Everything You Need To Know About Mythic+ Season 1

Clearing dungeons using mythic keystones that give you a far more difficult challenge and much better rewards is part of the endgame content, much like raids. The fans have been waiting for the developers to mention what changes they’re going to make regarding this system in the upcoming 9th expansion for quite some time. As the launch date draws closer, we now have official information about what the Mythic+ Season 1, which will launch on December 12, 2022, will look like. So, let’s get right into it!


Less Affixes In the Rotation

Let us start our Mythic Plus guide by mentioning which affixes are going to leave the affix rotation in Season 1. They are Necrotic which turns your run into a hectic one, and a buff for the adds called Inspiring. But you’re not going to miss them too much because the developers are adding a brand-new seasonal modifier dubbed the Thundering. It is an interesting modifier that, besides making all monsters 5% healthier, fills you up with energy, and if it is not taken care of, it will blow out, stunning your allies. It basically has the same effects as the Quaking. To give you more specifics, a deity known as Raszageth casts a spell called Lightning Strike, leaving around Thundering Orbs, and if players aren’t careful enough and step into it, they’ll suffer severe damage to their health and get stunned for the duration of 1 second. On top of that, random party members will receive one of two marks – Mark of Lightning or Mark of Wind. Both have benefits, but these marks must be dropped before their effects expire. To do that, both players with the marks must come close to each other. If not executed properly, these players will be stunned for a whole of 8 seconds, no less, and sustain Nature damage from Primal Overload. One other thing. The affix called Thundering will be applied by default starting from M+ 10.

Dungeon Rotation in Season 1 of Mythic Plus Dragonflight


The new dungeons will, as predicted, join some of the older ones in the dungeon rotation for Season 1:

Dragonflight Legion Warlords of Draenor Mists of Pandaria
Ruby Life Pools Halls Valor Temple of the Jade Serpent Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
The Nokhud Offensive Court of Stars
The Azure Vault
Algeth'ar Academy

To provide easier access to the legacy instances from earlier addons, the new hub zone called
Valdrakken will include portals to these mythic dungeons Dragonflight introdeces. After ascending the steps that take you to the Seat of the Aspects, turn right to discover them. These portals will take you to:

The Rewards from the Weekly Chest and M+ Completion and their ilvl

As usual, the higher difficulty (key) level you’ll manage to complete, the higher ilvl of an item you will receive at the finish line of your run and inside the Weekly Chest.  However, keep in mind that the recommended ilvl for mythic+ recommended ilvl for mythic+ will also increase. Here’s the entire list of ilvl rewards sorted by M+ level:
M+ Level Completion ilvl Great Vault ilvl
1 372 -
2 376 382
3 376 385
4 379 385
5 379 389
6 382 389
7 385 392
8 385 395
9 389 395
10 392 398
11 392 402
12 392 405
13 392 408
14 395 408
15 398 411
16 398 415
17 402 415
18 402 418
19 405 418
20 405 421

The weekly chest must once again be opened after completing the necessary number of runs on the selected M+ difficulty. We can make a separate guide for the
Great Vault for Dragonflight Mythic Plus. Let us know in the comments below if you want us to make this guide for you.

Updated Difficulty Scaling

There’s been a blue post from the developers about the changes to how the difficulty increases from one mythic key to another. The scaling here is done through the increase of the health pool and the DMG deal in percentages. The change comes into effect starting from M+ 11.

M+ key Shadowlands Dragonflight
11 100% 104%
12 116% 124%
13 133% 146%
14 152% 171%
15 172% 198%
16 194% 228%
17 217% 261%
18 243% 297%
19 270% 336%
20 300% 380%
21 332% 428%
22 366% 481%
23 403% 539%
24 444% 603%
25 487% 673%
26 534% 750%
27 585% 836%
28 640% 929%
29 699% 1032%
30 763% 1145%
But for now, this is all there’s to it. Running mythic+ dungeons is a very challenging activity in the game. It is not available and definitely not recommended for new players. At the same time, its rewards are really hard to say no to. That’s why if you need assistance in clearing keys and obtaining the ability to open the weekly chests, LFCarry.com has a perfect service for you! If you liked this little article, be sure to stick around, as there will be plenty more Mythic Plus guides in the future!

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