How to Beat the Master Challenge 2nd Encounter in Salvation’s Edge in Destiny 2!

Welcome, Guardians! Today, we’re diving into the Master Challenge for the 2nd Encounter in Salvation’s Edge. This guide will help you conquer the Herold challenge, ensuring you and your fireteam can deposit those Max Resonance stacks efficiently. Let’s get started!


Understanding the Herold Challenge

The core mechanic of the Herold challenge is that you can only deposit if you have Max Resonance. This means you need to manage your Resonance stacks carefully. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the strategy:

Initial Setup

Divide Your Team:

  • Right Side: Two players
  • Middle Side: Two players
  • Left Side: Two players

Preparation Tips:

  • Ensure all team members understand their roles.
  • Equip suitable weapons and gear for maximum efficiency.

Closing and Stacking

Resonance Mechanics: When you close, it takes away one Resonance stack. To maximize efficiency, have the right and middle teams close and then head over to the left to replenish their stacks.

Detailed Strategy:

  • Right and Middle Teams: Close first, then move to the left to regain Max Resonance stacks.
  • Left Team: Engage in extra bouncing from top to bottom, creating excess symbols for stack replenishment.

Maximizing Stacks

Aim: Have five players with Max Resonance stacks and one player with a single stack. This way, when you deposit, you’ll have 15 stacks in total.

Depositing Strategy:

  • The player with one stack acts as the closer on the left, ensuring they don’t die from Resonance overload.

Detailed Steps

Right and Middle Teams:

  • Close and then head to the left to get their stacks back up to Max.
  • Ensure maximum stacks for efficient depositing.

Left Team:

  • Perform extra bouncing, creating excess symbols.
  • Ensure five players can pick up maximum stacks.

Closing on the Left:

  • The closer will only pick up one stack, ensuring they can close without dying and deposit zero stacks.

Tips and Tricks

Eager Edge: Using Eager Edge can help you quickly move between plates and close efficiently.

Surges and Overcharges: This week, the surges are Void and Arc, with an overcharged Fusion Rifle. Plan your loadout accordingly.

Expanding Abyss Void Swords: Highly effective for this challenge. Consider using Tractor Cannon to debuff enemies and coordinate with your teammates.

Overload Champions: Overload Hand Cannons are a great choice for dealing with these pesky enemies.

Practice and Timing

Refine Timing: Players need to practice and refine their timing to ensure efficient stack management and deposition.

Challenge Repetition: The process needs to be repeated four times.

Final Phase

Weapon Usage: Discuss the use of specific weapons and supers to optimize performance.

Debuffing and Overloads: Utilize weapons like Tractor Cannons and manage overload champions effectively.


As you navigate the complexities of the Herold challenge in Salvation’s Edge, remember that the key to success lies in teamwork and strategic execution. With the insights provided in this guide, you’re equipped to tackle this encounter head-on. If you need additional support or wish to streamline your path to victory, LFCarry offers unparalleled boosting services. Our dedicated team is ready to help you conquer the raid and earn the best rewards. Let LFCarry take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level.

For a visual step-by-step guide, don’t miss the video below.


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