A Deep Dive Into The First Major Patch for WoW Dragonflight: 10.1 “Embers of Neltharion”

Hello, and welcome to the preview of the upcoming first major content update for Dragonflight. We’ve selected and organized everything there’s to know (at the date of writing this) about the contents and changes of the patch. So, let’s dig into it.


Patch 10.1 General Information


According to the 2023 roadmap for Dragonflight, which you can see in the image above, the patch is going to release a couple of months after the release of 10.0.7, which in turn is set to be released on March 21st. If we take this as a given, then 10.1 is going to release somewhere between late May – early June. If that’s going to be the case, then all WoW fans will be extremely pressured to experience a lot of new content in less time than they’re usually given.

Now let’s go over what that massive content update is going to look like:

  • New Zone – Zaralek Cavern can be found beneath the Obsidian Citadel and accessed from Azure Span, Ohn’ahran Plains, and Thaldraszus. Although the zone is located underground, players can still enjoy dragonriding to reach it, which is the most exciting way to get there. Despite being located below ground, the zone is quite expansive. In the Zaralek Cavern, players will encounter new enemies to fight and treasures to discover. The zone is inhabited by two factions, the Niffen and the Drogbar, who players will have the opportunity to meet. Additionally, the new raid that accompanies the WoW 10.1 update is located in the Zaralek Cavern.
  • New upgrade system – this new system aims to replace numerous older and outdated systems that were hard to keep track of. It will persist throughout the second season, after which the developers will evaluate the results and make additional improvements where necessary.
  • Cross-faction guilds – although World of Warcraft’s foundation lies in the ongoing conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, the storylines of many expansions have seen both factions unite and cooperate towards common goals. Blizzard had already begun to erode the traditional division between the factions by enabling players from both sides to join forces for certain types of group content. Now, the developers are taking this one step further by introducing cross-faction guilds, thereby facilitating even more cooperation and interaction between players of different factions.
  • New dragonriding talent – Ground Skimming allows players to fly close to the ground while also replenishing their vigor. Vigor is essential for maintaining altitude while dragonriding, so any new methods of obtaining it are greatly appreciated by players.
  • The new raid – Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible,  arrives as part of the second season of Dragonflight. It can be found in the newly added underground zone, the Zaralek Cavern. Unlike in previous expansions where raid difficulties were being unlocked one after another, Aberrus, the Shadow Crucible will be available in all 3 difficulties at the same time. This was first done with the Vault of the Incarnates. The community liked the availability of all difficulty levels, so Blizzard decided to do the same with the upcoming raid as well.
  • Professions-related changes such as new reagents, new recipes, etc.
  • Season 2 Mythic+ will introduce several new dungeons to the pool. As in the previous season, there will be a total of eight dungeons available: four from the current Dragonflight expansion and four from previous expansions.
A view over the Zaralek Cavern

The following are the eight Mythic+ dungeons for Dragonflight Season 2:

There will not be a new affix in Season 2, however, the developers are planning to rework/rebalance some of the existing ones.

  • Major UI and Accessibility improvements – an option to disable chat, talent loadouts will be linkable in chat, minimap customization, and more.
  • General class balancing changes with a major rework for Druid and Paladin

10.1 Leaks

Apart from the official patch notes that get updated after every PTR test run, some things that will become a part of the 10.1 patches are uncovered by data miners, which makes them even more exciting. The wowhead twitter account leaked some new models and shared exclusive information, some of which still needs to be validated. Here it is:

  • New Dracthyr specialization – this one’s unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt
  • Neltharion model rework
  • A new model for Fyrakk the Blazing
  • Rare items for the Aberrus raid such as Idol of Chaotic Arrogance, Idol of Debilitating Arrogance, Seething Black Dragonscale, and more!
  • New class trinkets
  • New mobs for Zaralek Cavern
  • New transmogs, tier sets, mounts, and weapons (as expected)
  • New character customization options – new hairstyles and hair colors for Nightborne and Dark Iron Dwarves

New Weapons from Patch 10.1

New Tier Sets and Reworked Armor

Covering The Patch in Greater Detail

And that’s it for now! This was just an initial preview of content that will come out in the first major Dragonflight update and it was based on all of the information shared by the developers. Right at this moment the patch is available on the PTR server and is being actively tested by the players. That being said, in the future aritcles we will delve even deeper into and talk in greater detail about the most important features of this upcoming patch. So stay tuned and we’ll see you in the next one!


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