New World Gold Farming Guide

Making a fortune in New World can be hard, but not impossible. Learn the greatest farming methods with us and buy the best New World equipment!


What is Gold Farming in New World?

New World gold farming is an activity in which players aim to gather as many gold coins (the primary trading currency in the game) as possible. Players can do this with their own in-game efforts, acquiring gold coins as a reward for:

  • Crafting
  • Trading
  • Going on expeditions

And accomplishing quests
Additionally, players can buy coins from each other. The NW gold cap is currently set at 500k. The purpose of gold farming is to increase a player’s wealth and status, allowing them to further their progress.

What Can I Do With Gold In New World?

Gold can be utilized to buy a variety of items, such as armor and weapons, as well as materials like wood, stone, and ore. Furthermore, gold is needed to pay taxes on landholdings, allowing players to acquire houses and settlements. Gold is also utilized for different activities such as:

  • Crafting
  • Trading
  • Repairing
  • And overall boosting your character.

How Can I Reach The Gold Cap in New World?

A lot has transpired since NW was originally released. Then, players could acquire max level in about a hundred hours of playing. Leveling in itself provided a fair amount of gold coins, which could serve you to buy new items or to upgrade your gear. That, however, was likely to change once you reached lvl 60, as a greater amount of gold was required to maintain skills lvl.  Back then, the preferred choice was employing gathering skills to gain raw resources for later sale at the trading post.

Nowadays, exceeding the gold cap in NW is not a piece of cake. It requires a significant load of dedication and effort. However, reaching it can give players a huge advantage, providing them with the resources and items necessary to progress and succeed in the game. The most common way to reach it is by grinding, or farming. This can be done by:

  • Completing quests
  • Killing mobs
  • And looting boss drops

Players can also participate in high-level dungeons and raids in order to obtain rare and valuable items which can be sold for a large amount of gold. Through this guide, we will explain all of these options in detail, and discuss some additional ones. So, let’s jump in!

Why Is New World Gold Farm So Important?

Video games are in constant evolution, and for players who wish to succeed at it, gold farming has become an essential part of the equation in NW. 

  • With gold being the primary currency, many parts of the game content cannot be fully enjoyed without it (expeditions, arena entries, trophies, decorations, etc).
  • A large portion of NW most sought-after items can only be acquired by those which have enough coins to buy them. 
  • Besides helping you buy gear, as well as crafting materials, gold works as a way of showing off your wealth and power within the game. 
  • Farming gold also improves your trading skills, and lets you acquire consumables.
  • You’ll also use it to invest in your company and pay your property taxes.
  • However, your primary motive behind harvesting gold in NW should be, you guessed it: in game progression.

In order to have a strong character, new gear and items are a must. That may be pricey and time-demanding. It also enables you to adequately prepare for all of the end-game activities, though. Because of this, gold remains a key component in NW. That takes us to the question:

How Much Coins Can I Actually Obtain In NW?

While engaging in New World gold farming, reaching the gold cap is just the beginning. Applying the following tips and tricks, the amount of gold you can harvest is pretty much infinite. Naturally, that will depend on a different variables, such as:

  • The type of character you select to play with. Each character possesses its own different sets of skills and power.
  • The type of activities in which you will engage at. Some examples would be: killing monsters, harvesting resources, selling items, etc. Each of them have its own rewards, so the amount of gold they can grant you with will vary accordingly.
  • The areas that you’ll be farming and how many players are located in them. More players mean fewer rewards. Less players means higher.
  • What gold farming techniques you like and how long you can keep doing them. Doing the same thing repeatedly can become monotonous fast.

Therefore, we urge you to concentrate on several gold-making methods at the same time. It’s always a good idea to have various choices, as well as a Plan B, since in NW, pricing and popular items can fluctuate over time. Remember that once you’ve reached the gold cap (500K), you’ll have to start expending your gold on taxes, equipment, trading, investing or in creating a company.

A Retrospective On The New World Gold Farm Methods

Since the game’s original release in 2021, the art of making money has been common in NW. Since the very beginning, It was possible for players to harvest wealth. Nonetheless, it is true that before lvl 60, making gold wasn’t as crucial. Expenses weren’t as high, players were mostly motivated by the prospect of lvling fast. Harvesting gold wasn’t a high concern just yet, that was mostly because:

  • Players weren’t concentrating on developing their trade skills.
  • Demands for items at the trading post were still low.
  • Acquiring additional housing was still far in the horizon for most.
  • Farming options weren’t as numerous.
  • Everyone was still getting used to the Aeternum experience.

Reaching the end-game, however, made finances change really quickly. At the time, the most common gold farming techniques were accomplishing quests of various kinds, farming T1 raw materials, creating craft items through trade skills for later sale on the trade post and crafting bags/tools for newbies. Most of these techniques were ephemeral, meaning that you couldn’t really engage in them forever. Let’s analyze why:

  • Many quests weren’t meant to be repeated, making them unfarmable. You could only be rewarded for them once. Acquiring gold through them was feasible, of course, but farming here just didn’t apply.
  • In case you were tyring to craft items for newbies, you had to boost your trade skills first to a certain lvl. Let’s keep in mind that in NW, items are separated into various Tiers. Back then, that meant that crafting too many items of one Tier could become impractical, as new players would eventually lvl up and start crafting their own, more powerful items. So the amount of customers you had could shrink considerably as time passed.

With time, players have developed more sophisticated money-making techniques, with gold farming becoming increasingly popular as the NW evolved. Let’s go over some of those methods:

Farming Faction Tokens

Runes of Holding are consistently popular in the market. These faction-only items are sold for a considerable amount of gold. The good news is that you can purchase them with your Faction Tokens. And that’s what this strategy is all about.

Faction Tokens are among the most interesting features of NW. These tokens are a special currency that is only used within a particular faction. They are a fantastic way to show your loyalty to a faction and gain access to exclusive rewards. You can employ them to:

  • Obtain currency and factionspecific mounts and gear
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Unlock new abilities

Faction Tokens are earned by completing certain in-game activities, like accomplishing faction-specific missions or helping your faction to win battles. Don’t forget that the quantity of Faction Tokens you earn will be directly tied to the zone’s difficulty. Some of the best places to find tokens are PvP zones such as:

  • Great Cleave
  • Reekwater

End-game players can find it boring to harvest tokens, as it takes a considerable amount of time. So, this technique can become quite monotonous over time. Nonetheless, it does not change the reality that you can earn up to 15.000g per day by trading faction items to other gamers. 

Runes of Holding are extremely popular among crafters, as it allows them to create other useful objects such as bags. Especially now, with the latest patch, as you can create legendary five perks bags at 600 Gear Score. 

Flip Items On Trading Posts

One of the best methods to farm gold in NW is by selling goods. Doing this, players can benefit from items that they have crafted or obtained by killing monsters. So, this is the key: Buy low and sell high. Basically, flipping is based on the fact that several users advertise their items under their real worth in order to sell them quickly. You’ll make a profit by purchasing these things at a discount and reselling them for a higher cost.

You should, however, take in consideration the payment of the listing fee and the trading tax when you re-post. Calculate costs and include these 2 in your decision when setting the price. In case you weren’t able to find a suitable deal on the market, employ the “Buy Order” tool to buy the items and post them for later sale at your specified price. 

Below we listed some tips and tricks on flipping for you:

  • Avoid buying things that could be earned by other users to sell in big numbers. This means low lvl crafting supplies and common NW items. They aren’t profitable and are more difficult to sell.
  • Be patient. Most times re-posts don’t sell right away. Avoid canceling orders when possible. Too much canceling will affect your listing fee, thus diminishing your earnings.
  • Place your post for no more than three days, you can even go for 24 hours. If you weren’t able to sell it by that time frame, don’t spend hours trying to farm it.
  • Choose a different item to flip next time.
  • Don’t forget that pricing may fluctuate according to dates, as well as the quantity of users on the server, etc.
  • Watch for new money-making chances on PTRs and upcoming NW updates; the market rates and demands are meant to fluctuate as the game evolves.
  • Avoid flipping if you aren’t familiar with what’s more valuable in your server. Additionally, you could keep track of what other users are offering/seeking for in the trading post or in the General and Trade chat.
  • Prices vary across all servers, so check at NW influencers to see what resources they use in their creations to set side by side their server’s market to yours. In this manner, you can spot business opportunities.
  • If you intend to utilize the trading post as a gold-farming strategy, carefully reinvest your earned coins.

If you invest both your currency and time wisely, following these tips can get you as far as 200-2000 coins per day.

Farming Daily Cooldowns

NW currently has 5 refining trade skills, which are as follows:

  • Smelting
  • Woodworking
  • Leatherworking
  • Weaving
  • Stonecutting.

After acquiring a 200 lvl on any refining skill, you’ll be able to craft T5 materials. Ten pieces can be crafted daily of such materials (e.g craft ten Runestone with the Stonecutting Trade skill), however, you will also suffer a cooldown time of a day after that. The kicker is that T5 materials can be both purchased on the trading post and traded directly with other players.

Basically, you need to work out a crafting fee with other players, you receive the required resources and craft, for example, 10 Asmodeum Ingots. Afterwards, you’ll simply trade the results back to them, and receive your fee.

Take a look at the table below for recipes on every type of daily craft:


5x Orichalcum Ingot + 1x Tolvium + 1x Cinnabar + 1x Obsidian Flux + 2x Charcoal

Runic Leather

5x Infused Leather + 1x Smolderhide + 1x Scarhide + 1x Aged Tannin


5x Infused Silk + 1x Scalecloth + 1x Blisterweave + 1x Wireweave

Glittering Ebony

5x Ironwood Planks + 1x Wildwood + 1x Barbvine + 1x Obsidian Sandpaper


5x Obsidian Voidstone + 1x Obsidian Sandpaper + 1x Lodestone

Remember that T5 refined items are extremely profitable, since it is not feasible to use your own materials for end-game recipes. You have a very narrow limit for daily craft, so many people would rather just pay to have them made. This market is extremely lucrative, even though prices may fluctuate based on the cooldown, you can get 500g-1000g for every craft. So, knowing this, you might be asking yourself:

How Can I Harvest T5 Raw Materials?

Resource harvesting is another great way to make profits in NW. As we mentioned before, by gathering resources, gamers can craft items which can then be sold for gold. Crafting is a key element in the NW end-game. But truth be told, many players aren’t too keen on farming the raw resources needed for doing so, due to many reasons:

  • There is a limited amount of alternate farming paths, and the greatest farming locations are constantly overrun with other characters. This implies that when other gamers are camping the best locations, you can face a difficult time gathering and devote a big amount of effort attempting to get the materials.
  • Also, many players don’t really have the time to engage in farming materials, or they plainly don’t like it. During the end-game, harvesting resources is not such a priority (there are more exciting pursuits out there, like lvling, going on expeditions, invading or going into wars).

As almost no one particularly enjoys engaging in this activity, doing it for other players can let you earn a pretty high amount of gold. However, to engage in this activity you’ll need to:

  • Have reached max lvl at the trade skill.
  • A T5 gathering tool with fine perks.
  • Space on your inventory.
  • Use the PvP toggle for maximum efficiency.
  • Harvest both trophies and food.

Remember that if you pick this method!

Farming Epic/Legendary Trophy Components

Engaging on this technique doesn’t have any major requirements. You won’t need to level your trade skills, purchase special equipment, or team up with other players. A lvl sixty, as well as good equipment is more than enough. In-demand components can be sold for more than 40.000g. Also, this technique is fairly easy and extremely farmable, as you can engage on it without any special limits or restrictions. 

These are the areas you should concentrate on during your search of Epic/Legendary Trophy components are the following:

  • Weaver’s Fen.
  • And Reekwater. Here there are a fair quantity of chests. Additionally, you can find T5 raw resources there, which, as we stated before, can be sold for a fair price in the market.

Check for them too in the Supply Stockpile caches on the NW map. However, remember that it has a one hour cooldown, meaning you can’t open a chest more than once in that time frame. The main idea of this technique is for you to set a route, forming a curve that allows you to open a big amount of chests. Once the cooldown has worn off, you return to your initial cache. You can carry out this same procedure repeatedly.

Remember that these components don’t drop as much. Nonetheless, they also come with various advantages. E.g, they are hugely useful for Furnishing, because they can be used to craft endgame Trophies, capable of buffing up your character.

Farming Outpost Rush Matches

Are you a PvP player? This is your perfect option for farming coins then! Going into OPR matches can allow players to accumulate a fair amount of gold (more than two hundred for each match). This is also an extremely farmable activity as you can do it as many times as you want. It also has some big pluses, for example:

  • You acquire Faction Tokens, and use them as instructed in a previous point.
  • You boost your Expertise lvl, your GS, and your PvP Exp.
  • You obtain PvP equipment, among other bonuses.

Farming Legendaries From Elite Named Bosses

Farming open-world named bosses (lvl 6266) to obtain their rare Legendary item drops is the major point of this strategy. These drops are some of the most demanded in NW. They are very powerful, however, they are not easily acquired. That’s why they remain so pricey (5000g to + 40.000g) and thus, extremely profitable. You can find them on various end-game areas, like the following:

  • Edengrove (Malevolence)
  • Reekwater (Siren’s Stand, Forecastle Drift)
  • Ebonscale Reach (Imperial Palace)
  • Shattered Mountains (Myrkgard, Scorched Mines)

However, you require a strong team to face these enemies. You can find one via the LFG finder, or writing in the game’s chats (General, Help and Recruitment). Try it at times in which your server is fuller, those are usually the moments in which players gather for such elite runs. Engaging with this method can be really satisfying, as you can polish your skills, as well as raising your GS. Also, you are likely to obtain a good amount of T5 refining materials, rare drops and trophy components.

End Game Crafting

Crafting remains among the most efficient techniques to quickly earn coins in NW. Nevertheless, it necessitates time and a significant amount of gold. Given that we are discussing end-game crafting, you should have reached a lvl two hundred in crafting skills to enter and use end-game recipes. 

First of all, concentrate on Armoring, Weaponsmithing and Jewelcrafting. Based on your bankroll, you could start with any of them, to eventually proceed with the rest. Take in count that lvling up to end-game craft is rather pricey, a big portion of the NW gamers can’t afford it. You need to craft level 595-600 items with specific perks and stats.

If you intend to farm gold in NW, you require:

  • T5 crafting resources like Runic Leather or Asmodeum
  • As well as T5 food like Glazed Melon Bread or Spicy Cabbage Soup
  • 3x Major Armoring/Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
  • A Full Armorer/Weaponsmith/Jewelcrafter Set
  • A specific craft mood.
  • A specific timeless shard.

This won’t be easy, but look at it as a long-term investment. Once you’ve obtained these things, even with upcoming meta/game modifications, you will be capable of keeping a solid crafting position on your server’s market. You also won’t have much competition when it comes to it, as few players invest that amount of time and income. That also means you can enjoy higher and quicker sales. Remember that BiS items are sold at anywhere from 50 to 500K coins.

So Where Do I Start?

We’ve analyzed the most effective farming methods in this game. You have many ones to choose from. So, now you may be wondering, where do I start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

First of all, you should consider what your current lvl is. Based on that, you can benefit from the different methods available. So, if you haven’t reached lvl sixty yet, concentrate on the following points. We’ll be breaking them down one by one:

Work On Your Trading Skills

You’ll have to put your priorities straight and create a line of work. The most beneficial Trading Skills in this moment would be:

  • Mining.
  • Harvesting.
  • Skinning.

While concentrating on Refining skills, go for them in this order:

  • Smelting
  • Stone Cutting
  • Weaving
  • Leatherworking
  • Woodworking.

Don’t worry too much about Crafting at this stage, unless you wish to employ the Town Board for lvling.

Try The Trading Post

Trading the raw materials you’ve amassed during your lvling process will let you earn your first coins. Begin item flipping and managing the Trading Post as a substitute for traditional gold farming after acquiring an understanding of how it operates and the worth of valuable items available for sale. However, you should only do this if you already are an experienced gamer. Or else, you can be putting your money at danger by choosing an incorrect option.

Accomplish Quests

Take advantage of your lvling process by accomplishing a fair quantity of quests. Now, why wouldn’t you kill two birds with one stone? You can pick a zone to solve quests, side and faction missions, no matter the type. Just be sure that the XP and coins you receive for it are worth the trouble. So, after engaging in all of these activities, you reached lvl 60, what now?

Keep On Working On Your Trading Skills

At lvl 60, you should go for gathering skills. This can grant you T4 and T5 materials. Mining/Harvesting are also suitable choices, as well as Logging/Skinning. The items you acquire can be traded for big amounts of coins.

As for Refining, it is advisable for you to reach a 200 lvl with them (quickly). Remember, you could utilize them to sell your daily cooldowns. Go for them in the order mentioned above.

Also, now it’s a perfect moment to start Crafting, you should preferably start with:

  • Armoring
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Weaponsmithing

After you’ve gathered enough coins, follow it up with:

  • Engineering
  • Furnishing
  • Arcana
  • Cooking.

Master The Trading Post

The moment has come! It’s the moment to begin selling your stuff for a nice fee on the market, now that you’ve familiarized yourself with it. Just follow this simple guideline: gather your T4 and 5 raw resources (here is where your gathering skills will come in handy), and begin flipping. Buy items at low prices, and sell them for better ones.

Use Your Faction Tokens

As stated, trading Runes of Holding will let you earn a fair quantity of coins. You’ll never go stray by gathering tokens and trading products to people that need it. Remember they are extremely sought-after in the market. With a sixty lvl, you could do that fairly easily and effectively, as you’ve now unlocked end-game zones.

Participating in the PvP OPR now will grant you faction tokens in addition to gold, as well as other fantastic bonuses. That makes this technique not only practical and lucrative, but entertaining too!

Gather Trophy Components

This is among the simplest ways to gain coins in NW. After lvl 60 you just require a reliable farming path and good equipment to begin. Although there is Random Number Generation involved, and not so high drops possibilities with Trophies, you’ll simply have to open as many chests as posible. Eventually, something will appear which makes it all worth it. After all, Trophies remain among the most lucrative items in NW.

Try The OPR

The Output Rush is an ideal way of earning gold in this stage, particularly for PvP lovers. It can provide you with a consistent flow of gold and faction tokens, equipment and different bonuses which can serve at the end-game.

I’ve Reached The End-Game, Now What?

Congratulations! Reaching the end-game in NW can be a difficult and lengthy process. The game features a wide variety of activities and challenges, gamers need to accomplish various quests, dungeons and raids, plus they build up their character’s skills and equipment. Truth be told, NW can be unforgiving at times. Yet, with dedication and perseverance, you’ve reached the end-game and can experience the joy of victory.

Now, as far as farming goes, the end-game allows you to benefit from many if not all the methods we’ve mentioned above.  You can now craft GS 600 endgame items and flip items for fair prices at the Trading Post. Additionally, you can trade many powerful items, for example:

  • Legendary Trophy Components
  • Refining Cooldowns 
  • Named Items from Elite Zones (62+)
  • As well as mutated Expedition carries

What Are The Most Lucrative Items Right Now On NW?

Earlier on this post we mentioned how prices may fluctuate from server to server. Dates can also affect them, as more players could be on the server on weekends or holidays. Follow the tips we gave you before to keep yourself updated on the most demanded items. At the moment, the mentioned below are really popular:



We’ve pretty much covered all of the most effective methods of farming in NW in this guide. Becoming rich is not obligatory “a must” for every NW player. It’s only necessary if you are ambitious about the end game. With the ever-changing landscape of New World, the best gold farming techniques are constantly changing. However, there are some methods that have remained effective over the years.

Gold farming has had a significant impact on the economy of NW. The influx of gold has caused prices to skyrocket, and has given players more opportunities to enjoy profits. This has led to an increase in the amount of gamers who are actively engaged in gold farming, as the rewards have become increasingly lucrative.

Don’t concentrate on only one method, we strongly advise you to experiment with and employ different ones. This is directly related to the fact that eventually, no matter what techniques you use, they will grow monotonous and thus, ineffective. Do not get stressed out over it, at the end, if you aren’t enjoying yourself, the game in itself becomes pointless.

How Can LFCarry Help Me Farm Gold In NW?

At LFCarry, we specialize in helping players get the most out of their gaming experience. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best services to help you Farm Gold in New World. Besides helping you with tips and tricks on our guides, you can count on us to boost your game’s performance and acquire the materials you require. Whether it’s New World gold farming or unlocking new challenges and content, we have everything needed for you to become a master at NW.

In case you are set on making your New World gold farm, but either lack the time or find the process boring, then LFCarry can lend you a hand! Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you get rich in New World.


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