Maximize Your Loot: Exploit the Double Class Loot Glitch in Destiny 2

Hey Guardians! Exciting news for those looking to maximize their loot in Destiny 2. A new glitch in the Dual Destiny Mission lets you snag two exotic class items in a single run. This glitch is easy to execute and can significantly boost your arsenal. The Dual Destiny Mission is an essential part of the game, challenging players with intense battles and rewarding them with valuable loot. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get those precious items effortlessly.


NOTE: Unfortunately the glitch has been fixed, so this trick won't work anymore 
in the game.

The Glitch: Double Class Loot

You must team up with a fellow Guardian of the same class to take advantage of this glitch. Whether you’re a Warlock, Titan, or Hunter, ensure that both players are of the same class. Equip your eager-edged sword right after defeating the bosses to ensure you have enough ammo for the process.

Steps to Perform the Glitch

With this method you could receive two exotic class items in a single run. Follow these steps:

  • Kill the Bosses: After defeating the bosses in the Dual Destiny Mission, equip your eager edge sword to ensure you have the necessary ammo.
  • Peace Hold Interaction: Before the chest spawns, both players should simultaneously interact with the chest location. This timing is crucial to ensure both players pick up the loot simultaneously.
  • Eager Edge Move: Quickly use the eager edge sword to move to a new wall location. Aim to land simultaneously to trigger the “Joining Allies” prompt.
  • Second Chest Timing: Move to the second chest location and throw a grenade. Both players should pick up the chest loot when the grenade lands for perfect timing.

Here’s a table summarizing the steps:



Key Points


Kill Bosses

Equip eager edge sword


Peace Hold Interaction

Interact before chest spawns


Eager Edge Move

Move to new wall location simultaneously


Second Chest Timing

Throw grenade and pick up loot

Tips for Success

  • Speed is Key: You have approximately 15 seconds to perform the “Joining Allies” move, so act quickly to avoid missing the opportunity.
  • Communication: Coordinate with your teammate to ensure synchronized movements and interactions.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The timing can be tricky, so a few practice runs might be necessary to nail the process

Why This Glitch is Beneficial

This glitch is beneficial because it allows players to farm exotic class items efficiently. Instead of running multiple missions, you can double your rewards in a single run, making it an excellent method for gearing up quickly.

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