This Returning Raid Could Stir Up Controversy In Destiny 2

The Final Shape promises to enrich the game’s narrative and gameplay dynamics. That, along with the introduction of new content and the return of fan-favorite character Cayde6, adds a layer of excitement and intrigue to the forthcoming year. However, this returning Raid could potentially stir controversy in the community in 2024.


Which Raids Will Players See In The Final Shape?

Fans have had a rewarding few weeks following the release of Season of the Deep, the premiere of The Final Shape expansion trailer, and the introduction of the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. This is just one of many dungeons available for players in this new stage of Destiny 2. So far, Bungie has maintained a steady pace concerning its 2 raids and 2 Dungeons per game year. Every season features one. Just before the release of The Final Shape, players will be able to enjoy a whole new Dungeon which will mark the conclusion of Lightfall. Nonetheless, we cannot say the same about the new Raid, as it will most likely be a returning one (Wrath of the Machine). This decision may not sit very well with the community.

Judging by Bungie’s latest modus operandi, 2024 should grant players access to 2 raids: one associated with The Final Shape campaign and a returning one selected from earlier raids and not currently featured in the game. Until now, Bungie has regularly selected them from Destiny’s list, as demonstrated by King’s Fall in Season 18 of the previous year. However, the situation involving The Final Shape’s returning Raid might be a little more complicated.

The Core Dilemma of The Final Shape: A Vaulted Raid or Crota's End?

Only two Raids are left to make a return in D2 Wrath of the Machine and Crota’s End. Each would pose difficulties to be integrated into D2. For example, Outbreak Perfected, Crota’s End’s original exotic, is already in the game. That means Bungie would have to develop a brand-new Exotic for this Raid. Additionally, it might be too brief for D2’s current scale.

This implies that the developers must revamp these raids to align them with the game’s current standards. On the other hand, they could simply decide it’s not worth it as they’ll rather work in an entirely new one. These are both problematic options. However, Wrath of the Machine remains Bungie’s most probable choice, setting aside its consequences. Besides Crota’s End, the alternative would be a vaulted D2 Raid, which might bring its own controversies.

No player is keen on engaging with recycled content, much less the D2 community. The fact that it might emerge from the Content Vault could make it even worse. To pay for content that will be later withdrawn from the game, only for it to appear later in paid seasonal missions or Raids, could be seen as distasteful. The Content Vault previously faced backlash from the community, as it essentially reduced the game’s content by half and eliminated numerous destinations and maps, an action perceived as unfair by many. So, if the developers decide to revamp and relaunch an old raid in 2024, it would probably face at least some backlash. And if it doesn’t happen next year, it could still do so in 2025.

Destiny 2 players are enthusiastic about The Final Shape expansion for several reasons. It represents the final chapter in Bungie’s “Light and Darkness Saga,” a narrative unfolding since the game’s inception. With this expansion, players expect a rich storyline, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a new Raid tied to the campaign’s narrative. Furthermore, the possibility of seeing fan-favorite characters return, such as Cayde-6, fuels the excitement. Players are eagerly awaiting its arrival because of the significant role The Final Shape plays in the Destiny 2 narrative.

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