Leveling in WoTLK

This article contains various techniques meant for properly leveling in Wotlk Classic. This beloved game possesses a lvl cap of eighty. However, reaching that cap is not that easy. Players are required to employ a considerable length of time to succeed at it. But in case you are set on lvling, this guide offers a generous amount of tips and tricks for you.


What Modifications Have Been Made In WoTLK Classic?

Most of the gameplay modifications are relatively minor. We have listed them here for you:

  • The EXP level required to go from 60 to 70 was lowered
  • WoW gamers are now able to gain EXP through BG
  • Rider’s ability lvl up was also lowered. Additionally, learning to ride and buying base mounts isn’t so expensive anymore. They only require a 20-40 lvl.
  • Flying abilities were set at a lvl 60
  • Heirloom pieces, which provide EXP boosts for alts, were set at a lvl 80
  • Several questlines and elite-lvl creatures are far more easy to defeat now.


How Can Players Lvl Up In the WoTLK Classic?

Quests: the go-to technique of most players. You’ll make your journey across Azeroth completing different tasks. Some objectives can be accomplished alone. However, a couple of them will require teammates. This approach is pretty versatile, as you can begin quests or pause them whenever you want. Also, it lets you boost your account through professions.

Dungeons: a favorite option for many as it offers outstanding EXP points and Rewards. The catch is that having a skilled set of players will be essential for your success.

Grinding and farming: these ones are viable options as well. You only need to select an area and take down as many enemies as possible. This will provide you with EXP and REP and even offer you some rewards.

We advise you to employ two or more of these strategies together. This is because every zone has a specific quantity of questlines. Also, teams for Dungeon would not be available all the time. But if you combine them, you can quickly escalate to an 80 lvl.

Quests are a well liked means of lvling in WoW due to their versatility and various benefits. If you lack a stable party to complete dungeons, standalone questing might be equally productive if you acknowledge the ensuing criteria:

  • Combat duration: meaning the length of your fight against monsters during questing. It can be considerably shortened if you properly equip yourself, master spells, and lvl up with DPS specs.
  • Recovery: the length of your regeneration (e.g., health, mana) while fighting enemies. Try to concentrate on consumables and First Aid. That will allow you to make and utilize dressings for your wounds. You would heal up faster, enhancing your regeneration capacity.
  • Travel time: the period of time which takes moving from one zone to a new one, searching for targets and tasks. It typically takes a considerable part of your game-playing time, so economize it as much as possible. Questie can serve you right.

From Which Questlines Should I Stay Away From?

Below you’ll find a basic guideline for players who engage in quests. You don’t need to complete the whole lot of existing tasks in a particular area prior to heading towards the new one. Also, many of them require a far more significant amount of lvl than what you have. Finishing a zone can grant you many valuable things, such as rewards and Rep boosts. However, you need to know whether completing them is worth your time or not. The zone’s colors are an appropriate way of knowing which of them you should stay away from:

  • Red ones offer missions that require a substantially greater lvl when compared to your character’s (+5 lvls). It is typically recommended to bypass them. Save them up for later once you’ve acquired a significant boost.
  • Orange ones offer missions with a relatively higher lvl (three to five lvls). You are capable of accomplishing such tasks. However, it is advisable that you organize a team to do so.
  • Yellow ones offer missions with a similar lvl to your character’s (-2 lvl/+2 lvl). You should be able to finish these ones solo.
  • Green ones offer missions just beneath your lvl (-3 to -10 lvl). You can accomplish those objectives on your own.
  • Gray ones offer missions far beneath your lvl (-10 lvls or more). They will grant you a very low Rep boost and are typically ineffective for lvling. We advise you not to bother with them.

Players should postpone out-of-lvl areas until they’ve met the basic criteria to accomplish them. Finishing areas quicker is significantly more productive than proving yourself in above your lvl questlines. However, that is debatable if you:

  • Count with an appropriate team
  • Just want to grind on a specific zone
  • Are trying to gold farm WoW various zones

Should I Gain EXP Alone Or Accompanied?

While many questlines may be fulfilled alone, counting on an established team would be great. With a group, you can exchange rewards with your teammates, taking down several monsters on your way quickly and efficiently. It does have a catch, though. EXP obtained through this method needs to be split among your teammates. However, this does even out the field for everyone and lets you level faster.

Pick-up missions aren’t recommended while teaming up, as the pieces will be divided among the participants. Measure your gains and losses while selecting Free-for-All or Group Loot. Think which option is best for you, whether gathering a doubled quantity of rewards for 2 players while taking down enemies twice as quickly or doing it on your own to take all the rewards.


Keep in mind that a modest number of EXP boosts are provided for players defeating enemies as a team. This also evens out the gameplay. E.g., if you defeat a monster containing a hundred Rep lvl boost if slayed by just one character, the profit will be divided subsequently:

  • Lone player: 100 exp
  • Team of two: 50 exp. for each of them
  • Team of three: 39 exp. for each of them
  • Team of four: 33 exp. for each of them
  • Team of five: 28 exp. for each of them

You should remember that if you play with a team, your EXP will be impacted just while taking down enemies. Teammates do gain an equal amount of EXP while questing. This results in EXP reduction while fighting monsters being compensated by the quicker pace at which they get eliminated. Evaluate the length in which you can complete the mission compared to the quantity of EXP you’ll obtain to make a decision.

Furthermore, don’t attempt to accomplish quests during raid grouping. The majority of them cannot be accomplished in that manner except when that’s expressly specified in the log. Mob EXP is significantly decreased when teaming up for raids.

How Can I Lvl Up With Dungeons?

Dungeon lvling often entails completing one dungeon on several occasions with a unique team. Conquering a dungeon faster and with a significantly increased EXP improves the dropping pieces, making them superior to quest rewards. However, that will only happen if you count on an appropriate squad of trustworthy individuals. Search for them in your specific guild or enlist them through LFG.

Dungeons are not as versatile as quests. This results in devotion being a key element in teamwork. Players must stick to the mission until the end and clear dungeons consistently. Working with unreliable members will waste your time. The whole team must finish the journey to the dungeon’s entry. Players can also be assembled through the meeting stones. With this method, only two teammates need to reach the entrance, and once there, they can call up the rest. Remember that a player with a lvl that doesn’t match the dungeon (is either too low or too high) would not be able to employ the meeting stone.

Dungeon lvling does possess disadvantages. One of them occurs when you out-lvl your profession. Nonetheless, this can vary according to the dungeon, and some of them won’t affect your profession as much. This is because they feature node spawns for the following skills: 

  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning

On the other hand, a significant advantage of lvling with Dungeons is that world PvP cannot obstruct your lvling process because you are located in an instanced zone. This happens particularly in PvP realms. Although questlines could be completed alone, many WoW gamers prefer to enjoy PvP battles instead of focusing on a fast lvl progression.

Can I Lvl Without Questing in Dungeons?

It is viable to lvl fast in Dungeons without grinding. However, grinding does remain a highly recommended activity. Completing a dungeon from time to time won’t hurt you. You will be able to boost your EXP. Also, quests provide similar rewards to the ones obtained in dungeons (on occasions, even better ones). Nonetheless, it is worth noticing that there exist quests which require a significant quantity of traveling or possess various accessibility conditions.

It is critical to understand which zone can be more beneficial for you. That way, you can concentrate on them and leave the rest for later. Check out the subsequent list. It contains all WoTLK Classic zones and their lvl variations.


Can I Use Professions To Lvl Up?

During a lvling process, professions can prove themselves to be very helpful. Through them, you could acquire a wide diversity of things, such as supplies, gear, and weapons. Here are some examples.


However, they can also help on Gold Farming WotLK fast. WoW Gamers tend to work simultaneously on a few professions as they are very useful for WotLK gold farming. For example, crafting professions can be a great advantage when it comes to resources, this includes:

  • Cooking
  • Alchemy
  • Enchanting
  • Jewelcrafting

On the other hand, other crafting professions can help you acquire earnings constantly, such as:

  • Tailoring
  • Blacksmithing
  • Leatherworking

This is because players will always require consumables and gear in order to lvl up and succeed at various instances (both PvP and PvE). But if you are looking for ways to quickly earn income, in WoW gold farm can also be fastly achieved by using gathering professions such as:

  • Skinning
  • Herbalism
  • Mining

In case you want to check a good WotLK gold guide, we have a wide number of profession guides at our site so you can farm gold in the best possible way!

What About Lvl Gear And Supplies?

Knowing what your class requires to improve their inflicted Damage and develop faster is essential. E.g., melee characters’ lvling relies heavily on weapon speed and Damage per second, whereas caster characters’ lvling relies heavily on spell DMG. Gearing up having your class in mind so that it can inflict the most DMG enables you to progress quicker. Equipment is earned through several methods, including quests and professions. However, it is also a great idea to browse the Auction House for reasonably priced goods that other gamers have already acquired or built.

Besides equipment, owning supplies bearing in mind their usefulness is essential too. In WoTLF Classic, characters are restricted to drink Potion cooldown and Battle/Guardian Elixir. Restorative medicines are incredibly cheap, so it’ll be useful to browse the Auction House for those items too.

Improving Container Capacity

Every player begins their Azeroth journey with a sixteen-slot bag and a hearthstone. Expanding your bag capacity enables you to hold on to additional items, which is quite useful during lvling. Bags are earned through several means, including via monster drops, traders, professions, and the Auction House. Since the vast majority of bags are swappable, you can substitute them with larger ones by selling or trading them.

Your basic sixteen-slot bag could be extended to a twenty-slot one. You just need to add a Battle.net.Authenticator to your account. This was implemented to safeguard your account further.

How Can I Utilize The Hearthstone?

You can coordinate your Hearthstone by addressing any host at your current location. That way, the stone can return you back there when used. The Hearthstone sometimes can work with a 1-hour cooldown. You could utilize that to your advantage to minimize downtime during quests. Usually, gamers position the stone at a prominent location, such as Shattrath City.


How Does Tracking Work in WoTLK?

Through the Minimap, users can switch between monitoring various No Player Characters, including maintenance workers, landlords, and flying instructors. At the forefront, you monitor gathering professions and gathering skills. However, monitoring many objects simultaneously may create bugs, so switch them on and off at your convenience.

What If I Want A Rest?

As lvling requires a long time, having a recess to relax yourself will help your resilience. Some might say taking a break may lead to wasted time. Nonetheless, there are occasions when having a short rest won’t cause any damage (e.g., you are expecting a zeppelin or are on a lengthy flight route). When it comes to crowded realms with registration lines, it’ll be advisable to just line up. You possess a second option, though. It could be dangerous, however, employing an autorun tool enables you to advance instantly. As a standard procedure, this option is fixed to Num Lock.


How Can I Acquire Rest EXP?

Of course, players eventually have to exit their WoW account to do something else. However, we advise you to do it once you’ve reached a guesthouse or a rest area. That way, you’ll obtain rest EXP. Once your character has recovered its strength, you’ll receive a two hundred percent additional EXP by defeating enemies. You can also accomplish this by lingering in a guesthouse when you’re playing.

Nonetheless, doing it while off the game is quicker and more productive. This is because rest EXP is earned at a five percent rate for each eight hours you are offline. The maximum EXP you could receive through this strategy is 150% (one and a half lvls).

Don’t forget that you could always approach us if you wish to lvl up quickly at WoTLK! Our carries could accomplish any PvP or PvE activity you desire to accomplish. They can also lend you a hand when it comes to WoW gold farming. Let that grinding behind you and boost your account with the experts!


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