Gold Farming Guide for Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s 9th expansion is bringing substantial changes to the core systems in the game. Because of that, gold (the in-game currency) will become even more valuable than ever. You might already be focusing on making as much coin as possible in preparation for the full launch of the addon, but are you prepared to adapt your gold-making game to the updated game systems? Well, worry not, my friend, as I am about to tell you the best ways of making capital that will take you through all the new content and more!


The Many Reasons You’ll Need The Gold For In the 9th Addon

Gold has always been one of the most essential resources in the game. At the end of the day, you can buy almost anything with it, except for character experience, of course. Just some information for all you new players out there – you need to have a lot of coins for:

  • Trading via auctions and personal trading
  • Repairing gear
  • Fulfilling crafting orders
  • Acquiring all sorts of items, including ridable mounts
  • Filling your transmog collection
  • …much more

Gold is even more crucial when new content is just released. In the first weeks, new players will be spending a lot of coins during leveling, while the top guilds will spend a fortune preparing for the world’s first raid completion race.

To be frank, it will be pretty difficult to wrap your head around everything the new expansion will offer. You’ll want to see all of the new content while trying to level up as fast as possible, acquire better gear, and try the new raids and dungeons. Trying to make some gold coin in the process might be a little too much, even for a veteran player, which is why LFCarry offers a much better solution.

What Are The Best Classes To Farm Gold Within WoW Dragonflight?


Believe it or not, classes in WoW differ not only in the way they approach killing monsters and clearing content. Some classes are naturally better at attempting the WoW gold farm too! In order to maximize your profits from farming gold, you should prioritize high mobility classes for the best efficiency. Imagine you’re killing mobs for gold. The faster you can reach the next mob, the more gold you’ll make in a minute. Using this logic, a good choice would be picking a
Druid. This class has a unique mechanic which allows him to turn himself into various forms that give him different advantages. For instance, in order to save time while you’re gathering or mining ore, use any of the new traveling forms that they’ll add in Dragonflight. Keep in mind that different forms provide an increase in movement speed in different conditions. As such, use the cat form to traverse indoor locations faster.

Rogue characters also have tricks to move around faster, although they cannot use shapeshifting forms. They shine best when you farm old and legacy dungeons.

Another class with a universally useful mobility skill is Mages and their Blink.

Start Making More Gold With These Dragonflight Hints

The question of “how to make gold in WoW” can have not one but many correct answers. There are multiple farming methods you can employ to make the coin. Still, the tips below will give you an upper hand no matter which method you choose.

Create an Alt to Store Items


You’ll benefit a lot from creating an additional character just to use him as extra inventory space and bank. Actually, the more bank chars you make, the better. Just go ahead and create a couple of lvl 1 dummy chars and leave them by the mail post and the auction. Do that, and you’ll be able to easily transfer the items acquired by your main char by mailing them to your alt and selling them using another alt whenever you have. That way, the bags of your main char will always stay ready to store more loot. Another good idea would be to equip your alts with bigger bags to increase their storage capacity!

Take Everything You Find!

Usually, players ignore the kind of loot that isn’t good for their characters, things like grey (poor) gear and miscellaneous items. If your intention is to make gold, pick everything up, don’t throw away or ignore anything. Grey items might not cost much, but it’s something.

Keep Tabs On the Market

The Auction is a beast that is alive! This implies that different circumstances may cause some goods to cost more. That’s why you must research what goods are in high demand. For instance, in the first weeks of the new addon, everyone will want to level up their professions, which means that crafting materials and resources will be in high demand. Make a habit of checking the auction prices daily, and you will make some amazing discoveries. For instance, did you know that the prices for healing potions and various flasks go through the roof on Wednesdays? That’s because Wednesday is a day when instances reset! By the end of the week, these items drop in price. You must make use of the knowledge you obtained regarding price changes to your advantage, just as you would in the real world. Let’s summarise everything we’ve said here:
Create Multiple Alts for Storage
Use your alts as extra inventory space which will make it easier to gather and sell off cheap loot.
Loot everything!
Don't ignore any items you can sell, even the cheapest ones!
Learn the Market
Find out which items increase in price based on various conditions and sell them for a guaranteed profit!

Auction Trading

But how do you actually make gold? Let’s cover some of the most popular methods you can use from day one. 

Those that have mastered this method claim that it’s the best way to earn gold. The principle of farming using an Auction is simple enough in essence – buy for less, sell for more. Some quick-witted gamers have been able to establish a monopoly over a specific item and personally decide how much it’s worth.

Though, you have to know that auction trading requires some sort of capital to start. It also ensures certain risks. But once you start seeing patterns in price changes by monitoring popular auction lots, the risks will go away. Another tip for this method is not to waste your entire starting capital at once and don’t get greedy when trading. If you keep your pace, you’ll make a tonne of gold!

And look for some popular trading addons to enhance your trading experience.

Farming Reagents

Reagents are a special type of item that is consumed when special spells or abilities are used. For example, the DK’s Raise Dead requires Corpse Dust, which is a reagent. In order for a Mage to cast Arcane Brilliance, they must have a reagent called Arcane Powder. So, farming the most useful reagents is a great way to make gold. Since most reagents drop from mobs, this method will come down to finding the best spot with a lot of mobs that drop a good reagent. Based on the fact that Dragonflight is bringing back some mechanics from older expansions, we can be certain that the following crafting reagents will be in high demand: Such reagents will now have quality levels, with some of them being either optional or finishing If you’re not going to focus on professions, try getting and selling these items, and you’re sure to make lots of Dragonflight gold. By the way, keep checking back on this list, as I intend to update it over time with the most relevant data.

Earning with Professions


Professions have been designed to help players earn income. All professions are divided into two major categories: crafting (the ones that let you create items) and gathering (the ones that allow you to gather resources). Each category has its
ups and downs. Generally speaking, those players that focus on gathering spend a lot of time doing so. However, it provides a stable income. At the same time, those who are crafting items for sale are playing the high-risk, high-reward game.

Crafting orders is a brand-new mechanic that will be featured in Dragonflight. It lets you place requests for other players to craft something. The new interface will allow you to choose from a list of recipes that will be used by other players (who will pick up an order) to produce the item in need. The same interface can be used to provide additional resources needed for crafting as well as paying the commissions. It’s difficult to predict how well-liked this new feature will be, but it appears that crafters might exploit it to generate a lot of money! Besides, there’re going to be achievements like Total Crafting Orders Fulfilled.

Farming Cosmetics

Here’s one Dragonflight gold making method you might not knew about. Have you ever wondered why so many WoW players farm legacy dungeons and raids? That’s because they’re after pieces of gear with a unique visual design that can’t be obtained in more modern activities. Sometimes you come across really old gear or an unremarkable item that can be easily mistaken for trash that you’ll be too quick to sell to the nearest vendor for a couple of silver coins. Don’t do that! There are players who are willing to pay a fortune for the chance to complete their collection or a transmog set!

Grinding old instances is a very tedious process, but it’ll be worth the trouble. The more unique items to put on an auction, the more likely it is that one or several of them will be bought for a lot of gold. Since most players ignore lots like these, you might end up waiting for the sale for months, but as you complete more and more of these transactions, your bank will burst with coins!

Farming BOE Items

BOE stands for Bind on Equip, and some of the most valuable items have this condition. You can often find parties in local chat that are organized with the sole purpose of farming BOE items. But know that starting from Dragonflight, this method will be severely limited as the only place you’ll be able to get the BOE from are raids and only once a week.

Farming Calling and World Quests

Since the introduction of Covenants in Shadowlands, a new type of quest has been added. Callings are repeatable challenges that require you to complete a series of smaller quests in a dedicated location. If you manage to complete all, you’ll be rewarded with around 3k gold based on your Covenant level. World quests also come with a hefty monetary reward. These are all the methods that you can use to set yourself up to have a solid amount of gold. You can surely find your own favorite way of Dragonflight gold farm However, as with everything else in this game, farming gold requires a lot of dedication, lots of free time, and in some cases – extensive knowledge of the subject matter. That being said, if all of these methods seem too much for you, make use of our gold farm WoW offers at

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