Which Class to Play in Dragonflight?

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is almost upon us, and everyone has the same question on their mind – which class should I play? Should I go with the newly added one or try old classes whose talent trees and specs have been updated to make them more viable? In this guide, we will attempt to answer these questions, but keep in mind that the choice is your own to make, and more than anything, it depends on your preferred playstyle and the activities you plan to do in the game. With that being said, let us review all classes in the state in which they will appear in the upcoming expansion.



The new class in Dragonflight is only available to a race that’s also going to be featured in the expansion. Much like Demon Hunters and Death Knights, Evoker is a Hero Class, which is different from a regular class in a number of ways:

  • Evokers get their own unique starting zone – The Forbidden Reach.
  • This class starts adventuring from lvl 58.
  • Can choose to join either Alliance or Horde since Dracthyr is initially a neutral race.
  • Players must have at least one character of lvl 50+ on their account in order to be able to create and play in this class.
  • Players can have only one Evoker per server.

 Evoker’s abilities that are shared between the specializations:

Evokers get two vastly different specializations: Devastation and Preservation. Both of them have some DPS and healing skills but each of them specializes in one area.

  • Devastation – is a ranged DPS spec and has an arsenal of Red and Blue Dragonflight spells and abilities from more traditional dragon breath to more unique skills.
  • Preservation – this spec’s focus is in the name. These Evokers utilize the time magic of Green Dragonflight and Bronze Dragonflight to heal themselves and their allies.
  • Evokers are going to be broken OP on launch
  • Everybody is going to want to play as Evoker

Demon Hunter

DHs are another Hero class who love to cosplay Illidan being his disciples and all. They embraced the Fel magic, which made them gave them an edge in the fight against the Burning Legion and made them feared by both foes and allies. Gameplay-wise they’re melee fighters that wield unique weapons – glaives.

  • Havoc – is a melee DPS spec that specializes in dealing damage (DMG) up close with a flurry of devastating attacks.
  • Vengeance – is a tanky specialization that focuses on mitigating magical and physical DMG with a plethora of utility abilities that are provided by seals that cause various types of effects such as fear, burn, and silence.
  • Great in group activities, especially thanks to
    Chaos Brand.
  • Incredible mobility
  • Impressive survivability thanks to self-healing and
    leech skills.
  • Very dependent on cooldowns
  • Not a great variety of relevant builds

Death Knight


If you’re playing the WoTLK Classic right now, this might be the right choice for you. This Hero Class is the embodiment of badassery. DK is a melee class that mixes regular attacks with dark magic attacks causing all sorts of debuffs. They have 3 specializations:

  • Unholy – specializes in debuffs, using shadow magic and pets. Just like daddy Arthas, you’ll bring decay and disease, followed by an army of undead minions. Unholy has good burst DMG both in AoE and on single targets.
  • Blood – a tank spec with a double-handed weapon and a wide range of self-healing, DMG-mitigating abilities. This spec is meant to survive in fights while sustaining very high DMG.
  • Frost – a pure DPS spec that prioritizes dealing with both types of DMG and excels in 2-target cleaves.
  • Amazing for controlling adds in instances using
    Death Grip
  • Pretty tanky, even with DPS specs
  • Immune to forced movement effects like knockback
    thanks to 
    Death’s Advance
  • Not good mobility-wise
  • Don’t have a viable raid buff



Druids are shapeshifters that can turn into a number of mystical and not-so-much animals. Each animal represents a totally new gameplay experience. They have a total of 4 specializations that encompass every playstyle:

  • Feral – this is a DMG-dealing (DD) spec that allows you to turn into a big cat (nyah!). With this spec, you’ll build and spend combo points to deal DMG.
  • Balance – this spec is all about casting Arcane and Nature magic. Its unique form is called Moonkin, and it gives you a lot of utility abilities.
  • Restoration – is a support spec that is all about healing and buffing allies. Resto Druids are all about healing tanks, consistency, and big cooldowns. They can turn into a cat, a bear, a stag, and even a tree! Each form comes with its own abilities!
  • Guardian – is a tank spec with good mobility and self-healing abilities that let him survive even in the direst situations. Turns into a bear to maximize DMG output.
  • Great at staying alive no matter the spec
  • Has some of the most useful abilities for raiding,
    such as 
    Mark of the Wild that, increases Versatility,
  • Great mobility and quite flexible in terms of gameplay style
  • Cute animal forms!
  • Not a good melee spec for raids
  • Mediocre tank
  • Difficult to control cooldowns



Hunters are masters of ranged combat, traps, and pets. In combat, you’ll be managing your own character and your own pet, who will have its own set of abilities. Each of 3 of the hunter’s specs prioritizes one of this class’s areas of expertise:

  • Survival – is a melee DPS spec, which is unique for this class. It specializes in wielding two-handed weapons and high-octane combat. If you want to deal with your enemies up close and personal as a hunter, this spec is for you.
  • Marksmanship – a ranged spec with slow and methodical gameplay. This spec delivers very high bulks of DMG and can be considered a “glass canon.”
  • Beast Mastery – outstanding mobility and focus on controlling your pet animal make this spec a truly satisfying experience. He can deal all of his DMG while moving.
  • Good for new players
  • Ancient Hysteria is great in raids
  • Can tame different animals to turn them into pets
    he can use in fights
  • Your pets will have pretty dumb AI that can be a
  • Doesn’t have a lot of utility options

Mages don’t need an introduction. They have extremely powerful spells in all 3 of their specializations. They’re great at dealing DMG from afar, which makes them ideal for solo players. However, good mages require high skill to execute their ability rotations.

  • Frost – this specialization is great at demobilizing enemies by freezing them. They also have some good utility abilities that allow them to get out of dangerous situations.
  • Fire – a spec that uses the most powerful magic in all Azeroth. This is a very offensive spec in the most classic sense of the word.
  • Arcane – high DMG in short windows of time is what using the magic of time and space can give you. This spec can also teleport, negate DMG and turn your enemies into sheep, among other cool things, with its unique utility abilities.
  • An insane amount of utility options that will make
    your enemies rage-quit: primarily 
    Blink and Polymorph
  • Some good mobility
  • Good at staying alive
  • Very squishy
  • Can’t deal DMG to enemies that aren’t close to each



Are you a fan of kung-fu flicks, pandas, and everything that has an eastern, misty vibe? Monks offer you 3 unique specializations that excel at hand-to-hand combat with unique combo mechanics, or apply buffs by consuming ancient alcoholic beverages!

  • Mistweaver – is a melee healer that can both heal and deal DMG up close. This spec has a lot of abilities that change the way you move, which gives you enough mobility options to react to different situations in combat. 
  • Windwalker – is your classic kung-fu DD spec. This spec has a variety of damaging, defensive, mobility, and crowd-control (CC) abilities.
  • Brewmaster – a tank spec with a huge collection of offensive and defensive abilities. When coupled with great mobility, Brewmasters are considered one of the top tanks in the game!
  • Monks have a special tanking mechanic that utilizes a combination of Shuffle, and Stagger.
  • Solid CC skills like Leg Sweep and Paralysis
  • A great choice for new players
  • Has a lot of abilities in the main rotation, which
    means you’ll be pressing a lot of different buttons
  • Mistweavers have to carefully manage their mana



Paladins are your run-out-of-the-mill protectors and, overall, Mr. goody-two-shoes. They are great tanks and healers who use the light’s magic to protect and heal themselves and their allies.

  • Protection – a spec that is a classic tank in MMORPGs. They can heal themselves after taking a considerable amount of DMG.
  • Retribution – two-handed weapon-wielding crusaders that turn the mighty Light powers against their enemies. This spec has both melees and ranged DMG abilities.
  • Holy – equipped with a shield, this spec focuses on healing and buffing allies.
  • Pretty slow gameplay
  • Poor mobility options
  • Difficult to heal allies that are not grouped up
  • Has a pretty high skill requirement



Priests are your typical healers. Two out of three Priest’s specializations focus on various forms of healing and supporting your allies. If you love helping your teammates and keeping them alive, Priests are for you. What’s more, because they are pure healers, they’re always wanted in grouped activities, so you’ll be very popular.

  • Shadow – is the only DPS spec for a Priest. They use a mix of direct and DOT (DMG over time) abilities. Shadow priests spec can also increase the DMG to their allies.
  • Holy – the best single-target healer in the game. At the same time, the build variety allows Holy Priests to become AoE healers, which makes them pretty versatile.
  • Discipline – very strong AoE healers that specialize in healing groups of allies at the same time.
  • A lot of people in your group will depend on you and
    how well you can heal, especially as a Discipline spec
  • Not good mobility-wise



Sneaky assassins, Rogues specialize in high bursts of DMG, causing bleeding effects and going invisible for short periods of time. Rogues have 3 unique specializations:

  • Subtlety – a spec that specializes in going invisible and dealing a lot of DMG. For those who love stalking their prey
  • Outlaw – a melee DPS that specializes in face-to-face combat.
  • Assassination – this spec is built around DOT abilities.
  • Rogues are potent in every type of activity in the
    game, thanks to having a wide range of viable builds.
  • They have incredible mobility and utility skills such as
    Evasion, which is a jump, Cloak of Shadows for
    invisibility; Feint
    , and others.
  • They also possess similar utility options but for
    group combat and CC: 
    BlindShroud of Concealment,
  • Has a hard time chasing enemies down and
    switching targets
  • A combo-point system that forces players to choose
    between DPS and utility abilities.



Shamans use the power of spirits to summon protective and enhancing totems. They can also use elemental magic to deal DMG. Shaman is an excellent mix of a Mage and a Priest.

  • Elemental – a ranged-centric DPS spec that uses elemental magic, as the name suggests. This spec benefits from a variety of different DD spells but, at the same time, can heal their allies. They can also summon elementals to aid themselves in battle.
  • Restoration – this spec is all about healing allies using water magic and totems. Resto shamans can also shapeshift into a Ghost Wolf for increased movement speed.
  • Enchancement – is a melee spec that specializes in empowering his own weapons to deal more DMG. These kinds of Shamans are basically melee mages.
  • Shamans have pretty difficult combo rotations
  • Jacks of all trades and masters of none.


Warlocks are dark mages that can enslave and summon demons as their battle minions. Besides that, they have some of the most powerful magic spells that rival those of mages. Warlocks have 3 specializations:

  • Demonology – the spec that focuses on controlling various demons using a special resource called Soul Shards
  • Destruction – this spec excels at dealing huge amounts of DMG primarily through iconic spells like Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire. At the same time, Des spec can also summon a pet demon.
  • Affliction – this spec specializes in dealing DMG through the use of DOT abilities. As the name implies, you’ll have access to all kinds of nasty spells.
  • Warlocks have some of the most useful and
    interesting utilities such as a personal teleport –
    Ritual of Summoning, a healing instrument –
    Create Soulwell and
    resurrection through 
  • A very diverse gameplay experience thanks to unique demons that put their own spin on combat
  • Not good at escaping or moving around
  • The pet AI can be a nuisance


The classic warriors are a staple of any MMORPG. In WoW, you’ll be able to fully realize the life and adventures of a mighty warrior as you cleave through the hordes of enemies like a knife through butter. Warriors represent a simple yet never-aging concept of Veni, Vidi, Vici.

  • Fury – a spec that will offer you fast-paced gameplay based around a unique resource called rage. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a dual-wielding Fury warrior do his or her job.
  • Arms – is a DPS spec that offers a different kind of gameplay compared to Fury. This one is built around bleeding and execution DMG, which changes the way you think about approaching targets.
  • Protection – a spec that is similar to Proc Paladins in that both use a one-handed weapon and a shield while offering the classic tank experience.
  • Survivability is ensured by a variety of useful skills 
    such as Rallying CryDefensive Stance,
    Die by the Sword to increase the parry chance, and
    Spell Reflection that protects you from a spell
  • Simple to pick up
  • Because Warriors offer a classic experience, they are usually the best choice for new players
  • Doesn’t have a lot in terms of CC
  • You need to be smart about how you use your
    resources because all of your abilities deplete them.

I hope you found this guide will have you choose which class you’ll play in the upcoming expansion. Decide what kind of gameplay experience you want and follow your heart to pick the right class for you. Thanks a bunch for reading it, and remember that if you need any kind of help regarding leveling or any other class progression problem, you can always count on LFCarry.com.

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