Gold Rush: A Master Guide to Gold Farming in Lost Ark

Embark on an epic journey to amass wealth and power in the world of Lost Ark with our exclusive Gold Farming guide. Discover the secrets of the top 6 gold-making methods, and unlock the keys to obtaining gear, skins, mounts, and more. Gold and silver are the lifeblood of the Lost Ark economy, and with our guide, you’ll be able to acquire both currency types to purchase a wide variety of unique items. Take control of your destiny and become a master of the art of gold farming. Exchange your hard-earned gold to purchase silver currency from the gold merchants located in the open world of the game, and watch as your wealth and power grow. Join us now on this incredible journey to wealth and prestige!


Things You Need To Know About Lost Ark Gold

The gold you earn by playing on one character is shared between the rest of the characters you might (and should) have on your account. Each player gets 6 character slots per account with the possibility to buy more slots, usually up to 9, for an additional price. 99% of gold-making guides out there utilize at least 6 characters, involving completing activities on all 6 of them every day to maximize profit.

Gold is spent on almost everything in the game, starting from buying various items from the auction house to doing something called the Knowledge transfer, which is a process of transferring experience and skill points from one character on your account to another.

That being said, when you just start playing the game, there actually aren’t that many reasons for you to spend the hard-earned coins. But as you get closer to the endgame, more and more actions will require you to pay up the fee in gold, amongst other needs. This means that if you’re about halfway through progressing through the game, you should start thinking more about how you spend your gold and think about saving it.

Finally, making gold in great amounts is the next best thing you can do if you want to ensure that you always have enough gold to purchase valuable items from vendors or at the Auction House.

Uncover the Top Techniques for Amassing Gold in Lost Ark

Since gold is one of the most commonly used currencies in the game, there are obviously lots of ways to earn it. Although, not many methods of making gold are actually effective, simple, or not time-consuming. Actually, scratch the last one. Almost every gold-making technique does require a time investment on your part.

Method 1. Using Auction House to Sell Items You Don't Need


By the time you reach the endgame, you will most likely have piles of unused or useless items in your inventory which you can and should get rid of by selling all of it at the Auction House, which becomes available to you as soon as one of your characters reaches level 30.

Things you might want to sell are:

  • Raw materials
  • Trading cards
  • Old gear
  • Skins
  • Engraving books

Make a habit of returning to sell unwanted items, which will greatly contribute to your overall wealth.

Method 2. Selling Gems

warriorGems are special items that can be socketed into equipment to provide additional bonuses and stats. They come in different types and grades and can be obtained through various means, such as monster drops, crafting, or purchasing from vendors. The best way to get them is by killing bosses in the Boss Rush game mode. Upon each completion of the Boss Rush, you get a large number of gems which you can then sell. Gems can be used to enhance the power of a player’s gear and improve their overall performance in combat. They can also be extracted from equipment and replaced with different gems for different bonuses.

Some gems are more valuable than others and, therefore, can be sold for more gold. The best gems to sell for gold would be high-level gems, such as Legendary gems or Unique gems, as they are rarer and more difficult to obtain. Additionally, gems that provide powerful stat boosts, such as increased critical hit chance or increased damage, will also fetch a higher price. What’s also nice about this method is that when selling these gems at the auction, they are sold instantly, so you don’t need to wait for someone to buy them from you.

Method 3. Una's Tokens Trading

Una’s Tasks is an endgame repeatable quests system that allows you to earn Una’s Tokens by completing daily and weekly quests. These Tokens are then traded at the Gold shop for gold. There are 3 tasks to complete per week and 3 tasks to complete in a day. The progress of them resets in 7 days and 24 hours, respectively. So, for example, if you don’t finish the daily quest the next day, you’ll have to do a new one from the start.

Completing a daily Una’s task rewards you with 2 Una’s points, and completing the weekly one gives you 12. The next step is to trade points for tokens, which you then take to the Gold Shop, where you can get:

  • Hefty Gold Sack for 80 Tokens
  • Small Safe for 200 Tokens
  • Large Gold Chest for 500 Tokens

It’s not guaranteed that the Large Gold Chest always yields the highest amount of gold. It is not possible to determine which of the token packs is better without knowing the actual percentage chance for each bag. For example, assuming a small gold pouch has a 25% chance, a medium one has a 10% chance, and a big gold ingot has a 1% chance, the gold ratio per token invested would be:

  • 80 token pack: 4.1 gold/token
  • 200 token pack: 3.6 gold/token
  • 500 token pack: 3 gold/token

However, without knowledge of the actual percentage chance for each bag, it is difficult to conclude which pack is the most worthwhile. It may require hundreds of samples to accurately determine which pack offers the best rewards. So, waiting until you have 500 tokens is not always the best option.

All of that being said, this method might be the best of the bunch. Sure, it may take a significant amount of time, but it keeps the player engaged as it involves completing a series of challenges known as Una’s Tasks.

Method 4. Completing Activities on Adventure Island


Adventure Island is a feature in the game Lost Ark that allows players to participate in various mini-games and activities on a separate island. These activities include treasure hunting, fishing, and other challenges that can reward players with gold, items, and other in-game currency. Adventure Island can be accessed by speaking to the Adventurer’s Guild NPC in the main cities. It is a great way for players to earn rewards and have fun while exploring the game world.

Each activity yields up to 800 gold upon completion, and since there are three Adventure Islands you can visit, that amounts to 2400 gold! Now multiply this by 6 characters that you can use to do this every weekend, and you’ll get a pretty profitable source of income!

Method 5. Complete the collection of 48 Masterpieces


In Lost Ark, Masterpieces are collectible items that were once ancient artworks stolen from the city of Pleccia. These items can be found throughout the world and obtained by completing Quests, Secret Map Dungeons, Adventurer’s Tomes, Rapports, and tasks. There are a total of 48 Masterpieces to collect in the game. Players who collect all Masterpieces will receive the Proof of Adventure: Masterpiece Achievement. Many players focus on collecting Masterpieces primarily to obtain the Sunflower Island Soul, which becomes available once 10 Masterpieces have been collected.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get them all, but if you decide not to do, you’ll be ignoring an opportunity to earn over 30000 gold. Depending on the time you’re reading this, you can make 3000 gold for selling 20 of these Masterpieces or 5000 for selling 30 of them.

Method 6. Benefitting from the NPC Rapport System


In Lost Ark, NPC Rapport refers to the level of relationship or goodwill a player has with a non-player character (NPC) in the game. As players interact with NPCs, they will be able to increase their NPC Rapport, which can, in turn, unlock new quests, items, and other rewards. NPC Rapport can be increased by completing quests for NPCs, giving them gifts, and engaging in other activities. It is important to note that some NPCs will require a certain level of NPC Rapport before they will offer certain quests or rewards, so building up NPC Rapport is an important aspect of the game for many players.

With over 70 NPCs across the game’s world, it will take months to achieve maximum affinity with every one of them. Different affinity levels unlock different content. There are 4 levels in total:

  • Neutral
  • Amicable
  • Friendly
  • Trusted

So, which NPCs reward you with money for being good to them? Let’s refer to our little table below:

Name Location Noteworthy Reward(s) Rapport Needed
Orelda Glass Lotus Lake in Rohendel Wisdom Potion (Trusted) Secret Cake Recipe (Trusted) 5900 Rapport Points
Siera Prideholme in Luterra Special Potato (Trusted) 5900 Rapport Points
Thunder Saland Hill in Luterra Ritual Food Ingredient (Trusted) 17,800 Rapport Points
Nagi Sweet Pharmacy in Punika Kindness Potion (Trusted) 2200 Gold (Trusted) 37,900 Rapport Points
Blue-Eyed Calvasus Hypnos's Eyes Calvasus Epic Card (Friendly) Hypnos's Eyes Island Soul (Trusted) 9th Giant's Heart (Trusted) Masterpiece 29 (Trusted) 37,900 Rapport Points
Neria Neria's Secret Office - Candaria Territory 120,000 Silver (Amicable) Epic-Grade Engraving Pouch (Amicable) Charisma Potion (Trusted) Masterpiece 52 (Trusted) 37,900 Rapport Points
Nia Nia Village in Punika 1400 Gold (Amicable) Nia Epic Card (Friendly) Charisma Potion (Trusted) Omnium Star 3 (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Neria Neria's Tavern in Yorn Courage Potion (Friendly) Full Mine Car Ham Set (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Jederico Nameless Valley in Feiton Courage Potion (Friendly) 900 Gold (Friendly) Legendary Secret Map (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Lutia Crematorium Beneath Feiton 900 Gold (Friendly) Epic-Grade Bleed Rune (Trusted) Epic-Grade Engraving Pouch (Trusted) 1800 Gold (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Shana Nia Village in Punika 2700 Gold (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Thar Bellion Ruins in Vern Courage Potion (Trusted) Legendary Secret Map (Trusted) Magical Vernese Brandy (Trusted) 57,800 Rapport Points
Ealyn Queen's Hall in Vern Ealyn Epic Card (Friendly) Courage Potion (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Thirain Luterrra Palace in Luterra 500 Gold (Friendly) King Thirain Legendary Card (Trusted) Kindness Potion (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Avele Queen's Hall in Vern 500 Gold (Friendly) 900 Gold (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Azena Sunkeep in Rohendel Charisma Potion (Amicable) Azena and Inanna Legendary Card (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Beatrice Trixion 2nd Giant's Heart (Friendly) Beatrice Legendary Card (Trusted) Charisma Potion (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Sasha Stern Town Hall Sasha Epic Card (Friendly) 500 Gold (Friendly) 3rd Giant's Heart (Trusted) 1200 Gold (Trusted) 77,700 Rapport Points
Nineveh Whispering Islet 240,000 Silver (Amicable) 1000 Gold (Friendly) 340,000 Silver (Friendly) 14th Giant's Heart (Trusted) Nineveh Legendary Card (Trusted) Whispering Islet Island Soul (Trusted) 102,200 Rapport Points
Mari Eternity Isle Mari Epic Card (Friendly) 1000 Gold (Friendly) Eternity Isle Island Soul (Trusted) Epic-Grade Judgement Rune (Trusted) 102,200 Rapport Points

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Lost Ark is a vast and exciting world filled with endless opportunities for gold farming. From battling fierce monsters to completing challenging quests, there are countless ways to amass wealth in the game. We’ve highlighted six of the best methods for farming gold in Lost Ark, including Una’s Tasks, Masterpieces, Adventure Island, and more.

However, we understand that not everyone has the time or patience to grind for gold. That’s why we highly recommend visiting, where you can buy gold via a safe and reliable boosting service. Save yourself the hassle and let the pros take care of it for you. Imagine all the precious items, gear, and equipment you can purchase with all that extra gold. Don’t wait any longer, visit now and take the first step towards becoming a gold farming master in Lost Ark.


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