Top Classes For WoW WOTLK Gold Farming: A Comprehensive Review

Gold farming is one of the few aspects of this beloved WoW expansion and the game itself that always be of great interest to players. Since you can purchase many items, mounts, trinkets, and other essential things with gold only, all players are always looking for the best ways to get some gold. 

However, no matter what method you’re about to use – whether it’s making a fortune through certain professions, farming specific spots, or any other – you might want to choose the right class for it first. In this guide, we’ll look at the best classes for WOTLK Classic gold farming and explain why they’re so great. Enjoy the read!


The Best Classes for Getting Rich in WOTLK

There are 10 classes to choose from in the expansion, and each has its pros and cons, but today, we’re interested in the ones that fit the best gold farm WOTLK class status. With that in mind, we narrowed our list down to four following classes. Let’s see what they are and why exactly they are suitable for our goal.




Most players prefer them because they can use a variety of strategies to get in-game currency, making them a viable option. The combination of their attack and defense makes them ideal for spot farming. For instance, you can play Protection Paladin for really large pulls with a slower burn effect while killing the mobs or choose Retribution Paladin that offers insane damage and smaller pulls. This allows Paladin to farm in Stratholme and Zul’Farrak, gaining a respectable quantity of resources per hour and also enjoy the benefits of soloing old dungeons. If you’re a Paladin at level 80, you can even solo TBC Classic dungeons.

Moreover, thanks to Crusader Aura and Pursuit of Justice, Paladin has an enhanced movement speed which is very useful for professions like Mining and Herbalism, which are also considered great gold farming WOTLK occupations.




This class is known to be aggressive spellcasters and AoE kings. They have a lot of great abilities, such as Frost Nova and Blizzard, that they can use in combat to do large pulls and then kite. That way, Mages can slowly kill loads of mobs, from which they’ll be getting loot, including gold. This makes Mages perfect for Stratholme and Zul’Farrak farming too.



Unlike Paladin or Mage, this class’s strongest suit is gathering professions. Thanks to Flight Form, they can skip the mount-cast-time and get to hard-to-reach places with herb nodes and ore deposits faster than other classes. This makes Druids an ideal choice for Herbalism and Mining that excel in WOTLK gold making.

However, Druid is also quite a potent class when it comes to AoE and single-target damage due to the buff they got. With Balance spec, they are highly viable for Raids, Eternals, and spot farming.




Perhaps, they are one of the easiest classes to farm gold, which they can do tirelessly. Thanks to their abilities, Hunters can use chain pulls to eliminate mob after mob without taking a break. Moreover, they have pets that often play the role of tanks, increasing your survivability. That way, Hunter may send their pet to do all the beating while dealing damage to enemies themselves. And thanks to Avoidance, all pets take 90% less damage, of which you may take advantage. All of this makes Hunter a good fit for Open World farming

How to Understand Which Class is the Best for You?



Now that we’ve covered the classes that excel in WOTLK Classic gold farm, there can still remain the question: how to select the one that will be perfect just for you?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to that, but there are several factors you should pay attention to. Mostly, your choice must be based on your personal preferences because if you select a class, which you don’t like, then what’s the point in playing at all, right? So, before making up your mind, ask yourself what attracts you the most.

For instance, if the diversity of ways to farm gold is important to you and corresponds to your playstyle, then probably your best choice is either Paladin or Mage. On the other hand, Druid is at your service if you prefer to progress through professions. If you like to do everything solo, Paladin and Hunter might be excellent options, and if you’re looking for someone for DPS, then you can choose between Mage, Druid, and Paladin again. 

These are just examples, but make sure to base your decision on what you personally like. That way, farming gold in WOTLK will be both efficient and enjoyable.

Get Rich Instantly, no Matter What Class You Choose



The four classes we discussed in this WOTLK gold guide are undoubtedly the ones you must consider if you want to earn tons of in-game currency fast. However, despite the decision you make, there’s still a chance that gold farming may become a tedious task you don’t want to waste your time doing. There are certain obstacles and difficulties that you can face on your journey, such as grind, getting used to playing the class you select and others.

But there’s no need to worry because we can offer you services that’ll help you avoid them and make you rich in no time. Just visit for more information on that, and don’t hesitate to reach us via live chat there if you have any questions. 

Thank you for reading our guide! We’ll be back with more soon, so stay tuned!


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