Valorant Coming to Xbox and PS5: Everything You Need to Know

After a four-year wait, Riot Games is finally bringing Valorant to Xbox and PS5. This highly anticipated release was confirmed during the Summer Game Fest 2024, exciting FPS fans eager to play this tactical shooter on their consoles. Riot’s journey to bring Valorant to consoles has been long, filled with anticipation and development milestones that fans have followed closely.


Release Date and Beta Details

The Valorant console port will be fully available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 before the end of 2024. However, players won’t have to wait that long to get a taste. The first Limited Beta starts on Friday, June 14, 2024. This beta will be invite-only, so create a Riot account and sign up to secure your chance to participate. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, you can invite up to five friends to join you in the beta testing phase.

Journey to Console

The journey to bring Valorant to consoles has been a topic of much discussion since the game’s early days. In 2020, Riot Games’ studio head, Anna Donlon, mentioned in an interview that they were “prototyping” a console version of Valorant. At that time, she admitted that translating the PC experience to consoles was challenging but emphasized Riot’s commitment to exploring the possibility.

We've been open about the fact that we've been exploring other platforms and doing work to see if we could bring the great experience of the game onto different platforms... I'm hopeful we'll be able to give some substantial updates on that sometime this year.

Anna Donlon

Console Gameplay Experience

Valorant on consoles promises to deliver the same intense, tactical gameplay that has made it a hit on PC. Cross-platform capabilities allow players to enjoy seamless gameplay on PC, Xbox, or PS5. Riot has ensured that the console versions maintain the game’s high standards, providing all players with a smooth and competitive experience. Felipe Romero, principal engineer at Riot, expressed confidence in this transition.

Getting Valorant running at 120Hz on next-gen consoles is an achievable goal.

Felipe Romero

Why the Console Port Matters

The release of Valorant on consoles is a significant step for Riot Games, expanding its reach and allowing more players to experience the thrill of the game. It also opens up new opportunities for cross-platform play, fostering a larger, more diverse community of players. Riot’s strong relationship with Xbox, highlighted by their surprise appearance at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in June 2022, further solidified their commitment to making this port a reality.

Limited Beta Information

The Limited Beta for Valorant on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is a crucial step towards the full release. Starting on June 14, 2024, this invite-only beta will allow selected players to test the game on consoles. You must create a Riot account and sign up for the beta to participate. Those who receive an invite can also bring up to five friends for the ride. This phase ensures that the game runs smoothly on console platforms and provides valuable feedback to the developers before the official launch.

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