill and also a source of gear for your alts and Drake’s Shadowflame Crest that upgrades armor to ilvl424. So, if you’re up for this challenge, you need to unlock it first.

You can do so by completing Chapter 3 of the Embers of Neltharion campaign, The Ancient Bargain. After you finish it, Fyrakk will leave Zaralek Cavern, and a Kalecgos Mirror Image will offer you the Fyrakk’s Forces quest. Thus, you will find your way to an assaulted area, a Suffusion Camp.

Once Fyrakk Assaults are unlocked, making them available account-wide, you can find a gray dragon icon on the map (as shown above), marking which zone is under attack. Usually, this icon appears near the Azure Span and Ohn’ahran Plains, where Suffusion Camps are. Go there to start the activity featuring a number of quests.

And how do you know you’re in the right place? It’s simple. When you reach the area that’s being assaulted, the sky will turn dark orange, and the whole place will be filled with Primalist forces. It’s hard to miss.

How to Finish Fyrakk Assaults?

One of the main things you need to do at Suffusion Camp is to complete the world quest by collecting needed items and defeating Fyrakk’s Disciple. For instance, here’s the breakdown of the Suffusion Camp: Cinderwind quest: 

  • Defeat normal Primalist mobs to collect a Ward of Igira they drop
  • When you have 5 Ward of Igiras, you can interact with Suffusion Crucibles scattered around the area to summon Elite mobs that drops Ward of Fyrakk
  • When you collect 5 of these, use them at Suffusion Mold to make the Forgemaster appear in the area and also get Everburning Key, which you need 3 to open Supply Chest
  • Eliminating the Forgemaster responsible for assault will complete the quest


Moreover, there is a bar on your screen called Fyrakk’s Fury, which increases as you defeat enemies. Once it reaches 100%, Fyrakk enters the zone and flies toward you. He’s surrounded by a flaming aura that deals Fire damage if you’re too close to it. By the way, if you stand in it and get killed, you will earn the Still Standing in the Fire achievement.

Fyrakk's Fury Bar

Flying over the area, Fyrakk drops his disciple, whom you need to defeat if you want to get your hands on some extra rewards. Killing disciples ends the assault. Now you can enjoy the loot.

What Are Fyrakk Assault Rewards?

You will obtain the following rewards for participating in the activity and completing quests.

Objective Reward

Complete the world quest

Kill Fyrakk's disciple

Kill disciple for the first time

An item that begins the quest with Drake's Shadowflame Crest as a reward

Daily quests
A chance to get ilvl385 gear


And if you’re curious about what the Suffused gear looks like, here are the detailed images.


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