Top Crafted Gear & Embellishments for Every Class In 10.1!

Dragonflight 10.1 brings fresh changes to gear crafting in Season 2, introducing gear pieces, brand-new embellishments, and item levels. Here we listed the Best Crafted Gear and Embellishments for every class.

Crafted Gear & Embellishments For Every Class

The Dragonflight Update 10.1 brings fresh changes to gear crafting in Season 2, introducing novel gear pieces, brand-new WoW embellishments, and unprecedented item levels. If you intend to embark on crafting and gear upgrading in 10.1, Spark of Shadowflame will be essential. It will be made available during the first week of Patch 10.1, and later on, you’ll be able to obtain it every two weeks afterward. 

To assist you in utilizing your Spark of Shadowflame efficiently, we have assembled a list with the finest crafted PvP gear dragonflight and embellishments for every class. These suggestions offer outstanding guidance to maximize your spec while investing this precious currency wisely. You can also click on the links of each gear to obtain further information about them.

Best Death Knight Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Demon Hunter Crafted Gear & Embellishments

WoW Fang Adornments is one of the best starting power ups that’s relatively simple to make and apply to your gear until you get your hands to something more prevalent.

Not every embellishment Dragonflight is made equal, some of them are only good as temporary ones while you’re gathering resources to replace it with something more effective for your build. Regardless, most if not all of these power ups have their uses.

Best Druid Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Evoker Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Hunter Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Mage Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Monk Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Paladin Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Priest Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Rogue Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Shaman Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Warlock Crafted Gear & Embellishments

Best Warrior Crafted Gear & Embellishments

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