Everything About Hero Talents in The War Within!

Are you ready to take your World of Warcraft adventure to the next level? The highly anticipated expansion, “The War Within,” is about to shake Azeroth to its core. As you delve deeper into class fantasy, Hero Talents become your secret weapon. 


What Are Hero Talents?

Hero Talents are an advanced extension of the Talent system in World of Warcraft, designed to delve deeper into class fantasy. Inspired by iconic Warcraft characters and themes, Hero Talents are a third talent tree, separate from class and specialization trees. Players earn 10 Hero Talent points while leveling up to 80, enabling them to unlock all hero talents akin to Legion Artifact Weapons.

Hero Talent Details

  • Exploration and Flexibility: They are designed to enhance class-specific themes. They are also extremely flexible and can be changed like regular talents.
  • Standard Points: Earned through leveling, you can earn 10 hero talent points on your way to lvl 80. Your first point is free.
  • Choice Nodes: Offer decisions within the talent trees. Four per tree, allowing for thematic or balanced selections. Each spec accesses two Hero Talent trees, which are shared with another spec in the class. There are 39 Hero Talent trees and specs.
  • Theme-Centric: Trees focus on key spells that align with specific themes. The capstone talent concludes each tree, reinforcing the primary theme.

Example Hero Talent Trees

Blizzard showcased the Balance Druid Hero Talent Trees: Keeper of the Grove and Elune’s Chosen at Blizzcon.

  • Elune’s Chosen: Empowers lunar abilities and is available to Guardian and Balance Druids.
  • Keeper of the Grove: Enhances Force of Nature and treants, available to Restoration and Balance Druids.

Hero Talent Tree



Elune’s Chosen

Guardian, Balance

Lunar abilities

Keeper of the Grove

Restoration, Balance

Force of Nature, treants

Hero Talents enrich the gameplay by providing customizable and thematic advancements, making each class more unique and engaging in The War Within.

Hero Talent Trees












NOTE: You can always check the The War Within Talent Calculator!

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