How To Make Money With Mining In WoW Wrath Of The Lich King

Do you want to have a profession that would bring you tons of money? Then we strongly recommend you consider Mining, to which our guide is devoted. What are the fundamentals of this craft? How can it lead you to wealth? Where to gather ores? We have the answers you’re looking for. So, let’s get started!


Introducing Mining in WoTLK



The main goal of Mining is to extract resources from rocky surfaces that can be located all over Northern Azeroth. Anything you find may be sold to other players who engage in Engineering, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting, as they always need them. This in particular makes Mining a stable source of substantial income.

Plus, it’s simple to combine it with aforementioned crafting disciplines or Skinning and Herbalism to boost your gold farming WOTLK profit.

The Mining in this expansion has a unique trait that sets it apart from others. The miners are granted a passive stamina buff called Toughness, which has six ranks depending on your skill lvl. The first rank gives 3 Stamina at 75 Mining level, and then its number grows once you overcome another 75-level gap. Looks like another reason to like this profession, right?

Also, if you’re wondering if there are any races or classes that are better at Mining in WoTLK than others, there is no simple answer to that. Basically, anyone can take on this profession and upgrade their skill to be as efficient as possible. However, some classes, due to their abilities, have some slight advantages, mostly in situations involving fighting with mobs that spawn nearby ore nodes. So, ere are the classes who makes resolving combat situations easier: 



To acquire the skill and progress through its tiers, you should locate Mining trainers. And to help you with your search, here’s the list of them and their locations.

Alliance Mining Trainers

Horde Mining Trainers

Neutral Mining Trainer

Since we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s talk about how to make gold in WoW, a.k.a business, now.

What Resources Are Going to Make You Rich?



There are three ores you’re going to find across Northrend:

Many players, however, are more drawn to the first two because of their widespread application in Engineering, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting. For instance, through the Smelt Titansteel ability and using the corresponding ore, you can create a highly valued Titanium Bar. If you’d like to learn more recipes where the ores are used, you can always check the WoW Jewelcrafting guide devoted to that topic, for instance.

The average price for Titanium Ore can sell for up to 5 g in some realms, while Cobalt Ore goes for around 2g, and Saronite Ore fetches around 1.5g. Naturally, everybody sells these in packs, so you can get a picture of how much you can earn by selling a stack of, say, 20 ores. Where, however, would one go about tracking them down?

These are produced from corresponding deposits, so let us tell you what they are and where to find them in this snowy land.

Deposit Yield Locations
Cobalt Deposit 2-4 Cobalt Ore Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak
Rich Cobalt Deposit 4-8 Cobalt Ore Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak
Saronite Deposit 2-4 Saronite Ore Sholazar Basin, Zul'Drak, The Storm Peaks, Icecrown, Wintergrasp
Rich Saronite Deposit 5-7 Saronite Ore Sholazar Basin, Zul'Drak, The Storm Peaks, Icecrown, Wintergrasp
Titanium Vein 2-4 Titanium Ore Sholazar Basin, Zul'Drak, The Storm Peaks, Icecrown, Wintergrasp


Knowing which ores are in high demand, it’s not hard to understand which resources you’d better be focused on. But still, it won’t hurt to mine each. After all, you never know what will be sought after in the foreseeable future.

Just like with Herbalism, in order to farm gold WOTLK, you just need to collect materials and sell them, keeping an eye on what players need the most. Also, mixing Mining with crafting professions we’ve mentioned above is also an excellent strategy for becoming rich. Use the best of both worlds, as they say.

And since it all comes down to collecting materials, we have prepared the ideal mining routes for you. Please note that you can begin to mine resources in Northrend only at a 350 skill level.

Follow the Right Mining Routes

Searching for deposits can be a tedious process. Fortunately, we’ve mapped out the paths that have consistently proven to be the most fruitful in terms of resources gathering that you need for a successful WoW gold farm. Check them out below:

  1. Borean Tundra
  2. Borean Tundra (the route with no flying)
  3. Howling Fjord
  4. Howling Fjord (the route with no flying)
  5. Sholazar Basin
  6. The Storm Peaks

Make the Most out of Your Skill



Mining can undoubtedly be a lucrative and exciting thing to be occupied with. But it may also be challenging because to practice this craft in Northrend requires at least 350 skill lvl. It takes a significant investment of effort and time to get to that bar, let alone improve upon your skill. But who states that it has to be that hard and time-consuming? Here, at LFCarry, we offer you an opportunity to avoid the hassle by simply using PROs’ assistance. Just find the needed service on our site and forget about grinding for good. Let’s transform your character into a true master of Mining who knows how to make gold in WoW together!


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