The BEST Class in The War Within 2024

As World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, The War Within, unfolds, players are eager to discover the top-performing classes. Among them, one class stands out above the rest, combining unmatched power, versatility, and sheer fun. In this article, we delve into why this class excels in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons, highlighting its unique abilities and strategic advantages. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Azeroth, find out which class reigns supreme and how you can master it to dominate the battlefield.


C-Tier Class


Shamans, particularly the DPS specs, are underperforming and lack developer attention. Hero talents aren’t fully implemented, leaving Shamans needing significant rework and tuning.

B-Tier Classes


Guardian and Restoration Druids are top in their roles, but Feral and Balance struggle. While Guardian and Resto are A-tier, Feral and Boomkin drag the class to B-tier.


Warriors are consistent but lack innovation. Hero talents don’t drastically change their gameplay, keeping them as a reliable, middle-tier choice.
Rogue Rogues maintain decent damage, utility, and mobility, but Hero talents don’t address their issues. The Fatebound Hero spec offers a unique gamble with damage, but its worth is yet to be seen.


Hunters, especially Survival with recent reworks, show promise. Beastmaster remains reliable, while Marksmanship struggles. Overall, Hunters need more tuning to rise in the tiers.


A-Tier Classes

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters, especially Havoc for damage and Vengeance for tanking, are highly valued for their mobility and versatility. While Hero talents didn’t significantly boost them, their well-rounded nature keeps them strong.


With new Hero talents, Holy and Shadow Priests have improved significantly, matching the level of Discipline. The enhancements in their kits make them competitive, with potential to reach higher tiers.

Death Knight

Death Knights benefit from new talents that offer engaging gameplay and flexibility across all specs. This versatility keeps them above average in the rankings.


Warlocks are strong contenders, with Destruction excelling in AoE scenarios and Demonology showcasing fun interactions. However, frequent nerfs make them volatile, yet still a solid A-tier choice.


Mistweaver and Windwalker are strong, but Brewmaster’s weaknesses pull the class down. The tank spec needs improvements to match the level of other tanks.


S-Tier Classes


Paladins excel with healing, tanking, and single-target damage, making them versatile for Mythic+ and Raids. Retribution Paladin shines the most with powerful reworks and synergies with Hero talents, solidifying their strong position in the game.


Evokers remain among the best with their unique Support spec, mobility, damage, and utility. Hero talents, particularly Chronowarden, improve their capabilities further, making them tough competitors in the current meta.


Mages are top-tier in both raids and Mythic+ due to their high burst, AoE damage, survivability, mobility, and utility. Hero Specializations enhance their capabilities, and continuous updates make them a developer favorite, securing their spot as one of the best classes in The War Within.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage is emerging as one of the most fun and powerful classes to play in the highly anticipated War Within expansion for World of Warcraft. With its dynamic playstyle and explosive abilities, Arcane Mage is capturing the hearts of many players.


Why Arcane Mage?

Arcane Mage offers a thrilling experience with its rapid-fire spell casting and high burst damage potential. The recent reworks have only enhanced its playability, making it a top choice for those seeking both fun and effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Talents: Players can experiment with various talent builds to find the most enjoyable playstyle, even if they aren’t the highest in damage output.
  • Arcane Missiles and Orbs: The constant procs of Arcane Missiles and the impressive visuals of Arcane Orbs flying through the air make for an exhilarating gameplay experience.
  • High Burst Damage: Abilities like Shifting Power and Touch of the Magi allow for incredible burst damage, making Arcane Mage a powerhouse in single-target and AoE scenarios.

Gameplay Tips

To maximize your fun and efficiency with Arcane Mage, consider these tips:

  • Master Your Opener: Begin encounters with a solid opening rotation, using abilities like Mass Barrier, Evocation, and Mirror Image.
  • Manage Your Procs: Keep an eye on Arcane Missiles and Arcane Orb procs to maintain high damage output.
  • Utilize Cooldowns: Abilities like Shifting Power and Arcane Barrage can significantly boost your damage during critical moments.
  • Adapt to Multi-Target Situations: While Arcane Mage excels in single-target scenarios, learning to manage multiple targets effectively will make you an unstoppable force.

Recommended Talent Builds

Talent Tier

Recommended Choice


Tier 1


Enhances Arcane Missiles, a staple of Arcane Mage’s rotation.

Tier 2

Rule of Threes

Reduces mana cost for better resource management.

Tier 3


Boosts Arcane Barrage damage for multi-target fights.

Tier 4

Chrono Shift

Increases mobility and survivability.

Tier 5

Touch of the Magi

Key for high burst damage phases.

Tier 6


Increases damage and duration of Arcane Power.

Tier 7

Arcane Echo

Adds significant damage to Arcane Missiles during Touch of the Magi.

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