CoD Event: Soul Capture For Warzone And MW2!

Prepare for a ghoulish encounter as the The Haunting event descends upon Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone! From a darkened Al Mazrah map brimming with demons to the thrill of collecting souls for spine-chilling rewards, uncover the secrets of the Soul Capture event and ensure you’re the top specter this Halloween season.


Halloween Is Unfolding on Al Mazrah!

With autumn leaves falling and a chill in the air, Call of Duty enthusiasts are in for a spooky delight. This year, Al Mazrah takes center stage with The Haunting event in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. As night blankets the map, players will confront not only their enemies but also eerie demons, adding an extra layer of thrill to the gameplay. Additionally, gamers can look forward to experiencing zombie modes on Vondel and a fresh set of cosmetics to amplify their character’s appeal.

The Haunting

The pulse-quickening adventures in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are available for 20 days. This means players have a limited window to immerse themselves in haunted equipment, spooky map variants, and many other chilling surprises this update has brought along.

Embarking on the Soul Capture Event

The essence of “The Haunting” event lies in the electrifying Soul Capture event. The rules are pretty straightforward. Dive into any match, and for every player you take down, their spirit, in the form of a soul, is yours to claim. The intriguing part is that the number of souls players can harness depends on the mode they’re engaging in. Souls acquired get automatically stored across all gameplay modes, including multiplayer, battle royale, and DMZ. Players can exchange these accumulated souls for rewards, making every soul captured worth the hunt. Unlike its predecessor, the Trophy Hunt event, players can breathe easily as there’s no need to deposit tokens manually.

Soul Capture: A Bounty of Rewards

As the shadows play and the hunt intensifies, players have their eyes set on the eerie yet enticing rewards. Here’s a rundown of what lies in wait:

  • Gone Batty weapon sticker: 15 souls
  • Skullified calling card: 30 souls
  • Bit Corny Charm: 60 souls
  • Creature Copter vehicle skin: 90 souls
  • Alien Death Ray weapon blueprint: 150 souls
  • Join Me loading screen: 15 souls
  • 1-hour double weapon XP token: 30 souls
  • Bad Luck? weapon charm: 30 souls
  • Carved Up weapon sticker: 60 souls
  • Battle pass tier skip: 90 souls
  • Violent End weapon blueprint: 200 souls

Hold onto your seats because there’s more! The 14th of October promises six additional rewards: weapon camo, another chance at a battle pass tier skip, and a captivating weapon charm. For those truly committed, securing any 10 items bestows them with a Mastery operator skin for Roze, while grabbing 15 items rewards them with a Mastery operator skin for Konig.

Master the Art of Soul Collection

Players must be strategic about their chosen modes to maximize their soul count. While Search and Destroy allows a collection of up to 15 souls, it might be slower-paced than Kill Confirmed, which grants 12 souls. However, a golden opportunity awaits in the Shipment 24/7 playlist. Here, players can quickly rack up 12 souls in every match.

For Warzone aficionados, the strategy slightly shifts. Opting for respawn modes like quads or trios in the Resurgence playlist provides multiple chances to claim souls. The crown jewel, however, is the Massive Resurgence Quads, permitting players to collect an astonishing 20 souls in a single match. Though this may seem time-consuming compared to Shipment, it’s a worthy alternative for those without access to Modern Warfare 2.

As the Halloween season progresses, players across the globe will delve deep into the mysteries of Al Mazrah, challenge adversaries, and race against time to claim every soul and reward. The clock is ticking, so gear up and embrace the supernatural challenges “The Haunting” has unveiled!

Unlock Your Ultimate Potential!

As the shadows lengthen and the atmosphere turns eerie, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone’s “The Haunting” event promises to take players on a thrilling journey. The Soul Capture event is an ingenious meld of strategy, action, and rewards that will keep players hooked throughout its duration. So, whether you’re battling demons in Al Mazrah or trading souls for coveted rewards, there’s something for every CoD aficionado in this Halloween spectacular.

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