Diablo 4 Battle Pass – Details Revealed!

As Diablo IV’s June release draws near, Blizzard has unveiled the pricing for the battle pass and shed light on how the RPG will manage its seasonal content.

What Was Said On Blizzard’s Livestream?

With Diablo IV’s launch in June quickly approaching, Blizzard has shared details regarding the cost of the battle pass and how the RPG will manage its seasonal content.

In the most recent livestream by Blizzar’s developer blog, an overview containing the Diablo IV season framework was made, focusing on the rewards and leveling process. The 1st season is expected to start in late July maximum, with a plan of four seasons per year, each lasting for approximately three months.

Four Seasons of Fun: Diablo IV's Unmissable Updates!

The purpose of these seasons is not to extend Diablo IV’s main storyline; that is reserved for its expansions. Rather than that, the seasons will spotlight different theme-based content built on the base game while featuring new aspects of the Sanctuary world. These new elements will incorporate to the gameplay the following:

  • Novel mechanics
  • Characters
  • Questlines
  • Items
  • And balance adjustments.

Every season will introduce themed questlines and independent narratives. These quests guide players through novel events that align with the RPG’s most recent themed experience. Throughout the livestream, Rod Fergusson, the game’s general manager, noted that this diversion from the core campaign narrative allowed the team to craft quests and mechanics that aren’t confined by the campaign.

We are essentially crafting open-world questlines that can be entirely unique and not restricted to the narrative level of the story. They can cover any intriguing aspect you wish to explore in the open world.

Rod Fergusson

The 4 updates a year are intended to explore the gameplay further, so you’ll be required to complete the base game before embarking on them. Once you’ve finished, all new characters can bypass the campaign and dive into the seasonal update immediately. 

Every season will require you to create a new character, and although the initial one will still be available for you, they won’t be able to access the new content.

In each quarter, you’ll be able to embark on a seasonal journey that will feature challenges and rewards. They can help you accomplish your battle pass through Favor, the experience point system. The seasonal Pass can be completed for free, but it also has paid options with extra benefits.

Battle Pass Cost

The free battle pass is accessible to all players; it’ll feature 27 tiers with rewards such as Smoldering Ashes and additional cosmetics. Ashes can be traded for seasonal blessings (boosts) for EXP points, currency, potion extensions, and Obols. However, paid pass rewards won’t offer extra Smoldering Ashers. Players must achieve certain character milestones prior to claiming rewards that influence the gameplay.

Diablo IV's Paid Battle Pass Options

  • Premium Pass (~$10)
  • 63 extra tiers
  • Two complete cosmetic armor sets for every class
  • Weapon and armor cosmetics
  • Seasonal mount and mount armor
  • Accelerated Pass (~$25)

Benefits From The Premium Pass

  • Instantly unlocks 20 tiers
  • Wings of the Creator emote

As seasons only span three months, the accelerated Pass is aimed at those who join the season later, unlocking tiers for a buff. Some benefits unlocked during the season, such as unique items and skills, are transferred to Diablo IV’s base game after the events conclude. 

Alongside its paid battle pass tiers, Blizzard also mentions a planned rotating collection of gear for Diablo 4’s cash shop. Items bought in the shop are solely aesthetic, and class cosmetics are account-wide for all characters.

The exact date for Diablo IV Season 1 has yet to be determined, and Blizzard’s developer panel mentioned that the theme’s details would be debated post-launch on June 6, 2023. Despite its launch being just around the corner, the final Diablo IV beta is still available for review from May 12 to May.

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