The Complete Guide To Farming Gold With Mining In WoW Dragonflight

Mining is consistently mentioned as one of the game’s best and most profitable careers. Ores used in crafting can only be gathered by miners, that’s why their services are always in high demand. So if you’re thinking about getting into this line of work, here’s a complete introduction to this profession, covering topics like what resources to mine, how to make a fortune by doing it, and where to focus your search.


What Unique Traits Does Profession Get in Dragonflight?



The latest WoW expansion brought new opportunities to players, like the ability to ride a dragon, and also introduced some changes to already familiar aspects. The alterations were made to Mining as well. But before we dive into them in this Dragonflight Mining guide, let’s quickly look at what this job is all about.

In essence, you need to gather valuable materials, such as ores, from 2 nodes found in Dragon Isles, typically located in rocky regions. Besides these, you can also collect Rousing essences, such as Rousing Earth, Rousing Fire, and Rousing Order, through Elemental nodes, which are essential for plenty of crafting recipes.  

Miner’s ability to extract those makes them extremely invaluable for professions like Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting. As a result, you can be certain that you’ll always have money in your pocket. Plus, you may combine Dragonflight Mining with one of the paths mentioned above or mix it with Herbalism to maximize your profit.

There are two trainers in Dragon Isles who can teach you:



And now, let’s circle back to the alterations made in this expansion. One of these is the addition of three Mining specialization trees unlocked at skill level 25, 50, and 75.

Mining Process. Improve your collecting ability so that you can extract more ores and other rare items. If you can get its primary branch to max out, you’ll be able to mine while mounted Dragonflight.

Metallurgy. Increases the value of the ores you retrieve, by allowing you to refine Serevite Ore, Draconium Ore, and Khaz’gorite Ore. Additionally, it grants a possibility to uncover the Awakened Order while refining Khaz’gorite.

Mastering the Elements. This spec concentrates on Rousing essences gathering. It provides +1 Skill per point when mining Elemental deposits. On top of that, it gives the Overload Elemental Deposit, allowing you to Overload any of the five Elemental mines: Overload Hardened Node, Overload Infurious Node, Overload Molten Node, Overload Primal Node, and Overload Titan Node. In addition, it raises your Mining proficiency, letting you retrieve more Rousing elements.

In order to advance in both spec and skill, you need Mining Knowledge Dragonflight points. They are obtainable through mining and gathering, completing quests, and returning rare items to particular NPCs. 

Furthermore, there were three new traits introduced in the latest expansion, which can also be improved:

  • Deftness. Accelerates the process of Mining and ore extraction
  • Finesse: Allows you to retrieve more resources
  • Perception: Increases the chance of obtaining rare side gathers

These are the basics of Mining Dragonflight. The profession has many perks, but what interests us the most is how to get rich by doing it, so let’s talk about it next.

Making Money with Mining


As we’ve already mentioned, your source of income is the ores you gather, here they are:

  • Serevite Ore. Produced from Serevite Deposit, in which you can also find side gathers like +Knowledge items and Salt Deposits. Its average price is 8g.
  • Draconium Ore. They are extracted from Draconium Deposit, which can also provide you with the same side gathers as Serevite Deposit. You can sell it on the Auction House for about 4-7g.
  • Khaz’gorite Ore. This is an interesting one because you can acquire it from either Serevite Deposit or Draconium Deposit as a rare side gather. Due to rarity, its average cost on the market is between 106-160g.

However, there’s more. Among many changes and additions, we also got six new Mining deposit modifiers that may appear on both Serevite Deposit and Draconium Deposit. Five of the six modifiers listed below drop Rousing Essences, which are especially viable for many recipes in other professions.

Moreover, if your spec is Mastering the Elements, you can modify these drops using Overload Elemental Deposit that grants specific buffs.

Now, we’ll go over the various modified nodes that you’ll come across.

Hardened (Elemental). These drop Rousing Earth, which you may sell for about 6-9g.

Infurious (Elemental). These are tricky as they only appear when you’re playing with the War Mode on. The node grants Rousing Ire, which you can trade for PvP gear and sell for 14g.

Molten (Elemental). The nodes are covered in flames and can be found frequently in volcanic areas, providing you with Rousing Fire (costs 16g). 

Primal (Elemental). From them, you can produce a mix of materials, which often consist of Rousing Earth and/or Rousing Fire

Rich (Standard). They don’t drop any Rousing Essences and just offer extra base ore.

Titan-Touched (Elemental). You can usually get to these nodes only by using Dragonriding, as they are located mostly on the high ground. The nodes offer Rousing Order, which price is between 26-56g.

Now that you know what cost each of the items you can mine has, you may set the priorities of what to focus your gathering on.

Nonetheless, it’s better to have all types of resources in your inventory. You never know what exactly players will need at what time. That’s why it’s better to keep an eye on what happens at the Auction House and what recipes and crafting materials are popular with folks.

Overall, it all comes down to farming resources only you, as a miner, can gather. But if you want to maximize productivity and effectiveness, you need to know the best Mining route Dragonflight, which will help cut down on travel time and  ensure a steady supply of materials. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered on that front, too.

Where to Mine Resources? Best Mining Routes in Dragonflight

There are four zones in Dragon Isles. However, we’ll share routes for just three because Thaldraszus is filled with tall peaks and mountains, which are hard to navigate. Thus, instead of efficient farming, you’ll just waste a lot of time there. So, try concentrating on The Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, and Azure Span instead.

The Waking Shores



There are two paths to choose from. You can either pay attention to the shorter route in the northeast or the longer one in the middle/southwest. But we must warn you: the latter passes through some contested territory filled with mobs. Another option is to join the two paths together to form a larger loop around the map.

Ohn’ahran Plains



The route here is pretty simple. Just try to focus on traveling in the outskirts of the area. 

The Azure Span



Similar to Ohn’ahran Plains, the Azure Span mining path is located on the zone’s edges. Therefore, you’ll be passing through each of the region’s terrains. However, it also means that you’ll have to deal with many unpleasant enemies.

Learn New Profession In No Time


You should now be completely informed about the Mining profession in Dragonflight and, hopefully, ready to put this guide’s advice to use in your gold farming journey. 

While in theory, it can be all fun and games, in reality, leveling and gathering materials can be exceptionally time-consuming processes that involve loads of grind. Naturally, this can badly affect your overall experience, which is certainly not something you want. Well, here, you can find a solution and level up your skills in no time. Just visit, choose a service you need, or ask us about it in the live chat, and we’ll take care of the rest. Make your time in WoW Dragonflight as enjoyable as possible!

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That would be all for now. Thank you for reading our guide! More is coming, so don’t forget to check our blog soon.

Have the best game and good luck!


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