What Is Apex Legends Weapon Mastery? New System Explained

The upcoming Season 17 brings a new system that allows players to level up their weapons and get rewards for it. How will this work, and what does the community think about this new feature? Our guide is here to answer all those questions.


What is Weapon Mastery in Apex Legends?


The next season of the game, dubbed “Arsenal,” goes live on May 9, and besides changes to the World’s Edge map and new legend, August Montgomery “Ballistic” Brinkman, we will get a new progression system – weapon mastery. It revolves around upgrading your weapon and getting rewards for it, which can also show how skilled you are in gun usage.

How Does Weapon Mastery Work?

Like with account level, this one won’t be reset each season and will be a long-term process. Thus, starting from season 17, all players will have their weapons at level 1 and can upgrade them to the 100th level by gaining weapon XP. And to get experience, you need to use your gun in the game’s modes and get kills, headshots, deal damage, and other things you usually do. 

Moreover, after reaching every 20 level, you will need to complete a trial to receive a reward, but let’s talk about it in more detail next.

What is a Trial?



Trials are special challenges, and, according to the devs, they are “skill dependent,” meaning that it might not be easy to complete them. For instance, one of such trials requires you to down an enemy when ADS with optic attachment equipped, while for another one, you need to down an enemy from 50m away in Semi-Auto mode. 

Apparently, the higher the level you reach for your weapon, the more difficult the trial is. And since the max level is 100, you will have to complete five trials. On top of that, it seems like every firearm will have its specific challenge, so be ready for loads of grind. But you won’t be doing this all for nothing: leveling up will grant you some awesome rewards.

What Rewards Can You Get?


For reaching level 100, players will be granted a Legendary skin for the weapon they upgrade via Legendary Apex Weapon Pack. However, it’s unknown if those skins will be new or unique or just something of the existing ones.

Besides, as we’ve mentioned above, there’ll be rewards for completing trials, which include:

  • Performance trackers
  • Banner frames
  • Weapon-specific mastery badges

Plus, you will also flex your skill as you progress through the new system.

What is the Fans' Reaction?

To no one’s surprise, players took the news in various ways. Some were glad to learn that there would be new challenges for them to overcome and new rewards to obtain. For instance, the content creator BacKoFFmyJanKz expressed their excitement about weapon mastery in one of the latest videos by saying:

I have been advocating for something like this for so long, and I'm glad they [devs] did it, dude!



Meanwhile, others were upset about the additional grind. Presumably, the leveling process might take up to 120 hours, which is a lot of time. And, apparently, many are not ready for this, as they shared in the comments to the post about the news on Twitter.

The grind just got... grind-y-er…



Yes, not everyone wants to waste hours trying to get nice prizes or go through difficult challenges to obtain them, which is understandable. If you’re one of them, we’ve got news for you: there’s a way for you to avoid any grind and still obtain the Legendary weapon skin.


You can save time and some nerves by simply using LFCarry’s services. Our professional players will get you any weapon leveled up and obtain all the best rewards in no time so that you can boast your mastery and awesomeness and make others jealous. 

If you like this path more than going through everything on your own, then go to LFCarry.com once the Arsenal season is live and let us know what weapon you want to master first, and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request!

Thank you for reading, and good luck in Season 17!


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