A Comprehensive Guide to Conquering The Vortex Pinnacle Dungeon In Dragonflight

A popular dungeon is making a comeback in Season 2 of Dragonflight with plenty of new challenges. Are you prepared? Brace yourself for a gust of adventure – navigate new mechanics and outwit upgraded enemies, with our Dragonflight’s Vortex Pinnacle Dungeon guide!


Vortex Pinnacle Dungeon Upgraded

A big part of Dragonflight’s new season will be in the Dragon Isles. However, WoW Devs have also reintroduced some older dungeons, like the Vortex Pinnacle, sprucing them up with fresh mechanics to the existing game. Even seasoned players familiar with the original version could find the updated dungeon a captivating challenge.

Keep reading below so we can guide you through the Vortex Pinnacle completion. We will break down enemy abilities, strategic tips, the optimal path to follow, and the potential rewards awaiting you. But let’s start from the beginning. In DF WoW where is the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon

The Vortex Pinnacle dungeon location shadowfen is in Uldum, within the Skywall. This is an Elemental Plane of Air situated high in the sky. To find it, look for a beautiful pearl and gold towers piercing the skies.

Ertan Trash

The structure of Vortex Pinnacle is relatively simple, mainly consisting of a series of linear paths. The first two packs may be troublesome due to the frequent AoE knock-ups and Cloud Shields, so proceed cautiously. The majority of enemies in this section aren’t hazardous, so you can attempt larger pulls if your team is well coordinated on crowd controls and interruptions.

The primary threat in this area comes from the Lurking Tempests. These foes are unkillable but go dormant if a player faces them. Hence it is always a good idea for someone to keep their eye on them until the group has passed.






Mistral x4

Pressurized Blast

A large AoE zonal cost that knocks up any

player into the air and deals high Nature


Run out of the large white AoE.

Cloud Guard

Projects a shield in a random direction,

blocking all spells and abilities.

You will have to run around to either the side or

behind this enemy, making positioning important.

Gust Soldier x6

Wind Flurry

Cast that increases these enemies’ attack

speed for the next three attacks.

This enemy does not inflict much damage even with

this buff, so just cleave them down.

Rushing Wind

Randomly rushes at a player, dealing light

Nature damage and leaving behind a Nature DoT.

Healers should try to dispel this DoT, as it will help reduce the group’s overall damage taken.

Wild Vortex x8

Wind Bolt

Standard Nature damage cast.

Not an important cast.


Banishes a random player for six seconds.

Very nasty cast, as although you are immune to

damage while banished, you will not be able to be

freed. Try to interrupt this whenever you can.

Cloud Prince



AoE pushback that also deals light Nature

damage to all players.

Try to position yourself in front of a wall, so you don’t get pushed off any edges.

Bomb Cyclone

Summons a large AoE bomb, which inflicts

huge Nature damage and knocks back any

player in its radius when it explodes.

Run out of the big white swirlie.

Grand Vizier Ertan

Your initial encounter will be with Ertan. You’ll only need to concentrate on dodging a fair number of orbs. Use your healing cooldowns for his Cyclone phase, and try to kick and dodge as frequently as possible. Distributing throughout the arena makes keeping an eye on every Lurking Tempest easier.




Lightning Bolt

Cast that hits a random player for medium Nature damage.

Interrupt as many of these as you can, to help

reduce any group damage.

Storm’s Edge

The edges and middle of the arena deal huge Nature damage to anyone standing within them.

Don’t stand at the very edge, or inside the boss.

Cyclone Shield


Small lightning orbs will constantly fly around in random patterns, dealing Nature damage to anyone hit. They will also debuff the

player’s Haste and movement speed by 30 percent.

Dodge as much as possible. There are numerous

orbs, so this mechanic can be quite challenging.

Cyclone Shield

Draws all Cyclones into himself and pulses AoE Nature damage to all players.

Run away from the boss to avoid the Cyclones, and

then use a healing cooldown to heal through the




Lurking Tempests will spawn at the edges of the arena.

Make sure the group is facing in different

directions otherwise the Tempests will chain cast.

Altairus Trash

Upon defeating Ertan, activate the large tornado at the arena’s top. You’ll face The Young Storm Dragon, a formidable foe, between your first and second encounters. Besides him, your enemies should be relatively easy to handle. You can skip the second one, as you can make up for the skip later.





Turbulent Squall x16


Cast that damages nearby players for medium

Frost damage.

Kick when you can, as this is the only real

source of damage this enemy deals.

Storm Shield

Applies a shield to itself, that ticks for light Nature damage while it holds.

These can be purged or dispelled, but also

easily cleaved through if your group doesn’t

have any of those spells.

Young Storm

Dragon x1

Healing Well

A large green zone, this will heal any player or

enemy while they stand inside.

Players can stack up in this zone for free


Icy Buffet

Inflicts medium Frost damage to all players and

leaves them with a nasty nine-second Frost DoT.

This DoT is best countered by standing

inside the Healing Well, or with a healing


Chilling Breath

A high damage Frost frontal.

Dodge the big blue cone, even if it means

moving out of the Healing Well.


Assassin x8


Teleports to a random player and slashes them for medium Physical damage.

Not much counterplay, these mobs should be

crowd controlled to reduce any random


Vapor Form

A three-second cast that makes this enemy

Incorporeal on completion, reducing their

damage taken by 90 percent.

Interrupt this every time.

Gust Soldier x1

Wind Flurry

Cast that increases these enemies’ attack speed for the next three attacks.

This enemy does not inflict much damage even with this buff, so just cleave them down.

Rushing Wind

Randomly rushes at a player, dealing light Nature

damage and leaving behind a Nature DoT.

Healers should try to dispel this DoT, as it

will help reduce the group’s overall damage


Wild Vortex x1

Wind Bolt

Standard Nature damage cast.

Not a relevant cast.


Banishes a random player for six seconds.

A wild cast, you won’t be able to be freed. You have to interrupt this.


The second encounter will be challenging for your healer, especially. Altairus is also a formidable foe. The combination of continuous movement and persistent damage makes this fight demanding, so bring your top skills to this encounter. Concentrate on adjusting to the winds and accurately timing your Downburst jump.




Chilling Breath

A high damage Frost frontal.

Dodge the big blue cone.

Biting Cold

Constant Frost damage will tick onto every


The hardest part of this fight, this constant damage

makes Altairus a big healer check

Upwind/Downwind of


Winds will constantly blow in one of four

directions. Being Upwind of Altairus will grant you a 30 percent Haste buff while being Downwind will reduce it by 30 percent, and deal ticking Frost

damage to you.

The tank should pull the boss into the middle of the room to give everyone room, and all players

should focus on positioning themselves Upwind of the boss at all times.

Twisting Winds

Numerous tornados will swirl around the arena,

knocking up any player hit and slowing their

falling speed.

Dodge these until the Downburst phase.


Spawns a rapidly expanding bomb, that deals

massive Nature damage to any player hit by its outer ring.

Run into a Twisting Wind to be knocked up and over the growing white ring.

Asaad Trash

Once your encounter with Altairus is finished, activate the large tornado at the top of his arena. You will then face the final segment. Your foes here won’t be easy to defeat, so emphasize interrupting Greater Heal and eliminating the high-priority targets. The initial pack of Skyfall Stars can be bypassed by sticking to the room’s right side and dropping down next to the staircase.





Executor of the Caliph x4


Cast that increases the health of nearby

enemies by 50 percent for 20 seconds.

This is a good cast to interrupt, as if it goes off these packs will take much longer to kill.

Crashing Stone

Stomps the ground, inflicting AoE Physical

damage to all players.

Nothing much you can do about this.

Temple Adept x4

Desperate Speed

Buff that increases this enemy’s casting

speed, by 60 percent for 12 seconds. They will occasionally gain this during combat.

This enemy should be nuked down and

crowd-controlled. Try to purge the casting speed


Greater Heal

Cast that heals an ally for 30 percent of their

maximum health.

This is your priority interrupt, as you do not

want them to start chain-healing all the other


Holy Smite

Standard damage Holy cast.

Save your interrupts and crowd control for the other abilities.

Servant of

Asaad x8

Sure Strike

Physical damage strike to the current


This enemy will hit a player with this after charging



Charges to a random player.

Won’t do much damage so keep focused on the other enemies.

Minister of Air


Lightning Lash

Channels lightning to a random player, dealing huge Nature damage.

If you are targeted by this, run into the large

electrical Grounding Field to avoid the damage.


Grounding Field

Channels damage into the Grounding Field,

causing it to deal large Nature damage to

any player standing inside.

Run out of the Grounding Field when this cast begins.

Skyfall Star x32


Constantly fires at a random player.

Nasty spell, especially as there are so many of these. Try to crowd control and nuke them down as quickly as possible.

Asaad, Caliph Of Zephyrs

The last encounter presents yet another difficult challenge, requiring high DPS. It’s crucial to focus on the Skyfall Nova; if two adds are present simultaneously, they’ll put a lot of strain on your healer. Avoid casting spells during Static Cling, and if you manage to kill the ad swiftly, the rest of the encounter becomes relatively easy to accomplish.




Chain Lightning

Blast a random player with lightning, dealing high Nature

damage to them and any other player within eight yards.

Spread out and make sure you are not standing

close to other players when this ability comes out.

Static Cling

A long cast that deals high Nature damage to any player on the

ground when it completes, and debuffs their movement

speed by 90 percent.

Jump right at the end of this cast, and healers can dispel any player that receives the debuff.

Unstable Grounding Field

Creates a triangular zone of safety before teleporting above it and covering the rest of the arena in lightning.

Run into the triangle to avoid any damage.

Skyfall Nova

Spawns an add, which pulses Arcane damage to all players

until killed.

Nuking this add is your top priority, as it has a lot of health and can be a real problem for your healer to manage.

The Vortex Pinnacle Loot

Grand Vizier Ertan




Biting Wind

Intellect Dagger

Crit, Haste

Choker of Stolen Thunder


Mastery, Haste

Ionized Choker


Versatility, Haste

Red Sky Pendant


Crit, Mastery

Fallen Snow Shoulderguards

Mail Shoulders

Haste, Crit

Stratosphere Belt

Cloth Waist

Mastery, Crit


Intellect Trinket

Passive: Your healing spells can grant you a large Haste buff, which can also

grant healed allies a smaller Haste buff





Reins of the Drake of the North Wind



Thundercleaver Axe

Two-Handed Axe

Mastery, Haste

Axe of the Eclipse

One-Handed Axe

Mastery, Crit



Mastery, Haste

Mantle of Bestilled Winds

Leather Shoulders

Mastery, Haste

Billowing Skydrape


Crit, Mastery

Hail-Strung Belt

Mail Waist

Crit, Mastery

Darksky Treads

Plate Feet

Crit, Mastery

Sandals of the West Wind

Cloth Feet

Crit, Mastery

Skyshard Ring


Crit, Haste

Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs






Crit, Haste

Lunar Halo

Plate Head

Crit, Haste

Billowing Cape


Versatility, Mastery

Shadow of Perfect Bliss


Crit, Haste

Gloves of Haze

Leather Hands

Crit, Mastery

Leggings of Iridescent Clouds

Cloth Legs

Haste, Crit

Legguards of Winnowing Wind

Plate Legs

Mastery, Crit

Ring of Frozen Rain


Versatility, Crit

Heart of Thunder

Versatility Trinket

Passive: Melee attacks that strike you have a chance to deal AoE Nature damage to nearby enemies.

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