WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1: The First Look At Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible Raid Bosses And Loot

The upcoming patch, Embers of Neltharion, will introduce us to the newest raid, about which we’re learning more details each day, considering that the update is currently available on PTR. So, let’s break down everything that’s known about the activity, including the story, bosses, and trinkets so far. Spoilers ahead! Don’t say we didn’t want you.


Who'll be Waiting for Us in the Raid?


According to the lore, a long time ago, Neltharion created a lab In the underground zone called the Zaralek Cavern, where he was trying to alter the world with his experiments. After his death, the place was long forgotten until these days as certain forces are trying to claim Deathwing the Destroyer’s legacy.

It’s now your task to prevent the crucible’s power from ending up in the wrong hands. The place is filled with dangers and, as it was revealed, a total of nine bosses with Scalecomamnder Sarkareth serving as the final one. Here’s a more detailed look at every one of them.



Being a guardian of the Shadowed Crucible, who deals Shadowflame damage, she has a rather tragic story. Having survived the efforts to inject Shadowflame into a subject, she suffered and eventually went mad from the pain caused by elementium plates that can be shattered upon attacks on her.



Numerous elementals were annihilated during the creation of Shadowflame, but still, two managed to survive due to their strength. Krozgoth (shadow) and Moltannia (fire) unite their powers to become an unstoppable force that you must defeat.

Experimentation of Dracthyr



Before the dracthyr was created, there were early versions that weren’t destroyed and remained asleep until this moment. Now they’re ready to face intruders and destroy them by using attacks with Physical and Arcane damage.

Zaqali Invasion


During this encounter, you will face Warlord Kagni and Zaqali warband, including Ignara, Obsidian Guard, Flamebound Huntsman, and Magma Mystic, who are determined to destroy you by any means.



The former leader of Zaqali was kept prisoner for a long time, which, naturally, left its mark on his mind, so now, as he broke free, he’s ready to unleash his anger sparing no one.



Being a witness of Neltharion’s experiments, they now wish to continue his legacy as the power in the crucible is present again. Prepare to fight off their Dragonfire attacks.




All we know about it, for now, is that it’s a beast who guards a doorway into the darkest recesses of the crucible.




Formerly known as the Earth-Warder, he created a hall deep underground to gather the secret knowledge. And now, he intends to continue his work and is ready to destroy any obstacle on his path. 

Scalecommander Sarkareth


When he was one of the five Scalecommanders of the dracthyr in the past, he decided to rebel against dragonflights and is now the leader of the Sundered Flame and the final boss of this raid. He wants to claim the power of the crucible, and you’re the one who can and must stop him.

And this was the quick overview of all bosses that we’re about to encounter soon enough. But don’t worry; we’ll discuss every boss’s abilities in the upcoming guide, so stay tuned!

Now let’s talk about something more pleasant, like the loot that will be given upon the raid completion.

What is Included in the Loot Table?



At the time of writing, we’re aware of just several items, mostly trinkets, which we listed below. Though not all of them are yet implemented and have names or sources, we still got a pretty long list that gives an idea of what we should expect.

Class Themed

These ones are shared between several classes, which is quite convenient. 

All Specs 



Melee DPS

Ranged DPS

Other Rare Drops

Voice of the Silent Star (Cloak) – drops from Scalecommander Sarkareth

Stay Up To Date with LFCarry



According to the roadmap shared by Blizzard, the update is expected to be released between spring and summer. For now, the patch is available in PTR mode, where players explore every new feature while we’re closely monitoring everything they share about them. So, if you want to be in the loop, make sure to check our blog as often as possible, as we’ll be updating this article and publishing some more, covering every aspect of the upcoming patch. See you!


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