Master Fishing In Destiny 2!

Season of the Deep is bringing a lot of new content and fresh challenges to keep players entertained. One of them is the Fishing minigame. Dive in with us to learn everything about it!


The New Fishing Minigame!

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep has embraced an aquatic theme and introduced an unpredicted feature: fishing. The enduring first-person shooter now hosts an engaging fishing minigame. Although it doesn’t possess the intricate mechanics of a proper fishing game, it is an entertaining diversion. It brings several nuanced elements to understand, like bait, a Focused Fishing meter, and variable fishing pond locations, which we’ll elaborate on here.

How Will Fishing Work Within The Gameplay?

D2 fishing is relatively easy once you discover its locations. You’ll have to progress through the initial section of Season of the Deep to receive a mission from Hawthorne to engage in fishing. 

Fishing ponds work similarly to public events at three sites–Nessus, the EDZ, and the Throne World–where you’ll often notice other gamers gathering on the makeshift docks that pop up when these ponds become active.

To fish, merely position yourself on the pier and press your Interact button to toss a line into the waters. Once a fish bites, your bait will submerge, and a message will appear. Promptly press Interact again to score a “perfect catch“. Regardless of whether your timing isn’t perfect, you can still haul in your catch.

Remember to collect the fish you capture–they’ll be scattered around you, and you’ll need to walk over them to gather them. Unfortunately, the Shoot to Loot trait won’t scoop them up for you. Fish come in varying sizes, with the larger ones (weighing 18kg and above) contributing to a specific Triumph, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tank. Catching fish will also advance a Week 1 seasonal challenge, The One That Didn’t Get Away.

Where Are The Fishing Ponds Located?

Finding fishing ponds may be initially puzzling, as they aren’t always accessible and can shift locations. There are three locations with fishing ponds: 

  • The Cistern on Nessus
  • The Outskirts on the EDZ
  • And Miasma on the Throne World

These resemble public events, with fishing ponds intermittently appearing and fading after some time (although no timer is displayed). 

Even when there’s a marker on the map for every location, it won’t lead you directly to a fishing pond (if one is currently accessible). You’ll have to scout the area to locate it:

  • On the EDZ, take a peek at the southern coast of the Outskirts
  • On Nessus, check the Radiolarian fluid in The Cistern, east of the Well of Flame
  • On the Throne World, search the northern coast of Miasma

Luckily, there’s a straightforward way to identify these fishing ponds: a beam of light projecting into the sky. You should be able to spot it from a considerable distance, indicating a fishing pond beneath it.

How Does Bait Function?

Though fishing without bait is possible, you need bait to have a chance of catching more valuable fish, which stops you from endlessly farming. Bait is used while fishing if you have any. Your quantity of bait can be verified by observing the on-screen message before casting or checking the Fishing Tackle item in the inventory.

You can store up to 500 bait at once. Bait is gained by accomplishing various activities such as the new Salvage and Deep Dive modes, patrols, public events, playlist activities like Crucible and Gambit, or gathering destination materials.

What is Focused Fishing?

The exact specifics of Focused Fishing are still vague, but accumulating this meter will improve your chances of netting higher-rarity fish. The Focused Fish meter is visible on the left side of your screen while you’re close to a pond.

Acquiring legendary or Exotic fish will boost this meter. All catches made by players near you will also add to your meter, even if they’re not part of your Fireteam. Ideally, you should aim to fish in a pond with several other players for as long as possible because the meter will reset when the pond disappears, even if you stay in the location waiting for another pond to appear.

Every time you reach a certain point on the meter, your chances of catching rare fish increase, and you’ll see messages like, “Nearby fish have started to pay attention,” indicating your progress.

What Rewards Can I Gain From Fishing?

You can see the number and rarity of the fish you’ve caught by hovering over the Fishing Tackle in your inventory. You can store a maximum of 500 fish at once.

Whenever you want, you can visit the opened section of the HELM to set your fish free into the aquarium in an amusing, Gambit-style throw. Doing so, you’ll obtain rewards from your fishing, such as glimmer, Sonar Station reputation, and for legendary or Exotic fish, weapons, and items. One of the most valuable rewards you can get is the brand-new Just in Case legendary sword.

The fish you release will then pop up in the aquarium, along with various other themed items from the game’s history. You can earn several Triumphs from fishing, and some will even unlock extra decorations for your aquarium.

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