Destiny 2: The New Artifact Mods May Upset The Strand Fans In Season 21

Among many changes coming to the game with Season of the Deep, the devs introduced a new Seasonal Artifact with a set of new Strand mods. While they’ll refresh how the power feels, many might not be happy about the changes, and we’re to explain why.


What Strand Mods Are Coming in the New Season?

Before we dive into mods, let’s walk you through new Strand aspects that each class will get in the new season real quick, as it’ll give a deeper understanding of how new mods are going affect the game. For all Lightfall players, those will be unlocked during the new quest that tells more about Veil in Neomuna and grants a new Legendary weapon. So, here’s what you’ll be able to test next season:

Hunter’s Threaded Specter: When your class ability is activated, it allows you to leave a Strand woven decoy that attracts nearby foes. When they approach or take severe damage, the decoy detonates, inflicting damage and releasing Threadlings that attack nearby enemies.


Titan’s Flechette Storm: Allows to knock targets and deal damage while leaping into the air with charged melee ability activated. When in the air, you can activate your charged melee again to send a cluster of unraveling projectiles. If you activate the ability repeatedly, it will chain additional throws.


Warlock’s The Wanderer: Thrown Tangles attach to enemies and then explode, creating a suspending burst. Threadling final blows creates more Tangles.


Though the videos provided by Bungie show how each Aspect works, we still need to wait for the Season of the Deep release to put them to the test ourselves. And with that out of the way, let’s move to the mods.  

Lightfall and Season of Defiance brought some changes to Seasonal Artifact, and even more, are coming in Season of the Deep. As Bungie announced in their recent blog post, players can refund perks from the new Artifact, NPA Repulsor Regulator, individually, meaning that assembling builds will be faster and easier. 

Besides this, the next update introduces new mods, including the Strand ones, on which we’ll focus today. So, here are the new perks you should expect in Season of the Deep:

Mod Description
Improved Unraveling Increases the amount of damage dealt by unraveling a target
Strand Soldier The Strand weapons gain Unraveling Rounds whenever you get
Woven Mail while your Strand subclass is equipped
Conductive Cosmic Needle Targets affected by Strand debuffs take increased damage from Arc and Void abilities
Squad Goals Performing a finisher while you have Woven Mail grants Woven Mail
to nearby allies when your Strand subclass is equipped


While they are designed to improve our gameplay, they also make us lose some of the power we had this season, and that’s bad news, as experts pointed out.

How Can the New Mods Worsen Your Experience?


The Destiny 2 fan and Forbes author Paul Tassi is one of those who took a closer look at the upcoming changes and explained why they might upset players. One of the main reasons is the removal of the current mods, especially Untangler (destroying a Tangle suspends targets damaged by the explosion) and Threaded Blast (Destroying a Tangle creates a larger and more damaging explosion), which makes detonating a Tangle feel worse and turns “Strand Tangles into suspending Warmind Cells.”

Another complication the said removal is creating is tied to the new Warlock Aspect – The Wanderer, which might also feel strange due to the way you’ll have to detonate Tangles. Apparently, if you want to suspend foes, you need to throw a Tangle first, then wait for it to stick to the enemy, and only after that it explodes, applying the needed effect.

Moreover, the loss of Allied Unraveler (that makes rapid final blows grant your weapon Unraveling Rounds) will also impact the way you used to play because Strand weapons won’t have Unraveling Rounds that often anymore. Instead, the mod will be replaced by Strand Soldier, which also makes gaining the said Rounds sound more complicated. Thus, to effectively use this mod, you need a gear piece like the Hunter Woven Mail helmet, which has its downsides like decreasing your Resilience. 


Furthermore, Paul Tassi emphasized that Squad Goals and Conductive Cosmic Needle are basically mods that are beneficial only when you are playing on a fireteam and require good coordination to make the most out of them. In other words, the expert concludes that almost all upcoming Strand perks won’t be as exciting as we want them to be. 

In our opinion, it seems like Bungie is slowly running out of ideas. The mechanical aspect of the new mods looks familiar, meaning that we’ve already played with something like this before. And considering that Strand is a new subclass that was introduced just recently, it doesn’t look good, if we put it mildly. While there’s room for creativity, the devs don’t use it for some reason, preferring to stick to something we’ve seen before. And that is upsetting indeed

Naturally, this state of affairs raises the question – what will happen to Strand builds in Season 22 when there are fewer seasonal corresponding mods? Well, it’s something we’ll learn only when the said update goes live in a couple of months.

Have the Best Game Despite The Changes



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