Destiny 2: Early Look At Ability Tuning Changes In Season 21

In a recent blog post, Bungie shared their plans regarding abilities tuning that will be introduced in the upcoming Season of the Deep. What buffs and nerfs should we expect for each class? What general balance updates will the studio introduce? Read on to find out!


Need an Extra Fragment Slot? Now You Can Have It!


In their post that introduced a comprehensive preview of the upcoming alterations, Destiny 2 Combat Gaming team announced that after receiving community’s feedback about single-Fragment-slot Aspects, they decided to change that. Thus, in Season 21, the Fragment slot allotment will be increased to two but only for the following Aspects for now:

  • Hunters: Gunpowder Gamble, Shatterdive, and Trapper’s Ambush
  • Titans: Bastion and Juggrnaut
  • Warlocks: Chaos Accelerant

Super Changes: Big and Small

Let’s start with a global thing. After looking closer at roaming Supers, the devs decided to increase their viability. For that, they tweaked the PvE damage resistance, so in Season of the Deep, all Supers will get their damage resistance against PvE increased by 20%.  

Now, with that being said, let’s move on to more specific changes class by class.


The changes for their class will be made to the Solar, Arc, and Void subclasses.

Golden Gun (Marksman and
Increased damage against PvE enemies by 20%
Arc Staff PvE damage increased by 20%
Spectral Blades
  • PvE damage enhanced by 35%
  • Heavy attack weakens targets on hit
  • A problem where some high-velocity right-hand attacks
    fail to connect fixed
Gathering Storm
  • Direct impact damage vs. players increased from 200 to
  • Delayed lightning strike damage vs. players increased
    from 300 to 500
  • Lingering lightning tick damage vs. players increased
    from 40 to 60
  • Now deals increased damage vs. Well of Radiance and
    Ward of Dawn


This class will get some PvE damage buff for their roaming Arc, Solar, and Stasis Supers.

Fists of Havoc
  • Light attack cost reduced from 8.5% to 6%
  • Heavy attack cost reduced from 18% to 12%
  • Increased heavy attack PvE damage by 33%
  • Heavy attack now blinds targets near the center of the slam area
Glacial Quake
  • Shiver Strike thrust speed while in Super increased by 10%
  • Increased light attack damage by 20%
Sentinel Shield PvE damage increased by 20%
Hammer of Sol Buffed PvE damage by 10%
Burning Maul
  • PvE damage increased by 10%
  • Creates a Sunspot on cast when Sol Invictus is equipped, matching the
    behavior of Hammer of Sol
  • Heavy attack cyclone applies scorch over time


These guys will receive Super updates for their Void, Arc, Stasis, and Solar subclasses

  • PvE damage buffed by 15%
  • A fully charged attack makes enemies Volatile on hit
PvE damage increased by 20%
  • PvE damage enhanced by 25%
  • Damage ramp while attacking occurs more quickly (over 3 seconds)
  • Landfall detonation and seekers jolt targets
  • Buffed PvE damage by 25%
  • Sustained damage on a single target creates a jolting lightning strike at the
    target’s location
  • Increased damage resistance vs. players from 40% to 50%
  • Increased maximum strafe speed from 3.5m/s to 4.5m/s
  • Adjusted Super camera to avoid the player’s body blocking view of targets
    when strafing
Winter’s Wrath Increased PvE damage by 10%
Daybreak Adjusted Super camera to allow the player to look down further and avoid VFX blocking view of targets when moving quickly


And now let’s talk about other updates and tuning Bungie has prepared for us in the next season.

What’s New for Strand?


According to the blog post, Destiny 2 Combat Gaming team is still observing the new subclass and its performance. However, it doesn’t stop them from making a few adjustments to improve our gaming experience. So, here’s what’s coming the following season.

Class Ability Changes
Hunter Threaded Spike
  • Increased projectile travel range before beginning to
    return to the player by 30%
  • Increased damage vs. PvE combatants by ~55%
  • Slightly reduced speed of the dart as it returns to the player
    to make catching it easier
  • Increased energy gain for catching the dart based on the
    number of enemies hit
  • Now pierces Cabal Phalanx shields
  • No longer prioritizes the catch action over the grapple melee if an enemy target is within grapple melee range
Titan Frenzied Blade
  • Decreased cooldown based on how many melee charges the player has stored
  • At 0 charges, cooldown reduced by 15%. At 2 charges,
    cooldown reduced by 30%
Warlock Arcane
  • Decreased cooldown based on how many melee charges the player has stored
  • At 0 charges, cooldown reduced by 15%. At 2 charges,
    reduced by 30%
  • Increased projectile speed based on the projectile’s flight
  • Initial velocity increased to 40 meters per second, up from
  • Final velocity increased to 70 meters per second, up from 60
  • Increased projectile tracking strength by ~10%

Other Changes 


  • Reduced base cooldown from 105 seconds to 82 seconds
  • Reduced the minimum time between grapple activations from 2.5s to 0.2s

Thread of Generation

  • Reduced energy generation provided by some damage-over-time mechanics
  • Reduced energy generation provided by Trace Rifles by 36%

Stasis Ability Updates Are Coming Too


With addition of Strand and Subclass 3.0, Bungie wanted to reexamine some of the tuning changes they made to this subclass in Season 14 and 15 and tweak them to keep things balanced in the new season. So, here are the results.

Class Ability Changes
Hunter Withering Blade
  • Increased projectile tracking search range on bounce vs.
    players by 20%
  • Increased maximum tracking strength by 12.5%
Titan Shiver
  • Maximum thrust while in flight increased by 16%
  • Decreased maximum downward influence of gravity while in flight by 18%
Titan Howl of
the Storm
Increased width of freezing cone vs. players by 31%
Warlock Frostpulse Now provides 2 meters of additional melee lunge range after
activation for 1.2 seconds

Introducing Light Tuning Updates


As was mentioned by the devs in their post, the changes to these subclasses will be made to a variety of abilities, especially to those that are currently overpowered or, on the contrary, underpowered. Yes, there are going to be lots of buffs and nerfs. 


The main focus for this class is Nightstalker and Gunslinger melee abilities that will go under the following changes.

Increased PvE weaken duration on detonation from 4 seconds to
8 seconds
Explosive Knife
  • Detonation damage vs. players reduced from 105 to 90
  • Impact damage vs. players increased from 14 to 20
Weighted Throwing
On keyboard, reduced minimum tracking shape size by 25% and
maximum tracking shape size by 10%. This shape grows over 0.5
seconds after the projectile is thrown
Lightweight Knife
  • Projectile speed increased from 30 meters per second to 40
    meters per second
  • Tracking shape size increased by 20%
Gunpowder Gamble Reduced cooldown from 12 seconds to 6 seconds


The devs were aiming to make some changes to Incinerator Snap, Ball Lightning, and a pair of Chaos Accelerant’s boosted grenades, so here are the updates we’ll see (and experience) in the Season of the Deep.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the secondary projectile
    arming shape from activating
  • Total damage vs. players reduced from 150 to 135 to compensate
    for dramatically increased consistency
  • Increased PvE damage by 30%
  • Reduced ping scalar on both primary and secondary detonations so
    combatants are less likely to be knocked out of the secondary strike
    area while the player is amplified
(Scatter Grenade)
  • Increased tracking consistency of charged Scatter Grenade
  • Increased submunition arming duration
  • Fixed a bug where some submunitions were impacting the ground on
    creation in some situations, resulting in an early detonation
Magnetic Grenade Increase charged hold time from 3.2 seconds to 4.5 seconds


Their class’s abilities will see numerous changes in the upcoming season, such as the following.

Shield Bash,
Now cost 15% melee energy on activation, Base cooldowns are
now standardized at 91 seconds
  • Lunge range reduced from 6.5m to 5.5m
  • Uncharged melee PvE damage bonus increased from 60% to 100%
  • Increased base impact damage from 60 to 70
  • Increased consistency of finding and adjusting initial trajectory toward
    a new target after a bounce
Now adjusts its initial flight trajectory based on your aim assist target
Sol Invictus Increased damage dealt by Sunspots to enemy players per tick from 17 to 22

Subclass Keyword Tuning Changes



Besides the updates mentioned above, the devs introduced alterations they are planning to do to subclass keywords, more specifically to Arc and Solar. The changes will be made to scorch, jolt, and speed booster.


  • Increase stun time before stacks begin falling off from 1.5s to 2.3s on players
  • Increase stun time before stacks begin falling off from 3s to 4.5s on PvE combatants


  • Reduced base PvE damage by 15%
  • Reduced additional damage scalar vs. major combatants in PvE by ~20%

Speed Booster

  • Bonus jump acceleration scalar reduced from 1.5x to 1.25x
  • Now activates while sprinting after 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds
  • Now lingers while the player is not sprinting for 2 seconds, up from 1.5 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where if the player was already sprinting and then became amplified, speed booster would not be granted

These are all changes Bungie discussed in their recent update, though the devs added that the list isn’t final, meaning there’s more coming in Season of the Deep.

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That would be all for today! Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back soon for more news!


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