How To Farm Destiny 2 Weapon Levels Fast? Try This Newly Discovered Location

The D2 player has shared a new spot where anyone can farm weapon levels, and the best part is – it’s not even in the endgame activity. So, if you’re looking for a relatively easy way to upgrade your weapons, give this new area a try.


Where Can You Level Up Weapons?


The weapon crafting system introduced in the Witch Queen’s expansion allows players to make guns and level them up to unlock all available perks. The whole process is pretty straightforward: all you need is to use the firearm you’d like to upgrade and gain kills with it. Moreover, you can speed things up by completing activities. 

Though this is the most common way, some players prefer to farm particular spots featuring many powerful enemies that constantly respawn to reach the needed lvl quickly. They usually hop into raids and dungeons with such areas for that purpose. 

For instance, the most popular area recently has been the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid. Despite being a good source for craft weapon leveling, it has a significant disadvantage: you must repeatedly die and restart the fight to efficiently farm weapon levels. And frankly, this sounds exasperating.

So, if you’re not ready to enter such challenging activities and don’t want to go through the Shuro Chi encounter, there’s a more relaxed alternative recently shared by the Reddit user W2sjw.

This is hands-down my favorite weapon level cheese. Tether Hunters are no longer the only cool kids on the block...
by u/w2sjw in destiny2

In the clip they posted, we can see a gate from the Shadowkeep’s mission on the Moon called A Mysterious Disturbance, with enemies respawning there regularly after the player kills them. 

Unlike other spots fans use, this one seems more accessible, meaning anyone can level up a crafted weapon without stress. However, there’s a catch. Since this mission is included in the weekly rotation, the time one can spend in A Mysterious Disturbance is limited, and activity becomes available only once in two weeks. 

But, according to the W2sjw comment in the thread, PC and PlayStation users can manually adjust the date in the settings to enter the activity sooner without waiting that long.

Don't Wait - Get Your Weapon Upgraded in No Time!


W2sjw’s location is certainly a more accessible way to farm levels, though it has disadvantages, like the mission being part of a weekly rotation. However, there’s another way to quickly upgrade your firearm that’s available anytime and has no requirements. 

Instead of spending hours leveling up, completing challenging activities, or simply waiting for an opportunity to farm a few lvls, you can just ask LFCarry’s Pros for help. The highly-skilled D2 veterans will gladly get you all perks for your crafted gun by handling the grind and other tedious aspects. It’s fast, safe, easy, and completely stress-free! 

Doesn’t it sound more convenient and appealing than all the common farming methods? If you think so, hurry up and go to to get your weapon ready in no time!


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