Path of Wealth: A Comprehensive Currency Farming Guide for Path of Exile

Welcome to the world of Path of Exile, where treasure and riches await those brave enough to venture into its depths. But as any seasoned Exile knows, currency is king in this realm, and acquiring it can be a daunting task. That’s where this guide comes in, as we delve into the secrets of farming currency and show you how to turn your hard-earned loot into true wealth. From identifying valuable items to optimizing your build and utilizing trading strategies, this guide will be your ultimate tool in your quest for wealth and power in Path of Exile.

But before we begin, we must first make a few things clear. Path of Exile is a Diablo-like game, which you already know. Much like PoE’s main source of inspiration, this game handles the currency and trading system in its own way. So, in order to understand why would you even want to try and farm currencies in PoE, you should first learn what the currencies are in this game and how does the economy of the game work.


Part 1. The Coin


In Path of Exile, currency refers to any item that can be used to trade for other items, enhance equipment, or change the properties of gems. Currency items can be divided into several categories:

  • Stackable Currency: These items are stackable and mainly used for trading with other players, such as orbs, scrolls, and gems. Examples include Orb of Alteration, Chaos Orb, and Exalted Orb.
  • Utility Currency: These items are used to modify or enhance equipment, such as gems, maps, and divination cards. Examples include Gemcutter’s Prism, Cartographer’s Chisel and Blessing of Chayula.
  • Fragment Currency: These items are used to access certain end-game content, such as the Uber Lab and the Shaper’s Realm. Examples include Orb of Regret, and Eternal Orb.

insaneCurrency items are highly sought after by players because they are used to acquire better equipment, to enhance and modify existing equipment, and to access end-game content. Farming currency can be a time-consuming process, but it can also be extremely rewarding, as it allows players to acquire valuable items and improve their characters. Additionally, trading in Path of Exile is an important aspect of the game, and having a good amount of currency can help players to make profitable trades.

In summary, currency is an essential part of Path of Exile, and farming it is necessary to progress through the game and improve your character. It is an important aspect of the game economy and trading.

The Chaos


A Chaos Orb is a type of currency item in Path of Exile that is used to randomly re-roll the properties of a rare item. When used on a rare item, the item’s properties will be re-rolled randomly, potentially resulting in better or worse properties. Chaos Orbs are considered to be one of the most valuable currency items in the game, and are used for trading for other high-value items.

Chaos Orbs play a crucial role in the economy of Path of Exile as they are used to acquire powerful gear and to upgrade existing items. They are highly sought after by players, especially those who are looking to improve their characters and progress through the end-game content.


Because of the randomness of the re-roll effect, the value of a Chaos orb is high and can vary depending on the league, the rarity of the item, and the current state of the economy. Chaos orbs are typically used to trade for rare and high-end gear, such as unique items and rare gems.

Additionally, Chaos Orbs are also used by some players to play the economy by buying low and selling high. They can be used to purchase items when they are underpriced and then sell them later when the prices have risen.

In summary, Chaos Orbs are a highly valuable currency item in Path of Exile, and play a significant role in the game’s economy. They are used to acquire powerful gear, upgrade existing items and to play the economy. They are typically used to trade for rare and high-end gear and gems.

The Trade

As for the trading system, it is done primarily through player-to-player interactions in the game’s various public channels or through the use of third-party trading websites. The game’s economy is largely player-driven, meaning that prices and values of items are determined by supply and demand.

When trading with other players, players can use the in-game trading system to negotiate prices and complete transactions. The trading system allows players to search for specific items, view the prices of items being offered by other players, and make offers on items they wish to purchase.

Players can also use third-party trading websites, such as, which allows players to search for items by name, base item, and other attributes, including the price, and allows them to compare prices and make offers on items.

The economy in Path of Exile is based on a bartering system, where players trade items for other items instead of gold or other in-game currency. This can make it difficult for new players to understand the value of different items, but as players gain experience they will learn how to value items based on supply and demand.

The value of items can fluctuate based on league and content updates, as well as the number of players participating in a league. This can cause the prices of certain items to spike or drop dramatically.

Overall, trading and economy in Path of Exile is a complex system that can take some time to fully understand. However, with experience and knowledge of the game’s economy, players can make profitable trades and acquire valuable items to improve their characters.

Part 2. The Farming Methods


Finally, let’s talk about different methods of farming.

To farm currency items effectively, it is best to sell items to other players in exchange for currency items. The equipment required for different builds and levels can vary, and selling items to vendors will not yield a significant profit.

To begin selling items, you can purchase a Premium Stash Tab for 40 points from the Path of Exile in-game shop or upgrade to a Premium Stash Tab for 15 points. Once you have your stash tab, you can set prices for each item you wish to sell.

To determine the appropriate selling price, you can use the Path of Exile Trade or PoE Trade websites to search for prices of similar items. This will give you an idea of the current market value of the items you wish to sell and help you set competitive prices.



Another way of farming currencies is done via the Heists activity. Heist is a game mode that allows players to plan and execute heists on various locations to acquire valuable items and currency. Players must first acquire a Heist Contract and assemble a team of NPCs to aid them in the heist. Once the heist is complete, players can then use the loot to trade for valuable items and currency. However, players can die and lose all the items, that’s why it’s important to have a good plan and a good team of NPCs.

When it comes to farming currency items in Heist, there are many valuable items to be found, but it’s important to remember that if you die, you will lose all the items you’ve collected. To maximize your currency farming in Heist, here are a few tips:heistsss

  • Prioritize picking up currency items first, then exit the Heist area and store them in your stash. This way you can keep returning to the Heist area and collecting more currency items, until the Alarm Lock is full.
  • Before starting a Heist, make sure to buy the Heist contract first and play it until you are at least six levels higher than the Heist area. This will help you acquire more currency, but keep in mind that this will not grant you Blueprint reveal bonuses.

It is important to note that Heist league is not always available and it comes along with the standard and hardcore leagues. When it is available it is a great way to farm currency and valuable items, but it also comes with the risk of losing all the items if you die.

Unearthing Treasure: The Art of Leveling Gems



Leveling gems takes a lot of time and can be profitable by selling them for valuable currency items. Awakened gems are the most rare and valuable. They can be found and leveled by players who havegemsupgraded all their own gems or want to achieve this goal. Once a gem reaches level 20, it can be sold with a Gemcutter’s Prism for a level 1 gem with 20% quality.

Alternatively, it can be sold as is for a safe payout, used with a Vaal Orb to try for a lvl 21 gem or 23% quality, or used with Doryani’s Institute to try for two vaaling outcomes. There is also a Harvest craft that allows players to awaken gems with corresponding awakened gems and sacrifice corrupted gems to gain Gemcutter’s Prisms or Facetor’s Lenses.

Using Chaos Orb Recipes

One way to farm currency in Path of Exile is by utilizing the Chaos Orb recipe. Once you reach Act 9, you can begin to collect rare items and sell them in sets. This method is most effective in areas with a level above 60, as the item level of dropped items will also be higher than 60.

Utilizing Vendor Recipes

In general, you don’t want to be selling your items as is to vendors, as the price they offer for a single item is not worth it. In stead, you should be taking advantage of vendor recipes. Every vendor can trade you something special if you offer them a specific amount of specific items. Refer to the image below to learn more about these recipes


Efficiency for Trading

The key to making currency in Path of Exile is to maximize the value of your time spent playing. This includes activities such as killing monsters, picking up loot, moving around, and trading with other players. To increase the amount of currency you can make in a limited amount of time, players focus on increasing the value of their actions, such as maps, trade sessions, and loot management. For example, trading 10 chaos orbs for 20 fusing orbs is more valuable than trading 1 chaos orb for 2 fusing orbs in the same amount of time.efficiency

There are several ways to increase the value of your maps, such as crafting maps to increase pack size, item quantity, and item quality, using sextants to add monsters to maps, and completing master missions. Additionally, players can increase their map clear time by increasing character AOE and single target damage, using movement skills, increasing movement speed, and reducing the time spent on collecting loot, interacting with map objects, and backtracking.

Unveiling the Ultimate Solution

In conclusion, farming currency in Path of Exile can be a challenging and time-consuming task. In this comprehensive guide we went all out talking about all methods of farming whilst giving you various tips and tricks along the way. But as comprehensive as this guide may be, each farming method deserves its own in-depth guide.

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 That being said, by maximizing the value of your time spent playing and utilizing techniques such as map crafting, sextant usage and master missions, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

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