Discover The Power Of Strand: Introducing New Subclass In Destiny 2

Less than a month left before we can enjoy the long-anticipated Destiny 2 new expansion – Lightfall. The update features a new story, new features, new mechanics, and, of course, new power called Strand, to which this guide is dedicated. Here, we’ll tell you everything we know about it so far to give you an idea of what’s coming. So, let’s roll!


Lightfall Story: a Quick Overview



Before we take a closer look at the new power, let’s say a few words about the campaign. Bungie doesn’t share much about the upcoming expansion, which is set to be released on February 28, 2023, but from what we know – the Guardians will go to Neptune’s city Neomuna. The new destination can captivate anyone with its neon lights and skyscrapers, so it’ll be a pure joy to explore them.

But you’ll visit Neomuna not just for sightseeing. Your primary mission is to face the Witness, who operates through his disciple Calus who, in turn, leads the Shadow Legion. However, you won’t confront the enemies alone. You’ll be teaming up with Cloud Striders – the city defenders – who will gladly join you in taking down the bad guys. And that’s all we know for now. If you want to learn more details, check out our comprehensive guide about the new expansion.

Embrace the Darkness



Fans have been waiting for a new subclass for quite some time now, and they’ll finally get it. Now, besides Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void, players can set up their Guardians using the Darkness power – Strand. But what is it?

Strand is all about manipulating space and time. According to the devs, the fabric of the world around us is a Weave to which threads you can reach using your consciousness. The new power allows you to use these threads as tools. And unlike any other subclass, Guardians are the first to discover and use Strand, which is quite exciting. 

The new power brings a lot to the table. For example, Guardians can now use the grappling hook, which changes the way you traverse. The completely new mechanic fits perfectly to the new map that is filled with verticalities – something the Destiny 2 environment never offered before. Besides giving you more opportunities to travel around the area, grappling can drastically help you in dealing with platforming puzzles in PvE activities and getting to the hard-to-reach places with Easter eggs.

And, of course, Strand adds three new subclasses for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan.

Explore Your Guardian's New Abilities


Just like other powers, Strand gives each Guardian Super, melee, grenade, and class ability options, as well as Fragments and Aspects, to set up the build fully. So, let’s see what subclasses we’re going to use once the expansion is out.

Berserker (Titan). The Berserker uses Strand claws, which they summon, to rend their targets and tear them apart. They are a force capable of tearing through big groupings of adversaries and performing a series of spinning attacks.

Broodweaver (Warlock). Broodweavers can manipulate the Weave using their minds, which gives them a sort of telekinesis abilities. Also, they are able to summon little creatures that can attack enemies and missiles to eliminate opponents. 

Threadrunner (Hunter). Threadrunners use threads to weave new ones and to increase their movement and speed abilities by darting through the air. Moreover, they are AoE with a Strand blade tied to a rope, which they use to hit multiple foes or even pull them across the area.

Though we don’t know any specific details yet, these descriptions are enough to give us a picture of what to expect and piqued our interest. Once we know more, we’ll make sure to update this guide.

Be on Top of the Game From the Start



Well, it seems like the devs prepared something entirely unique this time, and we’re sure you share our excitement. The new power will indeed shake things around, offering us a completely new gaming experience. 

Though it’s fun to level up, gain XP, and upgrade your character to be stronger and be able to use new abilities to the utmost, it can also be quite a tedious and time-consuming thing to do. But you don’t have to go through any of this if it doesn’t bring joy. Instead, you can let PRO players handle the hard work and just enjoy the other interesting aspects of the game. Just visit and check out the relevant offers or tell their managers what you want via live chat.

Thank you for reading this guide, and make sure to come back soon for more. Good luck and have a great game!


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