Pandaria Remix Gearing Guide: Efficient Tips for Rings & Trinkets

Welcome back, WoW players! Today, we’re diving into our Pandaria Remix gearing guide. We will cover everything from efficient gearing to unlocking powerful rings and trinkets, tailored specifically for experienced players looking to maximize their performance.


Uncovering Pandaria Remix

Pandaria Remix is an innovative update in World of Warcraft, revamping the original Pandaria content with new challenges, rewards, and gearing systems. This remix offers a nostalgic yet refreshed experience, integrating modern mechanics and achievements with classic content, ensuring both veteran players and newcomers find something exciting.

Why is Gear Different in Pandaria Remix?

In Pandaria Remix, gear has been reimagined to provide more customization and progression opportunities:

  • Socket Customization: Every gear piece can now have up to three sockets, with specific sockets guaranteed on certain items:
    • Helmet: Meta gem socket.
    • Feet: Cogwheel socket.
    • Shoulders, Belts, Wrists, Hands: Tinker sockets.
    • Chest, Legs: Prismatic sockets.
    • Neck, Rings, Trinkets: Prismatic sockets.
  • Rarity Impact: Gear rarity not only affects stat bonuses but also determines the upgrade potential and cost. Higher rarity items provide better stat boosts, making them worth the investment despite higher upgrade costs.Rarity affects the stats and cost of upgrading gear:
    • Green Gear: Upgradable 36 times.
    • Blue and Epic Gear: Upgradable 34 times.
    • Max Level: All gear caps at level 556.
  • Stat Distribution: Items can roll different stats, making it crucial to choose and upgrade gear that aligns with your desired stat distribution.
  • Bronze System: Upgrading gear requires bronze, which scales with your level and content difficulty.
  • Scrapping Gear: Scrapping gear and gems provides bronze, which is essential for upgrades:
    • Sandstorm Portals: Use these to scrap gear.
    • Scrapping Spell: Dismantle gear on the go.

What’s The Best Way of Upgrading Gear in Pandaria Remix?

Gear can be acquired through various activities, such as looting mobs, completing quests, and participating in dungeons, raids, and scenarios. Each activity offers a chance to obtain gear, making it accessible through diverse gameplay styles. Upgrading gear is essential for maximizing your character’s potential. Here’s how to do it efficiently:

  • Obtain Bronze: Bronze is earned from mobs, quests, treasures, and more.
  • Upgrade Process: Upgrades start cheaply and become more expensive. Bronze scales with content difficulty, so don’t worry about higher upgrade costs as you progress.
  • Prioritize Upgrades: Focus on high-rarity items with good stats first.

Rings and Trinkets in Pandaria Remix

Rings and trinkets are unique in Pandaria Remix, as they are tied to achievements rather than regular drops:

  • Achievement-Based Unlocks: Unlike other gear, rings and trinkets must be earned through specific in-game achievements. Complete specific achievements under the Remix Pandaria section to unlock rings and trinkets.
  • Vendor Purchase: After achieving the required milestones, buy the rings and trinkets from L’oreal Moratu in the Time Bazaar for 10 bronze each. 
  • Each character must complete the achievements individually to unlock these items.
  • Rings and trinkets offer significant stat bonuses and additional prismatic sockets, providing a substantial boost to your character’s power.
  • Example Achievements:
    • Time Runner’s Idol: Earned by reaching level 70.
    • Dungeon and Scenario Achievements: Completing all Pandarian dungeons on heroic difficulty or specific scenarios on normal difficulty.

Gearing Tips & Tricks for Success

  • Save Bronze Early On: Focus on mounts and treasures rather than early gear upgrades.
  • Use Consumables: Scrolls and consumables offer percentage-based boosts, aiding in leveling and quest completion.
  • Upgrade Weapons First: Prioritize weapon upgrades for DPS characters to increase damage output.
  • Stat-Appropriate Gems: Use gems that match your primary stats for maximum benefit.

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