Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Major Weapon Nerfs, PvP Changes, and Breach Executable Updates

Greetings, Guardians! brings you the latest scoop on Bungie’s substantial patch for Destiny 2. This update addresses various issues and introduces significant changes to the game. Let’s dive into the most impactful updates.


Key Patch Highlights:

  1. Weapon Balance:
    • Khvostov: Recoil increased, stability buffed by 30, ricochet damage nerfed in PvP
    • Red Death: Intrinsic stability bonus reduced
    • Speaker’s Sight: Orb generation disabled in PvP
    • Hawkmoon: Fixed exploit allowing one-shot kills
    • Still Hunt Exotic Sniper: Special ammo reduced in Trials

  2. Breach Executable Improvements:
    • Sample extraction time reduced
    • Two pistons now always available per run
    • Navigation point visibility increased
    • Roaming time extended for material collection

  3. General Fixes:
    • Weapon leveling exploit in Overthrow patched
    • Pathfinder objective progress issue resolved
    • Overthrow boss triumph tracking fixed
    • Infested Caverns: Spawn issues fixed, moth respawns removed, time trial extended to 6 minutes

  4. Vanguard and PvP Updates:
    • Expansion requirements for Vanguard Ops adjusted
    • Private mode match rewards and reputation gains corrected
    • Ghost mods erroneous bonuses fixed

  5. Gameplay and Investment:
    • Heat Rises glide activation improved
    • Year six gear removed from Blind Well loot pool
    • Adept weapon purchase issue resolved
    • Exotic pattern requirements updated

  6. Iron Banner:
    • Playlist changes implemented
    • New weapon rolls for Claws of the Wolf and Criminal Dagger
    • Tusk of the Board back in rotation

  7. Eververse and Nightfall:
    • This week’s Eververse offerings include new shaders, a helmet, and a weapon ornament
    • Nightfall weapon: Shadow Price

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Additional Fixes and Improvements

This patch also addresses several other issues and introduces various quality-of-life improvements:

  1. Activity-Specific Fixes:
    • Salvation’s Grip: Timer extended for reward looting
    • Shadow Throne: Surge effects corrected
    • Enigma Protocol: Countdown timer display fixed
    • Infested Caverns: Delayed spawn issue fixed, moth respawns removed during boss fight, time trial timer extended to six minutes

  2. Gameplay Adjustments:
    • Various perk adjustments (Air Trigger, Hands Physic)
    • Facet of Hope: Now works correctly with turn buffs
    • Heat Rises: Fixed issue preventing improved glide when activated while already gliding

  3. UI and Quality-of-Life Updates:
    • Character Boost Screens: Updated with more information about unlocks after acquiring the Final Shape campaign skip boost
    • Wish Bearer Title: Availability restored
    • Season Rank display: Corrected for post-rank 100 (note: experience past rank 100 doesn’t roll over to the next act)
    • Echo Engrams: Can now be focused at the War Table before Failsafe moves to the Helm

  4. Technical Fixes:
    • Gear loading issues in certain activities resolved
    • Hive Gunk Crash: Fixed game crash caused by breaking Hive Gunk with a sword
    • Exotic patterns: No longer require Legendary Shards for patterns from the Evidence Board

  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Voiceover and Subtitles: Corrected mismatch in some of Felsa’s dialogue
    • Sword Dance Triumph: Fixed issue where swords weren’t registering for the triumph


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