Best Frostweave Cloth Farming Locations

Frostweave Cloth is arguably the most challenging cloth to get in WotLK. It has an ilvl of 70, and it can be used for a series of purposes. Learn how and where to farm it with us!


What is The Frostweave Cloth Used For?

The Frostweave Cloth can be used for various purposes. For example, it can be advantageous to you if you are working in the following professions:

  • Tailoring
  • First Aid
  • And to a lesser extent, Engineering.

This cloth is also frequently utilized to craft bags for storage. Even better, with it, you can make Bandage, which can be of incredible help on PvP instances. Lastly, this cloth can serve you right if you want to harvest a decent amount of gold. Even though it won’t be a high-cash sale until later in WotLK, it will consistently sell successfully because of its constant demand. Due to this fact, players don’t usually hold on to them for extended periods!

Where Can I Find Frostweave Cloth?

From most likely to least likely, Frostweave can be retrieved from:

  • Humanoids
  • Undead
  • Dragonkin

You could locate Frostweave in various locations at Northrend (raids, zones, dungeons, etc.). However, some places are more recommended than others, among them:

  • Sholazar Basin
  • Grizzly Hills
  • And Icecrown

Furthermore, Frostweave Cloth can be bought in Dalaran. Following this guide, you can learn the best tips and tricks to farm Frostweave Cloth successfully. Basically, we will teach you where you are more likely to find it in both low and high lvl zones.

Which Players Can Farm Frostweave Cloth?

In theory, any player can farm Frostweave, no matter which profession they decide to engage with. Or, for the record, if they decide to engage with one at all. Nonetheless, it is true after acquiring Northern Cloth Scavenging, Tailors also get the upper hand when it comes to farming Frostweave. This is because they gain the capacity to see a loot table full of additional cloth, unlike the rest of the WotLK players.

For example, if a team of players loots Frostweave from a fallen enemy, a Tailor with this capacity may still notice its body sparkling with extra cloth thanks to the loot table. The rest of the players, on the other hand, won’t be able to notice.

For example, if a team of players loots Frostweave from a fallen enemy, a Tailor with this capacity may still notice its body sparkling with extra cloth thanks to the loot table. The rest of the players, on the other hand, won’t be able to notice.

Due to that fact, many will tell you not to try and farm Frostweave before developing your Tailoring profession. The extra effort which will take doing it without the loot table may not deliver.

Northern Cloth Scavenging can be obtained through Tailoring (325), which can be learned in the following ways:

  • Acquiring A Guide to Northern Cloth Scavenging
  • Or you can be taught by a Grand Master Tailoring Trainer during quests (e.g., Cloth Scavenging). This is probably your best shot, considering the low dropping chances of the already mentioned book.

Low-lvl Frostweave Farming Spots

While the following two are not very impressive farming spots due to their low drop chances, you could still be lucky enough if you have Northern Cloth Scavenging. As the majority of these places are meant for questing, so this is what you’ll do:

  • Volunteer yourself to team up with other players in killing
  • That way, you can push them away from your farming spot faster
  • Finally, you’ll use that window of time to use Northern Cloth Scavenging to loot extras

We especially recommend these places to low lvl players, specifically Tailors. On the other hand, if you already have an advanced lvl, don’t worry! We will also cover your options below.

Northeastern Grizzly Hills

Here you won’t have to face any vicious mobs. You’ll simply have to handle a couple of wolves and serpents around the area. We just want you to concentrate on the two trolls of the Drakil’jin Ruins:

  • The Drakkari Oracle 
  • And the Drakkari Protector

They have a 73 lvl. That means you’ll be fine confronting them even if you have a low lvl. But beware, Drakkari Oracles have both melee and casters debuffs:

  • Warped Mind will reduce cast speed by 75% during six secs.
  • Likewise, Warped Body will reduce attack speed by 75% during six secs.

Remember that this is also a quest zone, so you may encounter other gamers engaging in questing. Overall, the Northeastern Grizzly Hills is a modest yet plausible low lvl farming spot.

Sholazar Basin

Here you’ll face two humanoids ventures:

  • Co. Ruffian
  • Co. Excavator

These mobs have a 75-76 lvl. They mainly do Physical DMG. So as with the previous ones, they will be relatively easy to handle. Plus, the chances of them dropping Frostweave are good enough. The only downside may be that their camp is not particularly large, and this zone also attracts players venturing on the initial Sholazar Basin quests.

High-lvl Frostweave Farming Spots

The best Frostweave Cloth farming location is definitely Icecrown. Beware that you should already be a somewhat experienced player to venture into this location for cloth farming. This is because enemies here will be more powerful and numerous than the previously mentioned ones. However, you can kill two birds with one stone and quest with other players while you are here. You can get the most out of this farming spot if you are a Tailor and have Northern Cloth Scavenging.

Dark Ritualists and Dark Zealots

You’ll find these Cult of the Damned humanoids in the higher northeast side of Icecrown. They have a lvl 79-80. Remember, these areas are not particularly big and are also packed with players engaging in questlines. Nonetheless, they are less crowded than the Converted Heroes camp, which we will cover below.

Converted Heroes

You’ll be able to find this location going west from Ymirheim, in a zone called Valley of Fallen Heroes. If you belong to a reasonably decent AoE class, you can really exploit this area to farm Frostweave. First, we want you to concentrate on the Scourge Banner-Bearers. They have a lvl 80 and are able to use the Scourge Banner Aura, which can:

  • Increases DMG done by 20% for all Scourge within 50 yards
  • Increases attack speed by 10% for all Scourge within 50 yards

The trick is finishing with them first, so you can later face the Undead Scourge Converted Heroes, from which you’ll farm the cloth. You are likely to encounter some loners wandering around Icecrown. However, they usually team up in clusters of 7-8 individuals and possess a lvl of 80. They can be stunned, but are immune to many crowd-controlling effects, such as:

This makes confronting them extremely difficult, so be prepared for that. You could try and separate these clusters (they don’t really link together), but it won’t always be possible. They constantly repop, so you won’t have to be too concerned about other players farming Icecrown.


Whichever spot you choose for farming, we wish you the best and hope you can make the most of this guide. The best advice we can give you is that the best way of farming will be by being a Tailor with Northern Cloth Scavenging and testing your luck in Icecrown. If you aren’t a Tailor and have a somewhat lower lvl, you can still try farming this cloth as it is still easier than farming other kinds of items in WotLK. However, bear in mind that your gains could be considerably lower.

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