The Best Tips On Saronite Farming In Wotlk!

Ore mining can be a very lucrative profession, as ore can be sold to vendors or other players for a profit. These materials are essential for players who wish to progress in the game and create powerful items.


Why Should I Farm Saronite Deposits?

Mining is a primary profession in WotLK, usually paired with Blacksmithing or Engineering. Ore mining can be a lucrative profession, as ore can be sold to vendors or other players for a profit. Ore mining involves using a mining pick to extract ore from mineral veins scattered throughout the world. Ore can be used to craft various items and is a valuable resource for players who want to make money in the game

Ore mining requires players to have a mining pick and the appropriate mining skill level. Ore veins can be found in many locations throughout the world, including caves, mountains, and other areas. Ore mining can be a time-consuming activity, as it requires players to travel to the ore veins and then mine the ore. However, it can be a rewarding experience, as it can provide players with valuable resources and money.

Saronite Deposits and Titanium Veins are extremely lucrative when it comes to ore mining. However, they are also a lot more difficult to farm. In this guide, we will uncover where to look for Saronite Deposits (and thus, Titanium Veins), as well as provide some advice and potential farming paths.

Saronite And Titanium In WotLK

Saronite is a rare metal found in various parts of Northrend, the icy continent where the Lich King resides. It can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. On the other side, Titanium is found in the depths of Northrend and is also used to craft formidable gear and weaponry.

Saronite and Titanium are among the three ore varieties in WotLK. The last one, Cobalt, is far more abundant throughout the realms and is not very profitable. Saronite and Titanium share the same nodes. However, Saronite is far more widespread than Titanium, the latter being a rarer form of the first. Rich Saronite Deposits, on the opposite side, are even rarer. To farm each of these ore types, you’ll need to have reached different lvls in mining:

  • Saronite Deposit – 400
  • Rich Saronite Deposit – 425
  • Titanium Vein – 450

Cold Weather Flying will be extremely advantageous to you while farming Saronite and Titanium, as many farming spots can only be reached by flying. You can also use Expert Riding for this purpose, however, you’ll have to use a 60% speed flying mount from “Honest” Max at K3 in Storm Peaks. Also, with the tracking ability Find Minerals, you’ll be able to easily find mineral nodes on the map.

What Can I Achieve By Farming Saronite Deposits?

Here we’ll concentrate on the best end-game mining items you can acquire by farming Saronite Deposits. Titanium Ore represents the most demanded resource because Titanium Bar is needed in numerous high-end recipes of the following professions:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting

Also, with Titanium, you’ll be able to craft Titansteel Bar (very useful when it comes to high-end Blacksmithing recipes) using Smelt Titansteel. You’ll also be able to make the Mechano-hog/Mekgineer’s Chopper Engineering mounts, as well as produce the Formula Enchant Weapon – Blade Ward when Ulduar opens.

Where Can I Farm Saronite And Titanium?

As we mentioned before, the best place to farm these Ore types is Northrend, specifically in the following locations:

  • The Storm Peaks
  • Sholazar Basin
  • Icecrown
  • Wintergrasp

Both Saronite and Titanium can be acquired in pretty much the same farming spots. Due to this reason, the best way to farm Titanium is farming Saronite Deposits. Don’t get disappointed if you aren’t successful the first couple of times. So, let’s dive in!


One very important condition applies to farming at Wintergrasp: if your side is in charge and there isn’t a fight going on, it’s a wonderful spot to harvest Titanium and Saronite. Although there may be confrontations between opposing factions, they should be controllable.


With a large variety of promising nodes, Icecrown is a great area to harvest Saronite and Titanium as well. In this case, though, flying is a must since nodes are typically unreachable without it. To stand a chance against other miners, you will require Artisan Riding.

The most convenient mining path in Icecrown is nested rings. The inner track circles Ymirheim in the center, while the outer track circles the zone’s furthest perimeter. You can also do a few laps at Icecrown, cross the border, and then complete a few circuits at Sholazar Basin to the south or Storm Peaks to the east before coming back.

Sholazar Basin

The major ore mining route that most people will follow in Sholazar Basin is around the outside border. Even so, it’ll be beneficial for you to make some zigzag movements into the center, especially near the pillars, as nodes can be found almost anywhere in the area.

The only disadvantage of this location is that for players without flying abilities, Sholazar Basin is actually the only spot in which they can harvest Titanium or Saronite. Therefore it will probably be congested with other players also trying to farm these materials. In order to increase your chances of landing a few nodes, you may wish to steer clear of the well-traveled outer ring route. You can find various alternative routes in the video below.

Storm Peaks

The lack of worthwhile pathways makes Storm Peaks the least preferred location for Saronite and Titanium farming. Since much of it is subterranean and in caves, conventional farming methods are not practical there. Even so, it’s worth a peek, as you could be fortunate enough to come across the Time-Lost Proto Drake

Below you’ll be able to find a table with the new gathering nodes which have appeared all throughout Northrend:

Using The Market To Your Advantage

Additionally, through an Alchemy Transmute Master with Transmute: Titanium, you can convert 8 pieces of Saronite Bar into one Titanium Bar. For this, you’ll have to get acquainted with the market’s prices and use them in your favor. 

Let’s say, for example, that the price of Titanium is currently 4 times more than the Saronite one. In that case, you can use Saronite to create Titanium Bars. On the other hand, if the price of Titanium is less than 4x the price of Saronite Ore, you should use Titanium Ore instead. The good thing is that this process doesn’t have a cooldown time, so it’s a pretty farmable activity.

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