Level Up Fast And Easy In WoW Remix Pandaria Event

The recent changes to the Mists of Pandaria remix event have dramatically improved rewards and buffed experience gains, offering more options for leveling your characters quickly. Let’s dive into the best and fastest ways to get all your characters up to level 70 in record time with these tips and tricks.


Tips And Tricks To Level Up Fast

Power Up Your Cloak!

Your cloak is your best friend in this event. It boosts your experience and stats significantly, but you need to power it up with threads. Focus on Collecting Threads: The more threads you get, the faster you’ll level. Prioritize activities that reward you with threads. Also, boosting your cloak’s power on alts is crucial. Focus on achieving high levels of Infinite Power achievements to enhance your cloak’s stats and bonus experience gains.

  • Achievements Over Threads: Your alt’s cloak power is tied to Infinite Power achievements, not the number of threads on your main.
  • Unlock Higher Levels: Aim for Infinite Power 11 or 12 before creating alts to ensure they start strong.

Questing Tips

Starting your journey with quests is straightforward and effective. Here’s how to maximize your experience gains through questing:

  • Jump Between Zones: Begin in the Jade Forest but don’t feel tied down. Move to a new zone when quests start to slow down. Early quests in each zone are faster and more abundant.
  • Early Quests Over Late Quests: Early zone quests are quicker to complete and offer more experience compared to later, story-intensive quests.

Dungeon Tips

Dungeons offer a fantastic way to level up, providing both experience and valuable loot. There are two types to consider:

Normal Dungeons

  • Bonus XP for Each Completion: Gain additional experience for completing dungeons and defeating bosses.
  • Loot and Threads: Collect gear and threads to enhance your cloak.
  • Queue Times: As DPS, queue times can be longer, so tackle quests while waiting.

Heroic Dungeons

  • Greater Rewards: Heroic dungeons are tougher but offer significantly more experience and better loot.
  • XP Tokens from Bosses: Each boss drops a big XP token, making heroic dungeons highly rewarding.
  • Efficiency Tips: While heroic dungeons are easier at lower levels due to event scaling, they become harder as you level up.

Raid Rundown

Raids are the MVP of leveling in the remix event. Here’s how to make the most out of raids:

  • Normal Raids Over LFR: Normal raids offer massive experience and threads. Each boss drops a 12% bonus experience thread.
  • Daily Lockout: Raids reset daily, so you can repeatedly earn experience and threads.
  • Starting Early: Begin raiding as soon as you reach level 25 for Vault, level 35 for Heart of Fear, and level 40 for Terrace of Endless Springs.
  • Scaling Advantage: Raids are easier at lower levels, making them perfect for early leveling.

Leveling Alts

Leverage the crazy scaling to power level your alts:

  • Start at Level 25: Get each alt to level 25 and then focus on raids.
  • Quick Gains: Raids can level your characters multiple times per run. Switch between alts daily to maximize raid lockouts and experience gains.
  • Heroic Dungeons and Raids: Use heroic dungeons and raids to speed through levels, achieving over 500% bonus experience on your cloak.

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An additional tip: pick up daily quests from the Infinite Bazaar for extra experience and bronze currency. By combining quests, dungeons, and raids, you can rapidly level your characters in the Pandaria remix event. Power up your cloak with threads, focus on high-reward activities, and take advantage of the unique scaling to make leveling a breeze.

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