Everything About Delves in The War Within

Delves are a key feature in World of Warcraft’s expansion, The War Within. Designed for 1-5 players, these short, role-agnostic adventures provide a flexible, engaging endgame experience. They draw inspiration from Torghast, Islands, and offer variety and player choice.


What Are Delves?

Delves are small scenarios set in Khaz Algar, designed for groups of 1-5 players. Each adventure lasts 10-15 minutes and does not require specific roles like tanks or healers. Delves are set to become a lasting feature in World of Warcraft, establishing themselves as a core component of the endgame world content. It will have a progression system, however, it will work outside of Raiding, Mythic+, or PvP. Players are accompanied by NPC companions, such as Brann Bronzebeard, who can fill various roles and provide narrative context.

Basics of Delves

  • Companion System: Brann Bronzebeard joins players, especially when not in a full group, providing customizable DPS or healing abilities. He can be tailored to different roles and helps with gathering materials like herbs and mining nodes.
  • Objective-Based: Players advance through Delves by completing objectives, battling rare mobs, and finding treasure chests. Each Delve culminates in a boss fight, unlocking treasure vaults.
  • Dynamic Content: Delves feature puzzles, platforming elements, and dynamic objectives that change daily, providing more dynamic content as they are not restricted to dungeons/raids.
  • Amazing Rewards: Delves introduces exciting rewards such as mounts, pets, and unique seasonal items, with helpful NPCs to aid players. Moreover, Delves are integrated into the Great Vault system, offering valuable weekly rewards and playing a crucial role in the expansion’s progression and reward framework.
  • No Loading Screens: Delves integrate seamlessly into the world without loading screens.
  • Narrative Tie-Ins: Each Delve includes story elements, with companions leveling up and providing new abilities.
  • Variable Content: Delves can vary weekly, offering different challenges and environments.
  • Brann Bronzebeard: In Season 1, Brann Bronzebeard is the companion for Delves. He levels up as players progress through Delves, unlocking new powers.

How To Start In Delves

When you enter a Delve, Brann Bronzebeard will join you as a companion if you’re not in a full group. You can configure his role and equipment at the start. Simply check the objectives to begin.

Delves function similarly to the scenarios from Mists of Pandaria, where you progress by completing objectives. Along the way, you may encounter side tasks like defeating rare mobs, finding treasure chests, and gathering herbs or mining nodes. Brann can collect these resources if no one else in your group can.

Additionally, you might discover summon stones that provide extra checkpoints in case of a wipe. At the end of a Delve, you will face a boss. Defeating it grants you access to a treasure vault filled with gold and chests. Higher-level Delves offer more chests that require keys to unlock.

Currently, Delves drop gear and a new currency called Resonant Crystal, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items like kobold candle helms from Sir Finley Mrgglton in Dornogal.


Delve Tiers & Seasons

Delves follow a seasonal format, with tiers increasing in difficulty, similar to PvE. Higher tiers offer faster story progression and more challenging content.

Delve Tiers and Rewards:


Available Pre-Season

Available Post-Season







Delve Locations

The War Within features several new zones with Delves:

Isle of Dorn


The Ringing Deeps


Earthcrawl Mines

Skittering Breach

The Waterworks

The Spiral Weave

Kriegval’s Rest

Nightfall Sanctum

The Dread Pit

Rak-Rethan Abyss

Fungal Folly

The Sinkhole


Mystery 13th Delve


Mycomancer Cavern



Delves offer a variety of rewards, including:

  • Currency: Resonant Crystals (a new currency) for purchasing cosmetics and gear.
  • Resplendent Chests: they will be included at the end of every Delve, you’ll need a Resplendent Key to unlock them. You can obtain the keys from Delves, outdoor gameplay, and weekly quests. Ilvl will depend on the lvl of difficulty. The cap will be equivalent to Heroic Raid or Mythic +5 keys.
  • Great Vault: Delves contribute to the Great Vault system, providing valuable weekly rewards. The Great Vault’s PvP row will be replaced with a World option. By completing 1, 4, or 9 Delves or World Activities, you can unlock World Slots in the Great Vault. The gear from these slots will scale with difficulty, similar to other rows, and can reach item levels equivalent to Heroic raid gear or Mythic 15 dungeon gear.

Season 1 Rewards:





Zekvir’s Raptorial Spine

Exclusive mount reward from Nemesis

Hunting the Hunter (Solo)

Delver’s Dirigible Schematic: Void

Full transformation for the Delver’s Dirigible mount

Hunting the Hunter

Toxic Victory

Reward also available from Nemesis (Solo)



Meta Achievement: Glory of the Delver

The “Glory of the Delver” is the meta achievement for Delves in The War Within, requiring players to complete a series of specific tasks within Delves. Completing this meta achievement rewards players with the Ivory Goliathus mount.

Required Achievements for Glory of the Delver


Task Description


War Within Delves:

Tier 8

Complete a Tier 8 delve with revives remaining

Unlocks Tier 9 

Leave No Treasure


Find and open all Sturdy Chests in War Within delves

Seeker of Loot


I TAKE Candle!

Complete a Kobold delve without exhausting an Enchanted Candle or Air Totem on Tier 8 or higher


Spider Senses

Complete a Nerubian delve without triggering ambushers or taking damage from Nerubian Eggs on Tier 8 or higher


Delve Loremaster:  War Within

Complete the 12 main delve storylines



Complete a Fungarian delve without being hit by Explosive Spores on Tier 8 or higher


Just Keep


Complete a Kobyss delve without losing your breath on Tier 8 or higher



Complete an Order of Night delve without being targeted by Artillery fire on Tier 8 or higher



Defeat Zekvir in his lair before the release of season 2 of delves

Zekvir’s Raptorial Spine

Customizable Airship Mount

Delver’s Dirigible, features various customizable parts ( decal, wings, thrusters, top piece, and nose).


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