Ultimate Guide to Tarisland: Level Up, Explore, and Conquer!

Tarisland is an exciting new MMORPG that promises to immerse players in a rich and expansive fantasy world. With intricate storylines, diverse classes, and many activities, it stands out as a game designed to cater to casual and hardcore gamers. It will be available for both PC and mobile (including switching between devices). Players can enjoy PvE, PvP, raids, 9 classes, and various exclusive in-game items.


Tarisland Release Date + Time Schedule

Mark your calendars! Tarisland will release on July 18th, 2024, at 10:00 AM PST. This highly anticipated launch will be rolled out simultaneously across multiple regions, ensuring that players worldwide can begin their journeys at the same time. Be sure to check your local time zone and prepare for an epic adventure! To install it, you will need 30GB of free space on your PC and 12GB on your mobile.

You can get ahead of the curve by pre-downloading Tarisland! Ensure you’re ready to jump into the action when the game goes live. Pre-downloads allow you to avoid long wait times and server congestion on launch day so you can start your adventure as soon as possible.

Raid and Dungeons in Tarisland

Team up with friends or other players to conquer challenging dungeons filled with formidable enemies and valuable loot. Each dungeon in Tarisland offers unique mechanics and requires teamwork and strategy to complete. From sprawling underground labyrinths to ancient ruins, these dungeons provide both a challenge and a rewarding experience for those brave enough to enter.

  • Dim Cavern 7: Perfect for newbies to get the basics down.
  • Forest Altar 33: High-level, requires advanced tactics.
  • Botanical Garden 37: Ultimate challenge with raid bosses.
  • Merfolk Swamp 27: Rugged, requires strategy and teamwork.
  • Camp Carlyan 17: Intense, intricate quests and tough mobs.
  • Library of Chaos 13: Puzzles and tougher enemies.
  • Universal Hall 40: Near-raid difficulty, for the pros.
  • Arcane Realains 40: Only for high-level players looking for an edge.

For the ultimate test of your skills, dive into Tarisland’s epic raids. These large-scale encounters require coordination and precision, as you face off against some of the most powerful bosses in the game. Raids are designed for experienced players seeking the best rewards and the thrill of overcoming near-impossible odds with their guild or raid group.

Root of Corrosion:

  • Level 30+
  • GS of 90+
  • Key Bosses: Merfolk King, Ancient Tree, Synthesis Doctor, Forest Gemini

Battle of Ancash:

  • Level 30+
  • GS of 90+
  • Key Bosses: Shadow Witch

PvP Activities

Tarisland’s PvP system offers thrilling and dynamic combat experiences for those who thrive on competition. Engage in battlegrounds, arenas, and open-world skirmishes where strategy and skill determine the victor. Whether you’re fighting for glory or rewards, the PvP modes in Tarisland will keep you on the edge of your seat.



PvP Modes

Arenas, Battlegrounds, Duels

Gear Dependency

None. PvP stats are influenced by your PvP titles.

Main Battlegrounds

Sinister Orefield (Bomb Truck scenario), Peak Gulf (Control Points)

PvP Currency

Silver Coins (earned through PvP activities)

Honor System

Glory Points (earned through skill demonstration in PvP)

Class Impact

Class skills, strategies, and PvP ranks crucial for success

Time Focus

Fast-paced matches where quick, strategic decisions are critical

Tarisland Zones

Leveling up in Tarisland isn’t just about grinding but strategy and efficiency. Start your journey in beginner zones like Misty Forest, where you’ll get a feel for the game’s mechanics. As you progress, you’ll venture into areas like Ancash Canyon and SilverLit, each offering unique challenges and valuable opportunities to gain experience.

Rather than endlessly defeating mobs, Tarisland encourages a diverse approach to leveling. Engage in quests, delve into dungeons, and complete daily tasks to maximize your experience gain. These activities help you level up faster and improve your gear and skills.

Gear is crucial in Tarisland. To enhance your character’s abilities, focus on dungeon runs and PvP battles, where you can obtain powerful equipment. The game’s cross-platform compatibility allows you to play seamlessly across PC and mobile, ensuring you can fit Tarisland into your schedule wherever you are.

Zone Name

Level Range

Key Features

Misty Forest


Beginner-friendly, filled with basic quests and light mobs.

Ancash Canyon


Rugged terrain with tougher quests and mobs.



Diverse quests and mobs, great for mid-level gearing.

SilverLit’s Suburbs


High-level challenges, ideal for late game preparation.

Boost Your Guardian's Loot with LFCarry!

In Tarisland, leveling up your profession isn’t just a side quest—it’s essential for unlocking exciting content like dungeons and raids. Here are some key professions to focus on:

  • Forge: you will make weapons and armor. You’ll receive a boost gear score and earn in-game gold in exchange.
  • Artisan: you’ll have to craft gadgets and mounts. This will provide you with excellent tools and help you improve in combat.
  • Jewelry: create rings and necklaces; in exchange, you’ll enhance stats with gem effects
  • Tailoring: you can craft special gear and boost your stats by sewing armor and bags.
  • Alchemy: Mix potions for stat boosts so you and your team have significant boosts.

Enhancing your profession quickly can be a game-changer, giving you the edge to take on formidable challenges like the Blight Dragon. Whether you are a skilled blacksmith, a proficient alchemist, or a master chef, professions add depth to your character’s abilities and open up new avenues for earning in-game currency. Craft powerful gear, concoct potent potions, and cook delicious meals to aid you in your adventures.

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Tarisland is shaping up to be an unforgettable MMORPG experience. With its imminent release, players worldwide are gearing up for epic adventures, fierce battles, and deep, immersive gameplay. Take advantage of the chance to be part of this groundbreaking game from day one.

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