Master Eternal Creation: Best Spots To Farm Crystallized Elements in WoW Wrath Of The Lich King

Having trouble finding the places where you can get tons of Crystallized in the fan-favorite expansion? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our guide here covers everything you need to know for successful farming: from what Elementals you should focus on to the perfect areas and where to find them. Enjoy the read!


A Few Words About Eternals in WOTLK


Eternals are sought after by every player crafter because they are vital for many of their recipes. You can locate these six Eternals throughout Northrend.

Because of their importance, they are always in great demand on the market. However, the most popular ones are Eternal Air, Eternal Earth, and Eternal Fire. The typical price for one of these can range between 20-50g, implying that you can make a lot of money by selling a stack of these. Not a bad scheme for WoW gold farming, right?



If you want to make a killing by providing players with these goods, you’ll need to figure out how to get them yourself first. The best way to make them is to stack up ten Crystallized versions of their respective elements as following:

These Crystallized elements are dropped by various Elementals, scattered all over the world, but there are some areas that are particularly rich in them. In this guide, we’ll share those places, so that you can use them for productive WOTLK gold farming.

Farming Revenants in Wintergrasp



Though they constantly respawn in this famous PvP zone, they are only visible for a winning faction that gets Essence of Wintergrasp buff. If it isn’t applied, you’re not able to see them, so keep that in mind.

Farming Revenants is advantageous because they always drop their respective Crystallized elements, while Normal elementals only have a 25% chance of dropping them. But it’s important to note that these Elementals are powerful and tough, so it’s better to face them prepared. 

Even more so, they aren’t the only ones you may encounter in Wintergrasp. There, you may also come across Normal ones, though it’s better to focus on the big guys especially when you want to WOTLK farm gold fast. However, the latter usually respawn every 3-4 minutes, and while you wait for them, you can kill time by defeating lesser Elementals to earn even more Crystallized.

So, let’s see what areas have the highest concentrations of Revenants.

Air: Tempest Revenant

The zone’s southern border is where you may locate Tempest Revenants and Whispering Wind air elementals. The slides below will show you what they look like and spots where to find them.



Earth: Earthbound Revenant

Locating Earthbound Revenants can be a challenge because they tend to be spread out over a wide region. But we marked spots to simplify your searching process. Incidentally, Crystallized Earth is more frequently obtained there by miners than by other players.



Fire: Flame Revenant

Flame Revenants and Raging Flame fire elementals inhabit the area’s bottom right. There could be as many as four of them reviving at once, and they are strong and pretty hard to kill. Please be mindful that this spot is exceptionally popular due to its convenient location and relatively small number of mobs. In other words, be ready for a severe competition.



Life: Mature Lasher

In the region called the Steppes of Life, you can find Mature Lashers and Living Lashers. The odds of obtaining Crystallized Life increase if you’re practicing Herbalism.



Shadow: Shadow Revenant

They respawn in the western part of the map and pose a serious threat, especially to casters. Shadow Revenants can Strangulate,  which does very little harm but silences the target for three seconds. Furthermore, you may encounter Wandering Shadows who cast Chilling Touch that reduces magical spells and effects by 75%. Be careful!



Water: Water Revenant

You can come across them along the zone’s center, in the water of central Wintergrasp, where they respawn with the Glacial Spirit. Interestingly enough, frost spells can be used to your benefit against Water Revenants as they are not immune to them.


Where to Farm Normal Crystallized?

If you don’t wish to deal with Revenants even though they can speed up your WOTLK Classic gold farming drastically, you can always switch your attention to Normal Elementals that may also drop the items you need. But we’d like to remind you once again that the chance of this happening is about 25%. Nevertheless, those enemies are easier to defeat, so if that’s more convenient for you or you want to mix those farming methods, then feel free to do so. Let us show you where the best spots are.

Crystallized Air

It drops from Air Elementals, and the more challenging the foe, the more likely you are to get Crystallized items from beating it. Keep in mind that they are impervious to Arcane harm, so you may want to look into other options for dispatching them.



Below, you may find the zones and spots where to farm Air Elementals.


In eastern Zul’Drak, around Altar of Quetz’lun, /way 73 60, you’ll find one of the best spots to harvest Crystallized Air: the Altar Wardens.



Storm Peaks

There are actually two types of Elementals you can meet with an approximate Crystallized drop rate of 26%. The first one is Stormrider, located in Storm Peaks’ northwest. Its camp stretches along the range’s western and southern sides from Snowdrift Plains to Grom’arsh Crash Site. 

The second one is Scion of Storm, whose home is Thunderfall, in the northern Storm Peaks, /way 66 42. This spot is better than the first one, so you might want to focus on it more. Besides, this enemy casts  Zephyr when they die, which gives a 50% movement buff for 10 seconds.


Crystallized Earth

If you’re not a miner, then you can farm this item from golems, earth elementals, and constructs, which can be found in the following areas.



Sholazar Basin

Atop the Maker’s Overlook in the Sholazar’s east is the place where you come across four Sholazar Guardian golems, which is the great camp for one person. The enemies respawn quickly and you can rotate among them at a rapid pace. 

If you go to the area between Maker’s Overlook to Lifeblood Pillar, you’ll be greeted by Lifeblood Elementals, who aren’t difficult to take down if you’re a high-level player.



Grizzly Hills

In Dun Argol, you can find both Runic War Golem and Lightning Sentry that drop needed items. Apart from that, the latter can also drop Crystallized Air. 

In the southwest of Thor Modan, there’s a big open area where you can find Runic Battle Golems, the lower-level enemies that can provide you with Crystallized Earth.


Crystallized Fire

There’s just one zone where you can meet mobs who drop this item, and that’s Storm Peaks.



Storm Peaks

There you can find two kinds of elementals. One is Wailing Wind, who inhabit Frostfloe Cave, /way 62 42. You will recognize them immediately as they appear as floating bursts of light.

There are also Seething Revenants that can be farmed in the open terrain to the east of Dun Niffelem, beginning at /way 70 56 and continuing east into the open canyon. If you’re, however, witnessing Brittle Revenant instead of the mobs you’re looking for, it could be due to a phasing issue.

This problem might arise if you’re engaged in the Sons of Hodir quest line. Additionally, upon completing the quest named The Refiner’s Fire, which is an integral part of the aforementioned quest line, Wailing Winds may vanish temporarily. However, you can bring them back if you attain Honored status with The Sons of Hodir, as they will then re-emerge and be available for farming.


Crystallized Life

Two zones are inhabited by mobs you need; let’s have a look at them.



Howling Fjord 

In the area between Camp Winterhoof and Fort Wildevar (/way 54 18), you may meet Thornvine Creepers, low-level mobs that aren’t hard to defeat.



Sholazar Basin

That’s where things get interesting because there you can find two mobs: a friendly Servant of Freya that you can target and a Servant of Freya that you can kill for Crystallized Life. These are huge flowers with purple hearts, which you may find in Wildgrowth Mangal, Rainspeaker Canopy, Frenzyheart Hill, and the area northeast of Mosslight Pillar.


Crystallized Shadow

The one place where you can farm it besides Wintergrasp is Dragonblight.




There, in the cave in the northeastern part of the map between the Crystal Vice and Light’s Trust, you’ll find Deathbringer Revenant. The place is small and consists of a small number of mobs that respawn pretty fast. So, if you’re clearing it alone, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a lot of needed items.

Crystallized Water

The last item dropped from the following Elementals on our list can be farmed in two places. 




In the east of the area, you can discover Ice Revenants, lower-level enemies that drop Crystallized Water with a drop rate of about 20%.



Storm Peaks

In the center of the zone, in the Frigid Tomb (/way 42 62), one can meet Icebound Revenant, which drops elements 24% of the time. The access to the cave is at the north, not far from Foot Steppes.


Other Methods of Creating Eternals

If you’re an alchemist, you can learn Transmute recipes through Discovery and turn one type of Eternal into another and also read our WoW Alchemy guide to learn more about your profession. However, you can’t just transform any Eternal into whatever item you want. There’s a special system that allows you to transmute one Eternal into just two others. Below is the diagram that can help you understand how it works.



That way, you can, for instance, turn Fire either into Life or Water.

Moreover, if you’re an engineer, you can use Zapthrottle Mote Extractor to farm Arctic Cloud, Cinder Cloud, and Steam Cloud to get Crystallized Air, Crystallized Fire, and Crystallized Water.

Explore The Easiest Way of Farming Eternals



Now you have the list of the best farming spots. All you need to do is go there, obtain what you need, and stack those Crystallized elements to get Eternals for sale. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you’re a high-skilled player, then farming and killing mobs won’t frustrate you, though the whole process might be extremely time-consuming and filled with a grind. 

However, if you’re at a lower lvl or don’t have enough experience, farming won’t be easy at all, even though you know the perfect spots. That way, you must invest time in upgrading to make the whole process easier. But what to do if you want to get a bag of gold as quickly as possible with ease? The answer is simple – you can visit and choose from a range of services, from leveling your character and completing quests to currency farming. 

In other words, if you’re looking for the most efficient way to collect Eternals and gold farm WOTLK, give us a try today! We’ll be waiting!


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