Dragonflight first raid: Vault of the Incarnates.

Information provided on this guide is founded upon the Beta version of Dragonflight (DF), therefore, is subject to change once it gets released. Our team will keep on updating these facts in its due course.


What’s The Story Behind The VotI DF Raid?

The Primal Incarnate’s followers trespassed Titan’s jail, which had imprisoned the Incarnates during centuries already. Once there, Raszageth, the Storm-Eater (SE), conducts a heinous ceremony to free her brothers. Their ultimate goal is getting rid of the Titan’s existence in Azeroth. That’s when champions make their appearance. Their mission is to invade her castle and overcome Raszageth’s menace. If success isn’t reached, the entirety of the WoW realms is dommed. 

You could discover more info regarding what prompts Raszageth in the Azure Span Quests, during which she will make a mission out of destroying the Blue Dragonflight, since it’s employing the Arcane Magic.

When Is The Raid Scheduled To Be Available?

VotI is going to be the beginning raid for the upcoming content. It will include eight individual bosses, SE being the ultimate one. She is among the newest characters in World of Warcraft.

The VotI raid is scheduled for release in the current year, during the third week of December. 7 days later, LFR Wing one will be launched. You can take a peek at all release dates in this timetable.


VotI Normal, Heroic, and Mythic modes.


LFR Wing one.


LFR Wing two.


LFR Wing three.

+ Cross Faction M+ Great Vault starts working right away.
+ To get access to Hall of Fame, a minimum of sixteen teammates must belong to a matching faction, thus they can qualify for rewards.

Where Could I Find The Raid?

Players can access the Votl at the east side of Thaldraszus, inside Dragon Isles. Reaching the correct position could become tricky, therefore it is a good idea to verify whether the name of the raid matches the neutral flight point. Once you arrive, make sure to acquire the flight path (for that, address Nirazal). 

Which Bosses Will I Face Once I Get There?

Like we stated above, in this raid you’ll face a total of eight mobs. Raszageth will be the ultimate one. Check out a few of those mobs abilities in this table:

Eranog. Collapsing Army, Primal Flow, Primal Forces, Blazing Brand, Molten Swing, Rising Heat.
Terros Rumbling Impact, Earth Ejection, Detonating Smash, Obliterating Slam,  Cataclysmic Obliteration,         Resonance Barrage.

The Primal      Council.

Composed by Kadros Frostgrip, Dathea Shockgrip, Embar Firepath, and Opalfang. They wield various   types of massive attacks like Primal Blizzard, Ball Lightning, Shattering Armor, and Volcano.
Sennarth, The Cold Breath. Stage 1: Ice Climbers, Intermission: Guardians of Frost,  Stage 2: Cold Peak, .

Dathea,            Ascended.

Rushing Winds, Gale Force Annihilation, Cyclone, Air Crescendo, Marked Tempest, Squall Burst,            Razor Winds, Zephyr Slam, Aerial Buffet.

 Kurog               Grimtotem.

Stage 1: Elemental Mastery, Stage 2: Summoning Incarnates.

 Broodkeeper   Diurna (BD).

Stage 1: The Primalist Clutch, Stage 2: A Broodkeeper Scorned.
Raszageth SE. Stage 1: PH Text: Hurricane Wing, Electrified Jaws, Fulminating Charge, Lightning Strike, Lightning      Breath, Spiteful Radiation.

How Do I Access The Raid Skip?

You have to gather three parts of Shard of the Greatstaff during the VotI Break a Few Eggs raid mission. You will come across them while confronting BD. With this method you will be able to accomplish the raid through a skip. Unfortunately, it will only work for Heroic and M+.

How Will Group Loot Work In DF?

During these raids, loot division will be done exclusively thru the Group Loot. The personal one has ceased to exist, unless it is used in some specific things, such as profession reagents.

Would Loot T > Be Available?

Ilvl trading requirements among players from the same group have been eliminated. During a raid, you can exchange items with a lesser ilvl boost (it will not apply to upgrades).


How Will Ilvl Work With Tiers?

  • 389 will be the basic ilvl in Normal mode. You will be able to acquire these items from the first four bosses.
  • VotI will feature a 3rd ilvl for appearing tiers, the 395 ilvl. Players will be able to obtain those items defeating the fifth and sixth bosses.
  • Finally we have the 398 ilvl, which is kept for your last enemies (BD and SE). 
  • The ilvl can still escalate inside a +13 range for every difficulty mode. Heroic mode begins at 402 ilvl, M+ at a 415, etc.

How Will Ilvl Work For Loot?

VotI will feature 4 difficulty modes. They will work in the subsequent way:

  • LFR (ilvl 376/385)
  • Normal mode (ilvl 389/398)
  • Heroic mode (ilvl 402-411)
  • M+ (ilvl 415-424)

Would There Be Exclusive Loot?

Thru the encounter, you would be able to obtain drops from specific bosses for higher ilvl (+7/+8). These drops will possess special features, e.g., boosts, trinkets, etc. The array of these exclusive goods is locked to particular mobs and it does not vary.


Would BoE Items Be Featured?

Within the new expansion, you can’t acquire items from trash mobs. However, various types of armors will be attached to the Bind on Equip collection once they are accessible.

What Will The Class Sets Be?

To acquire the sets, you must finish the VotI raid. However, next year, at the last week of January, you could also be able to acquire them through the Inspiration Catalyst. If you choose raiding, you’ll have to obtain dropping tokens. They will make their appearance once you defeat Sennarth. You can later utilize them to generate a VotI Souldbound Class item. Every class possesses different tokens. Take a look to the table below to know which ones are yours to take:

Venerated Tokens

Paladins, the Priest and Shamans

Mystic Tokens

Druids, Hunters and Mages

Dreadful tokens

Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Warlocks

Zenith Tokens

Evokers, Monks, Rogues and Warriors


Which Rewards/Achievements Will Be Featured?

Once you face the ultimate boss, the Drakewatcher Manuscript can be unlocked. It would grant you a custom upgrade made for the Renewed Proto-Drake Dragonriding mount. It yields an ilvl of 60 and it is unbreakable.

Additionally, you could acquire a Raging Magmammoth mount. To access such a feature, the Glory of the Vault Raider achievement must be accomplished. If you require support acquiring these items, don’t forget our carry services are always at your disposition. Don’t hesitate to check our gearing options!

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