Destiny 2 Leak: First Look at Upcoming Raid, Plus Surprise Weapon and Armor Reveals

It seems like the dataminers never sleep, and this time around, they managed to share some info about the upcoming Lightfall raid, including the story, boss, loot, and other details. Moreover, new weapons, armor, ornaments, and emblems were leaked as well. So, without further ado, let’s walk you through all of them. Please note that there are massive spoilers ahead!


New Raid: The Root of Nightmares

According to data miner Ginsor, who shared this info on Twitter, the new 6-player raid is called Root of Nightmares. As stated in the screenshot below, The Guardians will embark on the terraformed Pyramid ship belonging to The Witness and face an ancient threat there, whose origin is unknown. Presumably, judging by the name of the raid, we’ll confront Nightmares, but it’s still just an assumption.


However, there is something we now know for sure. A few hours later, Bungie confirmed the name of the raid and also revealed its start date, which is March 10, 2023, at 9 am PST, with Contest mode enabled for 48 hours. 

As for the raid boss, it most likely is going to be Nezarec, a former Disciple of The Witness. Below, you may find other bosses’ possible models that were retrieved by dataminers as well. In addition, we added the raid Encounter list shared on Reddit.

Moreover, there are a few images from the end raid cutscenes.

On top of that, dataminers leaked the three-minute opening cutscenes, but at the time of writing, it was deleted. However, that’s not all these guys managed to extract from the game’s files. According to the
post shared in Destiny2Leaks on Reddit, here’s what the raid loot table will consist of.

Raid Loot Table

Surprise Leak: Destiny 2 to Introduce Powerful Weapons and Armor

The raid isn’t the only thing that the dataminers managed to learn from the in-game files and databases. Other data entries suggest the addition of:

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Ornaments 
  • Emblems
  • Lore books
  • Ships
  • Sparrows
  • Ghost shells

This is sure to be seasonal content, some of which hasn’t even been revealed yet. So, here’s some more exclusive content for you! Most of this has been provided by the Destiny Leaks twitter.


That image above is the seasonal armor sets and here are three more sets that will be obtainable through purchassing from the Eververse store:

Furthermore, here’s a list of upcoming ornaments for all 3 slots:

  • Helmet
  • Arms
  • Legs

Some weapons have already been announced by Bungie, while others remain hidden deep in the game files.

Among the newly uncovered, unannounced weapons, there was another one that is certainly at a later stage of production than others, since it features a model, an icon and even an in-game image.

Certain weapons will also get their ornaments. Some of them will come as a bundle that includes a shader.

Even some new emblems have been discovered by the dataminers and shared via a Discord community.

All of you lore hunters out there will be glad to know that the developers are going to add more lore books. Why don’t you go ahead and try to guess what they will be about in the comments under this article?

Ships, Sparrows, and Ghost shell collectors will be able to add these to their evergrowing assortment these news items:

New and Returning Locations

Believe it or not, but the Tower which serves all players as the central hub location is going to be replaced by its own version from the first game! What a treat! But that’s not all.


The following information is not yet confirmed, but we may see the return of the farm location which was a location from the Red War campaign back when Destiny 2 first released. It also served as a hub to new players before they reached the endgame hub which was the Tower in the original version of Destiny 2.

These database entires suggest the return of the Farm

Also, in terms of playable locations the Calu’s Ship is looking to be another playable location which is evident from this un-textured 3d model of the ship’s interior.

Get Ready for a New Raid Now!

As you can see, there’s a lot to be hyped about. Stay tuned for more reveals and leaks coverage. 

By the way, while we all wait to enter the Root of Nightmares and confront the challenges that await, you can prepare for the raid by using the services we provide on Whether you want to get the activity completed in the first 24 hours, fight the final boss, obtain certain items, weapons, or rewards, we’ve got you covered. We’re already working on adding the corresponding category, so make sure to pay us a visit. Good luck, Guardian!


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