Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 (Year 9) Overview

Operation New Blood is the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, which will be the second season of Year 9 and introduce new features and updates to the game.


What's the next Rainbow Six Siege season?

Operation New Blood was officially announced on May 26, 2024, during the BLAST R6 Major Manchester grand final. This announcement followed the conclusion of the Six Invitational 2024, setting the stage for the next phase of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9.

Ubisoft is set to release Operation New Blood on June 11, 2024. This follows the typical pattern where the Test Server is made available shortly after major competitive events, with the full season launching a few weeks later.

Two New Recruit Characters: Striker and Sentry

Season 2 introduces two recruit characters: Striker and Sentry. These recruits bring fresh abilities and tactics to the game, offering new ways to approach offense and defense. Striker is equipped with heavy weaponry, ideal for breaking through fortified defenses, while Sentry excels in surveillance and area control, providing crucial support to their team.

Meet Striker: The New Recruit

Striker is one of the two recruit characters introduced in Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation New Blood, along with Sentry. Unlike traditional operators, Striker does not have a unique gadget but compensates with a high degree of versatility. This makes Striker a flexible attacker capable of adapting to various situations on the battlefield.

Striker’s Arsenal

Primary Weapons

  • Maverick’s M4
  • Capitão and Gridlock’s M249

Secondary Weapons

  • Ash and Thermite’s 5.7 USG
  • Jackal and Frost’s ITA 12S


  • Stun Grenades
  • Hard Breaching Charges
  • Fragmentation Grenades
  • Impact EMPs
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Claymore
  • Soft Breaching Charge

Mastering Striker: Tips and Tactics

Striker’s versatility allows for a range of tactical applications depending on the situation:

  • Hard Breaching Tactics: Use Impact EMPs to disable electronic defenses before deploying Hard-Breaching Charges, making it easier to penetrate fortified positions. 
  • Advanced Breaching: Hard Charges and EMPs: Combining Hard Breaching Charges with Impact EMPs is highly effective in neutralizing and breaching fortified defenses. For instance, this setup is ideal for removing Kaid’s Electroclaws on Clubhouse’s Kitchen and Bar hatches, ensuring your team can progress without being impeded by electrified barriers.
  • Claymores for Safety: Place claymores to cover your flanks while setting breaching charges. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas.
  • Stun and Smoke Strategy: Utilize stun grenades to neutralize enemy gadgets and smoke grenades to obscure vision, providing cover for advancing or securing objectives.
  • Safety First: Claymores and Breaching Charges: Using Claymores to protect Striker while placing breaching charges is a strategic approach. This method helps secure key areas on maps like Bank, where defending against flank attacks is crucial.
  • Disruption and Cover: Stun and Smoke Grenades: Equipping Striker with stun and smoke grenades allows for flexibility in dealing with defender gadgets like Jäger’s ADS and Wamai’s disks. This setup can disrupt enemy defenses and cover your team’s movements.

Who is Sentry?

Sentry is one of the recruit operators introduced in Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation New Blood. As a two-health, two-speed defender, Sentry brings versatility and adaptability to the defending team, providing players with various options to tailor their defensive strategies.

Sentry's Loadout

Sentry’s Arsenal

Primary Weapons
  • Commando 9 (used by IQ and Grim)
  • M870 Shotgun (used by Jäger and Bandit)
Secondary Weapons
  • C75 Auto (used by Vigil and Dokkaebi)
  • Super Shorty Shotgun (used by Gridlock and Castle)
  • Impact Grenades
  • Deployable Shield
  • Barbed Wire
  • Nitro Cell
  • Proximity Alarm
  • Observation Blocker
  • Bulletproof Camera

How to Use Sentry in Rainbow Six Siege?

  • Sentry’s versatility in gadget selection allows for a variety of strategic deployments. Here are a few ways to effectively use Sentry in-game:
  • Deployable Shield and C4: Place the shield in a high-traffic area to block attacker movement and use the Nitro Cell to ambush attackers who attempt to breach the shielded area.
  • Proximity Alarm and C4: Set up proximity alarms in crucial entry points to alert you of incoming attackers. Combine this with a Nitro Cell for a lethal surprise as soon as the alarm is triggered.
  • Barbed Wire and Proximity Alarm: Slow down attackers with barbed wire and place proximity alarms nearby to catch them off guard. This setup is handy for controlling choke points and delaying attacker progress.

Team Strategy: Can Multiple Players Choose Striker or Sentry?

With the introduction of Striker and Sentry in Operation New Blood, multiple players can no longer select the same recruit character within a single round. This change aims to balance gameplay and ensure each recruit’s unique capabilities are leveraged effectively in competitive matches.

Nerfed Operators: Fenrir and Solis

Fenrir and Solis have received significant nerfs this season to maintain game balance. These changes aim to reduce their overpowered capabilities, ensuring a more fair and competitive environment. Players will need to adapt their strategies and playstyles to accommodate these adjustments.

Solis Nerf - What’s Changing?

In Operation New Blood, Solis is set to receive several significant nerfs aimed at reducing her dominance over attacking drones and increasing the need for resource management:

  • Her SPEC-IO Glasses will no longer be usable during the Preparation Phase, meaning she can’t hunt and destroy attacking drones in the first 45 seconds of the round.
  • The battery life of her glasses is halved from 20 to 10 seconds, and she must wait for a full recharge before using them again. The range of her glasses is also being reduced, requiring her to get closer to detect gadgets.
  • Her impact grenades are replaced with proximity alarms, reducing her vertical play capabilities.

These changes balance Solis’ power and make her less oppressive to attackers during the preparation phase and throughout the match​​.

Fenrir Nerf - What’s Changing?

Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine is undergoing several changes in Operation New Blood. 

  • The number of mines he can deploy is being reduced from five to four, and the number of activation codes is decreasing from three to two, limiting how many mines can be activated simultaneously. 
  • Once a mine is deactivated, it will no longer be bulletproof, making it easier to clear. 
  • Additionally, Fenrir’s barbed wire is being replaced with observation blockers, increasing the difficulty for attackers locating his mines. 

These adjustments are designed to make Fenrir less overwhelming and to ensure that attackers have more counterplay options against his mines​​.

New Endless Drill Training Mode

A new Endless Drill training mode is now available, offering 60 minutes of uninterrupted training on all map floors. This mode features dummies, allowing players to practice their shooting skills, movement, and tactics without the pressure of live opponents. It’s an excellent way for players to hone their abilities and master different maps.

New Operators in Training Mode

The training mode now includes new operators for players to practice with. Defenders Vigil, Thunderbird, and attackers Ace, Demios, Hibana, and Blackbeard are now available. This addition provides more variety and opportunities for players to experiment with different operators and strategies.

New Maps in Training Mode

A new premium membership option is now available, offering exclusive monthly rewards. Subscribers can enjoy special in-game items, boosts, and other benefits, enhancing the Rainbow Six Siege experience.

Premium Membership with Monthly Rewards

A new premium membership option is now available, offering exclusive monthly rewards. Subscribers can enjoy special in-game items, boosts, and other benefits, enhancing the Rainbow Six Siege experience.

What Does Rainbow Six Siege’s Membership Include?

Rainbow Six Siege introduced the R6 Membership, an optional monthly subscription designed to enhance the gaming experience with exclusive content and rewards. Here’s what the membership offers:

  • Monthly Legendary Item and Epic Operator Bundle: Each month, subscribers receive a time-limited legendary item and an epic operator bundle, providing unique and exclusive customization options for their operators.
  • Premium Battle Pass Access: Members get the premium battle pass with ten battle pass level unlocks, ensuring they progress faster and unlock more rewards.
  • Bravo Pack: Each month, members are granted a Bravo pack containing valuable in-game items and boosts.
  • Early Adopter Bonus: For those who subscribe between June 11 and June 18, there’s an additional Ash Epic bundle and 600 credits as a bonus.

How Much Is Rainbow Six Siege’s Membership?

The R6 Membership costs $10 per month and offers players an enhanced experience with monthly rewards and content valued at approximately 4,500 credits. Alternatively, players can opt for a yearly subscription, which costs $80, providing a slight discount for committing to a longer-term plan.

Other Changes

  • Spectating HUD Update: The spectating HUD has been updated to provide a more immersive and informative viewing experience. These changes make it easier for spectators to follow the action and understand the dynamics of the match.
  • Stadium Alpha and Brave Quality-of-Life Improvements: Lastly, Stadium Alpha and Brave have received quality-of-life improvements. These updates aim to enhance gameplay and address community feedback, making these maps more enjoyable and balanced for all players.
  • Player Protection and Anti-Cheat Enhancements: In an ongoing effort to improve the gaming experience, Season 2 introduces enhanced player protection and anti-cheat measures. These updates aim to create a fairer and more secure environment for all players, reducing the impact of cheating and toxic behavior.
  • Playlist Filters: New playlist filters allow players to customize their matchmaking preferences. These filters help players find matches that suit their playstyle and preferences, enhancing their gaming experience.
  • Returning Limited-Time Mode Attrition: The popular limited-time mode, Attrition, returns this season. In Attrition, operators who die are locked out for the remainder of the match, raising the stakes and requiring players to be more strategic and cautious. This mode challenges players to maximize their resources and coordination to survive and win.

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