Income Farm: Discovering the Best Herb-Farming Zones in WOTLK Classic

Looking to make the most gold possible through herbalism in Northrend? Look no further! Our guide provides the most profitable farming locations for herbs, whether you’re a seasoned herbalist or a newbie. Say goodbye to wandering aimlessly in search of Icethorn or Frost Lotus – we’ve got you covered. Our guide saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most: earning gold. Ready to elevate your herbalism game and increase your wealth? Keep reading for our top tips and tricks.


Level Up Your Herb Farming Game in WoW


To maximize your gold farming WoTLK through herbalism in Northrend, consider these strategies:

  • Focus on farming the herbs in high demand, such as Icethorn and Lichbloom for high-level flasks and Goldclover and Adder’s Tongue for lower-level potions and elixirs.
  • Gather herbs in large quantities and sell them in bulk at the auction house to attract buyers who prefer to purchase in bulk.
  • Pair your Herbalism profession with the Mining profession to gather valuable resources simultaneously while farming.

For those looking to boost their WoTLK gold farms, be sure to check out the maps below which highlight top zones for gathering different herbs. By focusing your efforts on these zones, you can maximize your potential for earning gold in WotLK.

Best Goldclover Farming

Minimum Herbalism Level: 350

Howling Fjord
Grizzly Hills


Both Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills are prime spots for gathering Goldclover in Northrend, which can significantly impact your WoTLK gold making. In particular, Howling Fjord is known for its wide distribution of this herb throughout the entire zone, making it easily accessible no matter where you go. Mean while, in Grizzly Hills, you’ll find locally abundant spots for Goldclover, but be prepared to search a little harder in certain areas, such as Voldrune, where the herb is scarce.

One of the benefits of farming Goldclover is that it can yield Deadnettle, another valuable herb used in Alchemy and Inscription. So be sure to keep an eye out for this herb as well when you’re gathering Goldclover in Northrend.

Best Fire Leaf Farming

Minimum Herbalism Level: 360

Borean Tundra

If you’re searching Firethorn in Northrend, you’ll need to head to Borean Tundra. This herb can only be found in and around the Geyser Fields in the zone, so be prepared to do some exploring to find it.

Keep in mind that Firethorn tends to grow on ridges rather than down in the bottom, so be sure to scan the higher elevations for this valuable herb. Harvesting Firethorn can yield Fire Leaf, another herb that’s useful for Alchemy and Inscription, so it’s worth the effort to track down this rare herb in Borean Tundra.

Best Tiger Lily Farming

Minimum Herbalism Level: 375

Sholazar Basin
Grizzly Hills


Tiger Lily is primarily found near waterways in Northrend. It’s abundant in certain river stretches of Sholazar Basin and Grizzly Hills, with smaller patches in other zones like Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra. Picking Tiger Lily is also an excellent way to obtain Deadnettle as it is commonly found alongside it.

Best Talandra's Rose Farming

Minimum Herbalism Level: 385


One of the advantages of picking Talandra’s Rose is that it can also yield Deadnettle, another helpful herb used in Alchemy and Inscription. So not only will you be accumulating a stockpile of Talandra’s Rose, but you’ll also be able to gather Deadnettle at the same time. Whether you’re an Alchemist or an Inscriptionist, Talandra’s Rose is a valuable herb to have in your inventory, so to start earning some serious WoTLK farm gold, be sure to make the trek to Zul’Drak. This zone is an excellent spot for farming, so don’t miss out on the chance to rake in some serious cash!

Best Adder's Tongue

Minimum Herbalism Level: 400


For Adder’s Tongue, head on over to Sholazar Basin. This herb is plentiful across the entire zone, making it easy to find and gather. If you’re looking to maximize your yield, consider combining your Adder’s Tongue farming with some Tiger Lily gathering, as this flower is also abundant along the waterways of Sholazar Basin.

One thing to note is that Adder’s Tongue is extremely rare outside of the Sholazar Basin. While there may be a few incidental nodes in dungeons, you won’t find this herb anywhere else in Northrend. So if you’re looking to build up a stockpile of Adder’s Tongue for your Alchemy or Inscription needs, make sure to focus your farming efforts on this zone.

Best Farming Zones for Rare Herbs in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Best Lichbloom and Icethorn Farming

Minimum Herbalism Level: 425 for Lichbloom, 435 for Icethorn

The Storm Peaks


Lichbloom and Icethorn are both found in the same node locations, but Icethorn spawns slightly less frequently than Lichbloom. However, the good news is that you can farm both of them simultaneously. The Storm Peaks is a popular spot for farming these herbs, as it has more nodes than other zones and is also a great place to farm for the Time-Lost Proto Drake mount.

Keep in mind that farming these herbs can be a challenge due to the rugged terrain and the fact that the nodes are scattered throughout the area. You’ll also need flying skills to access these zones.

Best Frost Lotus

Minimum Herbalism Level: 450


For those who wish to target Frost Lotus nodes, your only shot is Wintergrasp. Frost Lotus is a rare spawn of Lichbloom or Icethorn nodes in Wintergrasp. It’s probably best to wait until your side has control of Wintergrasp before attempting to farm here since when the other faction controls it, it will be overrun by opposite-faction farmers looking to get Eternals from the revenant spirits.

The pins represent the Lichbloom and Icethorn nodes. You’ll just need to farm those while you’re looking for Frost Lotus. Keeping the node spawn turned over will increase your chances of getting Frost Lotus.


Get ahead in WoW with extra gold


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